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Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Reply #45 on: March 30, 2017, 03:29:24 AM »
Again.thx for the heads up on the patch Asid. Jump in and had time to play for a bit.  Seems like the only way you can start from scratch is disable steam cloud and delete the saves. I re-enabled cloud saves and my skills were still there. I'm flush with food and drink already :shots . Back to basing at foursette, probably head to the mall to loot, got some armor and 2 utilities on board. Here's a pic of the Butchers Blade, also found a UI enhancement.

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Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Reply #46 on: March 31, 2017, 03:13:33 AM »
More Pamela wanderings. I'm pretty well setup with food and drink and have some gear. Time to start gathering stuff to build.
I was getting chased by a group of baddies, ran to a robot and they decided to go after the robot. They actually took out the robot and then budd took them out.

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Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Reply #47 on: March 31, 2017, 03:55:48 AM »
I was getting chased by a group of baddies, ran to a robot and they decided to go after the robot. They actually took out the robot and then budd took them out.



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Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Reply #48 on: April 01, 2017, 12:17:17 AM »
Patch: PAMELA v0.1.3.3 is Live!
Community Announcements - NVYVE Studios

Happy Friday, Sleepers! We’ve got another patch for you this week, with a bunch of miscellaneous fixes, tweaks, and improvements.

If you’ve been experiencing issues (specifically to do with losing inventory, buildables, or crashing) with the last patch, or this patch, we recommend starting a New Game, as certain rare glitches can carry over from past errors even though the issue has been fixed in the patch. Most of you should not have to do this; only begin a New Game if you’re experiencing issues.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and enjoy the new patch!


•   Turned off the flourish animation on the shields
•   Doubled the health of Observers
•   Added a bunch more props and containers to Origin Station Aurora and Essentials

•   Fixed issue with character respawning using cryo cores
•   Player no longer receives damage when blocking with a shield
•   Fixed an issue where some doors and containers were not resetting properly on respawn
•   Fixed an issue where automatic doors wouldn’t open sometimes
•   Fixed issue where Seekers were not properly arresting the player
•   Screen properly fades out during arrest sequence
•   X buttons now have a hover sound and hover shrink
•   Med bays now properly get rid of damage effects
•   Zone power levels are now properly saved
•   Fixed an issue where more than the proper amount of footsteps were being generated by the player
•   Player no longer looks in a random direction after spawning from cryo
•   When clicking outside of the active area with a item held it no longer turns green as if it was placed
•   Tutorial text no longer appears on top of the Pause Menu
•   Fixed the placement of the Observer loot collider
•   Power Switches and Breakers are no longer accessible by NPC's
•   Main Menu music should now play during GP and Respawn Menu
•   The right click sound no longer inappropriately fires when just hovering over an item
•   Fixed issue where the door icon on certain doors without keypads would constantly flicker
•   Fixed an issue where the shield wouldn't show up sometimes in ARK Medical
•   Shields are now connected to the automatic light adjust settings
•   Repercussive shield is no longer missing it's energy bar
•   Fixed a floating prop in Arcadia Archives
•   Shortened description for Hydroponics being out of power so it properly fits on the menu
•   Fixed some messy clothing placement in Origin Station Aurora
•   Fixed a missing collider on a wall piece in the Origin/Promenade/Oasis connection
•   Fixed a safe on a kiosk in the Promenade that was unusable
•   Fixed some props that were colliding in Oasis Art Gallery
•   Fixed missing collider on some static Broken Kiosks
•   Fixed missing colliders on the pillars near Arcadia Tower Stairs

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Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Reply #49 on: April 02, 2017, 12:18:09 AM »
Be seeing the sights, haven't died in awhile and have lots of stuff spread out between containers. haven't come across a storage container laying around or in a vending machine.
I was picking a lock when a cop robot came around the corner and threw a containment field around me and BAM..ended up here.

Which turned out to be a good thing because lots of loot around here, searched 3 floors of many rooms :Bananezorro ...

This was the creepy room, despite the sign i went in anyway.

Must be different levels of infractions.

AAAAAAAAAA  fresh if i can just find my way back to my base.

