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Updated to a new build. 1.79_b13 :thumbsup

Get it from your vendor


* Google Earth plugin added
* Implemented Conair drop selector
This gets better all the time.

P3D V4 compatibility.

It has been made compatible and will be released soon.

FireFighter X 1.81 released

 This version is probably mostly for the helicopter crowd. There is a selection of BambiBuckets and Belly Tanks that can be attached to your helicopter - at runtime - at the click of a button - to any aircraft! You can add your own SimObjects to that list too.

Important: this feature will only work properly in the Prepar3D versions of FireFighter X (for P3D 2.5, 3.x and 4.x). The reason is, that the mechanics necessary for this type of application are not present in the older versions of SimConnect. Nevertheless, the option to attach a bucket is there in FSX too - but within limitations. The depiction in FSX is not very good, the buckets will stutter.

As an extra, FFX 1.81 sports the first ever working simulated heli torch - here is a short demo video (Please note that I have accelerated the fire lifecycle in the video so things are happening more quickly):

Another video, showing an attached Bambi Bucket in operation.

...and another short video, this time showing the animation of the water fill level inside of the buckets.


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