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Version Patch Notes

Today we have made patch public. Like the other incremental updates to 1.0.7, this one is just a small amount of bug fixes. To avoid cluttering up the front page of the forum too much, I'm including the previous three patches' worth of notes below, since all the changelogs are quite small. Changelog
   Absent followers no longer appear in the follower selection menu.
   Fixed an issue where armoursmithing resources would disappear when saving and loading at a camp after scheduling some crafting.
   Fixed Cure ability trying to cure some positive status effects.
   Fixed an issue where you would get the full Charge damage bonus even if Spot Traps stopped your Charge because a trap was spotted along the path.
   Fixed an issue where healing tasks would not be properly loaded from a save file made during camping.
   Fixed the issue where the To Do list's reminder about unassigned shifts would not account for the Heavy Sleeper skill.
   Fixed a tier 5 helmet pickup in Jelling that had been accidentally set up as a hat instead, and gave the helmet a special property while we were at it.
   Fixed the tooltip for Demoralised saying that Max Accuracy is halved instead of reduced by 50.
   Fixed a line of description in the Asleifr romance that was being displayed as dialogue.
   Fixed the conversation about Leofric's death/defeat playing a second time in York if you did Hadrian's Wall for the Vikings.
   Fixed the FailedWarQuest conversation potentially not failing the right goals - now it just fails the entire quest instead.
   Added loot to the thieves in York and the scouts in Yngilwood.
   Removed an unused trigger script in Avalon that was throwing nullrefs.
   Fixed a bug whereby the conversation with the dungeon guard in Chester would trigger without her present if you convinced the cult to leave and then tried to enter the dungeon.
   Fixed a small typo in a random travel event.
   Fixed an isolated walkable hex inside a cluster of trees in the Ruins fight in BritainSwamp.
   Fixed the "Calling" animation not terminating correctly after finishing.
   Made sure Morcant stops following you after the monastery raid if you let him go
   Removed a handful of unclickable barrels in Hadrian's Wall.
   Fixed an untranslated popup in Danish, French, and Russian.
   Fixed an island hex in the Barghest fight.
   Made it so Nefja can still suggest a stealthy approach to the Helsott quest even if you enter the area without her the first time around.
   Fixed a line in SteinnSwearFealty using the player's pronoun instead of the pronoun for the selected follower.
   Fixed the Cure ability not removing immobilisation correctly when used on characters who had Slipped.
   The different level transitions in the Plains map in Britain are now outright disabled when you're not in their particular region, preventing you from using another transition to leave the map during Ketill's personal quest.

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