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JoinFs is a free cross-platform multiplayer client for flight simulators. 

It will easily allow connecting to other players. Even if they are using a different sim. It will work with FSX, FSX Steam, P3D.

It has been successfully tyested with Attila, Wilso and myself.

Oh. Did I mention it was free?  :roker

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing! Downloading now :-)

No problem Beef  :)

Wilso had FSX Steam edition

Attila and I both had P3D.

Worked great  :thumbsup


Change Log

Version 1.1.13
   Fixed crash in user list.

Version 1.1.12
   Fixed continually repeated entries on refresh of global user list.
   Fixed disabled global option for Whazzup file.
   Fixed incorrect latitude/longitude values.

Version 1.1.11
   Option to list global users on the aircraft/user list and whazzup file.
   Fixed shared cockpit heading bug, trim, throttle, mixture, prop, spoiler, wing fold. Removal of empty aircraft.
   Changes to frequency and history of EuroScope file.
   Removed FSX@War objects from Tacpack broadcast option.
   Fix to allow recordings from version 1.1.8 to be opened.
   Adjust simconnect frequency again. Synced with frame rate.
   Objects get repositioned if they stray too far from network position.
   Removed 'Copy Plan' button. Will be implemented as part of a future chat window.
   Fixed missing distance data for recorded aircraft.
   Fixed long delay/pause when launching JoinFS.

Updated to 1.1.14.

Version 1.1.14 is incompatible with previous versions. You will only be able to see hubs running this version.

Change Log
Version 1.1.14
   Fixed shared cockpit message saying that you do not have permission to enter.
   Fixed shared cockpit bugs: throttle/mixture sync and juddering on flight control hand over.
   Shared cockpit: engine and other controls are now handed over in the same way as flight controls.
   Fixed possible thread lock issue.
   Simconnect updates have been returned to 10 per second to improve stability on some PCs.

Download (1.5MB):HERE


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