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Author Topic: (Dev News) 17/03/2017 'Beta News and the 'Art' of Fortifications'  (Read 551 times)

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(Dev News) 17/03/2017 'Beta News and the 'Art' of Fortifications'

Hey Feudalists!

This week, and during the last closed beta test run, we’ve fixed a number of bugs:
•   client crash when opening tutorial window
•   high server ping issues
•   incorrect client patching sequence
•   game lag in certain locations
•   visual inventory duplication after crossing server borders
•   traps and snares working incorrectly near the server borders
•   incorrect damage calculation inflicted on players and animals.

We’ve also fixed some of the bugs that lead to the infamous ‘black screen’ issue while entering the game. We are also still working on issues and bugs that are present such as these items:
•   optimizing the network code of the game
•   solving multiple issues while crossing server borders mounted on a horse
•   working diligently on remaining submitted crash reports

We are also preparing a Life is Feudal: Your Own patch to apply most of the changes from the Life is Feudal:MMO version into Your Own.

In the meantime — check out our castle wall development progress.

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