Next time i'll be heading back to check out the maximum security area. I got some upgrades to spend and an augment to figure out how to use. I have a full armor suit and got the dart gun weapon back so im ready to roll.
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Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Reply #50 on: April 02, 2017, 02:31:16 AM »
You better be careful Bud. You might end up permanently in  :jail  :violin

Looks like you are doing really well  :thumbsup

Thanks for the screens...I will get there soon  :pray

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Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Reply #51 on: April 08, 2017, 12:56:14 AM »
Patch: PAMELA v0.1.3.8 is Live! Big Performance, Stability, Saving Improvements
Community Announcements

<Please note! This update will cause existing world save files to be deleted! Several corrupt objects were previously causing saves to be corrupted, which have now been fixed.>

Happy Friday, Sleepers!

We’ve got a juicy update for you this week, with a wide array of fixes and improvements across the board. The main highlights with this update are performance improvements, saving/loading stabilization, and item rarity overhaul.

As far as optimization goes, we’ve done a pass over several backend systems, reducing the overhead of items in the world, and streamlining some scripts to run only when specifically needed. We also fine-tuned lighting layers, meaning that objects which do not need to receive sunlight are much cheaper to render.

Saving and loading has gotten another handful of fixes; many of you were experiencing your bases disappearing when reloading after the last update, which should now be fixed. Unfortunately this means that we need to wipe saves with this update to ensure everyone’s got a clean slate, without corrupt files.

Last but not least, we’ve reworked the way item rarity is calculated. With our new system, spawn rates are much more controllable and reflect item rarities properly. This should result in much more logical dispersion between common and rare items, and seemed to be a great change from our internal testing.

Those are just the highlights; as always find the full Changelog below. We’ve received several crash reports in the week since the last update, which we are actively looking into and working with Unity to track down. We apologize for those of you still experiencing these crashes; if you have not already, please send your crashlogs (located in steamapps/common/PAMELA/) to support @ so we can look into your unique issue.

Have a great weekend, hope you all enjoy the update. Let us know your experience in the comments!


•   Added a windowed mode option to the settings screen

•   Hacking bypasses no longer take up inventory space, and are displayed next to upgrade nodes in the inventory, as well as current unspent Compute Cells
•   When hacking is successfully completed, the loot menu will automatically open in order to smooth interaction
•   Container loot tables are not logarithmically weighted between giving you less and more items, instead of an equal chance at any amount of items
•   The amount of benefit consumables give is now properly based of rarity, as well as price. This affects hypos, food, and drink
•   Reworked the math behind the loot table for item rarities. Previously ++ items were spawning at a similar rate as their standard counterparts, now they will be logarithmically rarer.
•   Default crouch and sprint modes are now set to Hybrid instead of Toggle by default
•   Increased the size of the player hitbox as many attacks from NPCS were missing
•   Containers now stay open when you've scanned
•   When trying to pick up an item that you don’t have room for it will now display the flytext "Insufficient Inventory Space"

Performance Optimization
•   Optimized the way lists are referenced in the area of influence of the player, which should increase performance noticeably
•   Significantly decreased amount of draw calls and tris in most districts, will noticeably improve framerate
•   Optimized the way footsteps are generated, reducing certain frame hitches
•   Reduced frame drops when transitioning between zones by sequentially turning on objects rather than all at once
•   Optimized animated textures dramatically
•   Optimized the Seeker by reducing their geometry by 30%, it was previously at a hardcap limit that split it into two skinned meshes

