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Re: Heathen Engineering's Terran
« Reply #15 on: September 09, 2017, 05:20:56 PM »
Beta Patch 535

Patch 535 is available for PC, Mac and Linux now on the beta branch. Don’t know how to access beta? Read this.

Build process and design save process bugs have been corrected, new designs should appear in your Fleet > Engineering ship list and built ships should appear in your Home > Ships list. Note building of a ship does take time and the UI elements for displaying the current processing builds is not yet available. Typically, a ship will build within 1.5 months; the UI will be extended in an upcoming patch to include display of currently active builds and the ability to cancel pending builds.

Ship Parts
Adjustments have been made to the origin point of several parts to improve placement and surface snapping. These changes will affect existing designs but will not cause errors or designs to be lost.

New Game Experience
Government players will be shown a list of up to 10 available home worlds on creation of a new game. This is an early step in the process of improving the new game experience and similar subtle features will be applied to Private, Syndicate and Corporate on creation of new profiles. Each origin option will have a unique flow through the first few steps of the game to help players make those early decisions such as ‘What home world to choose’, ‘what ship to fly’, ‘who to fly with’. Keep an eye on the Steam announcements for more information.

General Improvements
Quite a few minor bugs and gaps have been resolved between the 525 and 535 builds. The majority of these are maths corrections and sequencing fixes. Organization Reports, Asset Reports and ship stats have been greatly improved but are not yet complete. Cultural impact, Fleet maintenance and Trade calculations are still being ignored by the rollup calculations as these aspects are under construction. Organization influence and population calculations should be now be working as intended.

Known Issues
Rena Borsch tasks cannot be completed, Rena’s mission controllers are still in the process of being updated for recent changes and should be completed over the next couple of patches. Saige Marie and 12CE881 contacts are undergoing similar conversions and will update along with the Rena Borsch fixes. Updates to the contacts missions are being held until corrections to the organization rollup calculations are complete.

Ship build pricing is deliberately being calculated lower than intended, this to insure its easy for players to build and test new ship designs, ship maintenance costs are not yet being figured into organization experiences.

The build order UI under Fleet > Engineering only allows you to build a single ship at a time and forces that ship to your private inventory. Fleet management is currently under construction and when complete the build order UI be unlocked to allow construction of fleet ships in bulk.

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Re: Heathen Engineering's Terran
« Reply #16 on: September 19, 2017, 06:15:32 PM »
Beta patch 545
19 Sept

Patch 545 is available for PC, Mac and Linux now on the beta branch. Don’t know how to access beta? Read this.

Patch 545 introduces a number of changes and improvements to NPCs, contacts and the tasks and missions they offer. Rena Borsch has been updated and will offer players a series of repeating tasks which reset on the 3rd ‘Investigation’ task. Over the next few patches we will be introducing additional tasks and two new contacts Saige Marie and 12CE881.

Underlying systems driving the NPCs and their related tasks have been update in preparation for upcoming content. The structure of save data has been updated as a result of these changes, existing save files should automatically convert to the new model.

Rena Borsch has 3 place holder tasks that will loop as you play through them. Over the next couple of patches we will be introducing two new contacts ‘Saige Marie’ and ‘12CE881’ who together with Rena Borsch will offer a series of interlinked tasks tailored to the players origin choice.

Update to AI logic for wings and solo ships correcting conditions where the AI would hold onto older decisions longer than intended. This should result in a more responsive AI during combat.

Update to the Contact UI in support of new functionality, this update also completes updates to task missions to account for the previous round of changes to asset load sequence. This should correct issues players had with completing Rena’s tasks.

Ongoing work is progressing to complete the strategy systems which drive organization management and organization AI. At current players can claim worlds, manage their own worlds improvements and profit from accumulated resource. Station upgrades, trade facilities and political arrangements are not currently available.

For the time being we have disabled player death, that is you cannot die in space missions. Shield and armour values can drop to 0 however your ship will not explode and the enemy will still treat you as a viable target allowing you to continue play. This is of course temporary as we continue to test and balance ship strength, AI and mission design.

Known Issues
Rena Borsch’s mission tasks will loop on the 3rd mission ‘Investigation’. This is deliberate for patch 545. It is also known that the wording of missions may have errors and are generally lacking, these are placeholders and will be replaced in upcoming patches with final content.

Claiming worlds from the profile view does not correctly cost the players accounts. The worlds will still be claimed they simply will be claimed for free. This will be corrected in an upcoming patch.

Switching to profile and from profile switching back to map via one of the ‘Find’/’zoom’ buttons of the profile does not always animate through the galaxy correctly. The conditions for this error have been isolated and will be corrected in an upcoming patch.

Some elements of the profile view’s organization report do not sum/total correctly. This is due to some aspects of the report with pending dev work and will be corrected over the coming patches.

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