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Panzer Command Ostfront
« on: April 08, 2015, 01:03:38 PM »
Panzer Command Ostfront v2.0.330 Beta now available

Now available for testing is Panzer Command Ostfront v2.0.330 Beta. You can download it from the Members Area. Please let us know of any issues you might encounter.

Download from members area:
Original post:
Product page:

v2.0.330 – February 27th, 2015
Code Changes
1. Random Battle Generator will no longer consider AT guns as an Infantry unit when the generator creates force mixes.
2. Eliminate the problem with any long narrow structures being knocked down when hit by Armoured Units.
3. Fixed a bug where Artillery units that ran out of ammo after player canceled current target would be locked and no longer available for player use.
4. Fixed a bug that caused a metal hit sound to be played when a hull down hit was made.
5. Fixed the height used for determining hull down status. Also made it possible for armoured units behind walls to be in hull down state due to the wall.
6. Added dust animation to show the location of the ground deflection of a hit on a hull down vehicle.
7. When objective flags are turned off, the flag flutter sound is now turned off.
8. Fixed the error caused by updates to the Google Maps API. Map Maker can now access and download Google maps without error messages
9. Change the way Map Maker handles tree obstacles. Map Maker will now color trees with the impassable woods terrain color to keep tanks from hitting them. Trees with this color will not be knocked down by large vehicles. Map Maker automatically applies this color to “large” trees.
10. Changed the drawing order that Map Maker uses to draw terrain colors. To avoid having the building structure’s impassible terrain color over laid with other terrain colors, users should sort the structures so that building structures are at the top of the structure list. The building structure color will then be colored last and will overlay other terrain colors. This is important as the building structure color is used to insure that buildings block LOS
11. Changed the default location that Map Maker used for downloading DEMs (digital elevation models) that were not included in the initial game installation. The user is still able to enter another location.
12. Removed display of specific armoured unit damage information on enemy units to players. If a player scores a hit on an enemy armoured unit the HUD will only display that a hit was made, unless the hit results in a kill. The HUD will no longer display unrealistic details of damage caused by a non lethal hit.
13. When players fire and hit soft targets they will only know that the enemy unit was 'driven to ground'. The HUD will no longer display messages indicating that the enemy was stunned or pinned as a result of fire.
14. If a player chooses 'Open Sheaf' when targeting indirect fire on a location, the game will now display full target boxes for each gun in the battery showing the location and spread of the fire.
15. Fixed a bug where the 'Team' attribute was not being taken into consideration when calculating sighting. This resulted in some teams being in LOS even though they should not have been visible.
16. Fixed the height used for determining LOS from unbuttoned and buttoned tanks. Buttoned tanks will now have more restricted LOS than unbuttoned tanks.
17. Fixed the code so that LOS during orders phase uses the correct start of phase conditions. (Except for buttoning and unbuttoning). This should reduce the problem of issuing a target order and having the targeted unit immediately disappear from LOS. NOTE: during the turn resolution phase the target may still fall out of LOS because of actions that occur (either player or enemy).
18. Removed the sighting penalty a tank suffered for buttoning up if the target it is sighting is the same target it fired on just prior to buttoning up.
19. Changed the code so that the sighting factor penalty for firing is not applied to sighting the target being fired on.
20. Changed the code so that the binocular view can now be used even if the tank buttons up. The view height will change slightly to reflect the different viewer height.
21. Fixed a problem with the Scenario Editor for screen resolutions of 1024 x 768 which resulted in one line not being visible in the Scenario Editor.
22. Changed the code so that units using an Engage → Move order who reach their destination early enough in a phase will now target and fire, depending on their ROF and time remaining in the phase.
23. Infantry and other small arms weapons will now be able to target armoured units if the armoured unit is unbuttoned or is an open-topped unit. This fire may result in commander being killed and will probably result in the armoured vehicle buttoning up. The AI opponent will also utilize this feature, so players need will need to be careful with moving their unbuttoned vehicles into range of enemy infantry units.
24. The Scenario Editor now uses the date of the scenario to determine the available ammo load for a unit and displays the correct ammo load for that unit for that scenario date when pressing the PID button.
25. Fixed a bug so that the TacAI didn't open fire with full ROF on long range targets.
26. Changed the code so that TacAI (and the computer opponent) does not open fire at long range ( “poor shot quality” ) if the firing unit is low on ammo. Also reduced the likelihood that a unit that is low on ammo will fire if the target has only an “average” shot quality.
27. Changed the code so that 'low ammo' warning is sent to player HUD if the number of rounds drops to 2 or less of a given ammo type even if the percentage of ammo is not less than or equal to 25%.
28. Changed the code so that the percentage of ammo that a unit has is based on the TO&E for the specific unit for the date of the scenario rather than on the amount that the unit started the scenario with. This allows scenario designers to incorporate ammo shortages into scenarios and some units may start scenarios with 'low ammo' behavior.
29. Improved the AI so that tanks defending in tank trenches are less likely to leave the protection of those tank trenches.