•   Fixed an issue where items generated by Kiosks and Hydroponics would not be saveable
•   Shield Bashing no longer hurts the player
•   Ion Cores now show how much energy they have in your inventory
•   Solar chargers will now charge based on daylight regardless of whether the player is sleeping in a bed or not.
•   Placing an item overtop of another item in the loot menus now swaps items properly like it does in the inventory menu
•   Fixed a null reference error that would sometimes come up when linking shield pylons
•   Fixed an issue where shield pylons would sometimes not be in their active animation when active
•   Fixed issue where containers that were scanned would go back to being yellow after saving and continuing
•   Fixed an issue where clicking in certain locations during the load screen would lock up player actions after spawning
•   Fixed issue where game would not pause at death, then in subsequent menus the player could still be attacked
•   Fixed a duplicate container that was causing issues in Oasis Art Gallery
•   Loading screen text now properly fits the size of the loading bar
•   Fixed an issue where items saved in the buildable storage container had ever so slightly increased in size
•   Fixed an issue where certain image effects were not triggering properly, specifically when being hit, when the player dies, and when the player is at low health
•   Fixed issue where containers would randomly be opened when you hadn't interacted with them
•   Fixed an issue where the XP would sometimes not sync properly with the displayed XP
•   Fixed an issue where Augment Keys would have discrepancies in their naming on Flytext, Datapads, and Items.
•   Removed negatively scaled colliders from some menus that was causing errors
•   Fixed an issue where if you paused while in the inventory using a controller it would unlock the right stick improperly
•   Fixed a null reference error being thrown by the security containment field
•   Fixed an issue where the Sonic Emitter would sometimes disappear from the inventory on load
•   Fixed issue where observers would teleport to world origin point then travel really fast to where they were supposed to be
•   IVG scanner sprite will no longer decrease in resolution when main world texture resolution is decreased, it became very low res
•   Fixed a floating spawn point in Oasis
•   Observer central engine no longer keeps spinning after death
•   Fixed issue where sometimes dying from a fall would cripple your legs on respawn
•   Solar charger now properly uses its own unique icon
•   VISR now phases in rather than fade, and time is displayed in 24 hour clock
•   Fixed one last piece of floating trash in Origin Station Aurora
•   Fixed a zfighting issue with some glass at the entrance to Origin Station
•   Fixed an issue where the elevator menu in ARK Medical flickers on and off in certain distances
•   Build menu now properly phases in rather than fading in
•   Ion Core items now display correct % remaining when in inventory

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Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Reply #52 on: April 09, 2017, 03:53:44 AM »
After the patch had to give it try. I'm running into a lot of good gear this run. Already have 2 cryo tubes in place, a maintenance key and i'm pretty well geared up with weapons/armor, food and drink. Running into a lot of upgrade nodes for me and my weapons, everything but a damn bed 8).... my stamina is beginning to drop and food and drink don't work as well.

Decided to base up in Arcadia...third floor.
Here's my room, gate for security.

Lots of area to loot.

First time in bar.

Home sweet Home
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Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Reply #53 on: April 21, 2017, 01:24:59 AM »
Update Coming Soon

Hello Sleepers, Happy belated Easter Weekend! Hope you all had some time to relax and get a bit of gaming in.

We're doing some final testing on a nice update we've been working on for the past week. We've got a few new features that should improve the overall experience quite a bit; here are a few of the big points coming in the update:

•   Improved Cryo Cores and permadeath systems - now when you find a Cryo Core, and activate a Cryo Tube in one of the 3 clinics throughout Eden, you'll respawn at that location without resetting the world. This means that you can return to your body to pick up your items and upgrades, and your base will still be intact where you built it. However you will still lose any bio-augments (as your old body was killed!) so dying will still have a penalty.
•   Certain key locations in the world are now locked; you will need to find keycards which contain 4-digit codes to unlock these doors (the keys are randomly generated each playthrough). However once you do find the keycode to unlock these doors, there are guarunteed items that spawn within such as buildables, weapons, or even Cryo Cores in certain locations.
•   NPCs have been given a lot of love; we've fixed a bug related to "phantom hits" where the player would recieve damage when it didn't look like the NPC was attacking, they've also been made more aggresive, reducing the amount of time they wait between actions. We've also fixed and cleaned up some miscellaneous animations that were not working correctly.

There's also a huge list of other miscellaneous fixes, but these are the big ones we're got coming. We're looking forward to getting your feedback on these additions!

AMD Crashes

One last thing for this update; we're aware of a nasty crash that seems to be happening only on AMD R9 280, 290, 380. 390, etc. GPUs. We've been doing a ton of digging into this throughout the past week and are communicating with Unity about the issue; we unfortunately do not have a fix yet, but wanted to let you know that we are aware and working on it.

It is possible that DX11 is part of the issue, so a potential fix may involve looking into DX9 support, though this is not ideal of course as it would negatively impact performance and some visuals. We'll keep you posted on our progress.

That's it for now; keep an eye out for the update coming soon once we're done our round of testing!