New Models, Units and Data Changes
1. Added battle templates for most of the maps included in the game. This adds 27 more maps that can be used in random battles and random campaigns.
2. Fixed a template file used for Random Battle (and Random Campaigns) that would occasionally stop Random Campaigns from being created.
3. Added additional decal art for Armoured Units.
4. Improved Unit models for:
a. Pz IVD, IVE, IVF1 & IVF2
b. ISU-122, ISU-152 , STUG IIIF and Ferdinand and added a winter model for Ferdinand
c. Pz IIIL, PzIIIL_Late , Pz IIIM, Pz IIIN. All of these can now have individual unit number decals assigned.
d. Added a PzIIIM(fl) model (Panzer III Flame tank with flame animation)
5. Updated unit data for the following units:
a. Jagdpanzer IV, Jagdpanzer IV-Mid, Jagdpanzer IV-Late, Marder I, Marder II, Marder III-H and Marder III-M, PaK 38, PaK 38-Late, PaK 40, Pz Kpfw IIIN, Pz Kpfw IVD, Pz Kpfw IVE, Pz Kpfw IVF1, Pz Kpfw IVF2, Pz Kpfw IVG, StuG IIIC, StuG III E, StuG IIIF, StuG IIIF0-Late, StuG III F1, StuG IIIF1-Late, T34-57 Model 1941, T34-57 Model 1943, T34-76 Model 1940, T34-76 Model 1941, T34-76 Model 1942, T34-76 Model 1942e, T34-76 Model 1943, T34-85 early, T34-85 special, T34-85. Pz Kpfw III(Fl) Flamm, Pz Kpfw III J Late, Pz Kpfw III J, Pz Kpfw III J1, Pz Kpfw III L, Pz Kpfw III L Late, Pz Kpfw III M
6. Update gun data for the following guns:
a. 50mm L60 , 50mm L60 PaK38, 75mmL24, 75mm L43, 75mm L46, 75mm L48, 75mm L48 PaK

New Scenarios, Maps and Campaigns
1. New Histroric Campaign added: SPzAbt 503: Operation Gypsybaron. This is an 8 battle historical campaign by community member Artur Szekely-Takacs.

2. New Scenarios included:
a. Bad Daugai
b. Myropil
c. Shootout at Outpost
d. The Bridgehead
e. The Train
f. Hard Morning
g. Turkeve
h. Ivan Strikes Back
i. Hide and Seek
j. Fire Brigade
k. Rear Guard
l. Clash of Steel (4 variants)

3. New Maps included:
a. Bad daugai
b. Myropil
c. Mezotur
d. Puszta1
e. Puszta2
f. Puszta3
g. Szajol
h. Turkeve
i. Hill 621
j. Steppe1


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Re: Panzer Command Ostfront v2.0.330 Beta now available
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New title?

Apparently they are working on the nest in the series.

Original thread on Matrix: Click Here
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