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Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Reply #54 on: April 21, 2017, 01:28:53 AM »
Update: PAMELA v0.1.4.3 is Live! AMD Crash Workaround, Respawn Changes, and Lots More!

<Note to AMD Users experiencing crashes: Please visit here for a temporary workaround: AMD Crash Workaround!>

Hello Sleepers!

We’ve finished up our round of testing on the latest update, and it’s a big one. Very excited to finally be putting this live!

Mentioning this again just so no one misses it: we’ve found a temporary workaround for the AMD crashes (while Unity fixes the underlying issue) – please visit this thread for instructions on the workaround and discussion regarding this issue.

Now, let’s go through this week’s most significant additions!

Cryo Cores and Respawn Changes

Cryo Cores and respawning have been updated to include some new functionality. Previously, activating a Cryo Bay with a Cryo Core would simply unlock that Bay to respawn at in future playthroughs. With today’s update, there are a few big changes here: now, if you’ve activated a Cryo Bay in the current playthrough, your body will stay on the ground after death and you’ll respawn at the activated Cryo Bay.

If you can make your way back to your body, you’ll be able to collect all items, upgrades (with the exception of bio-augments), and lux you previously had. Any bases you’ve built in the world will also still be present after respawning. To make this process more clear, the “Reawaken” button on the death screen now says “New Game” if you do not have a Cryo Core, and “Use Cryo Core” if you have a bay activated.

Locked Doors and Keycards

Certain doors throughout the environment will now be locked with 4-digit codes, which are randomized each time and correspond to Keycards found within Eden. Each door that is locked in this way has several locations at which Keycards can spawn to unlock it, and these locations are always located within the same district as the locked door.

Behind these locked doors are guaranteed spawn locations for rare items; certain locations such as Garrison Armories may have weapons of buildables inside, or even Cryo Cores in some cases.


When you first encounter an NPC or new location, you will now unlock a corresponding Encyclopedia entry. These are found within your AARM Datapad, in the Encyclopedia tab, and contain new insights into the characters and environments in Eden.

In addition to these larger additions, we’ve fixed a bunch of bugs across the board; check out the Changelog below to see if your particular issue has been fixed.

Let us know your thoughts on these changes in the comments below!


•   Permadeath Changes:
 o   When a player uses a cryo core on a cryo bay it will do two things;
  A. Permanently unlock that cryo as a starting point in future playthroughs
  B. Allow the player, upon death, to respawn using that cryo core at that location
 o   Upon using the cryo core, the player will return to the current instance of the world with all power levels, placed bases, IVG upgrades, Cyanotril and Battery Backup upgrades, time of day, survival time, and opened containers/doors saved.
 o   Player Augments, Hunger, Thirst, Fatigue, and notoriety will all be reset.
 o   A grave will spawn at the location of the death of the player which will be lootable like a container. This container will have all equipped items and inventory items within it, and upgraded attachments will remain so.
 o   Upon opening the container, Lux, unused upgrade nodes, hacking bypasses, and unused compute cells will immediately transfer.
 o   Players are able to slot one cryo core in each cryo clinic, but only the district spawned at will have its cryo core used.
 o   To reflect this, the death menu will change its respawn button to "Use Cryo Core" when this option is available. The respawn menu will only show bays available for clinics that have a Cryo Core actively slotted.
 o   If a player dies, has a Cryo Core slotted, but exits to the main menu, Continue will allow the player to use the Cryo Core respawn, New Game will wipe the save.
•   Kiosks now have audio
•   Certain important side doors now are locked by keycodes. These keycodes can be found around the world and will be entered into your datapad along with the name of the door they are for when picked up.
•   Keycode locked doors have guaranteed spawns for rare loot ensuring a minimum amount of certain important items
•   A small subsection of doors are hackable
•   Added in entries for the Encyclopedia, under Populus, Locations, And Items. This will be an ongoing process

•   Significantly increased the spawn rates of security bypasses
•   The intense combat music now only plays when encountering bosses (Reaper, Widow); a more subtle tension music plays in combat with normal NPCs
•   Significantly increased the spawn rates of fertilizer
•   Significantly reduced the spawn rates of ammo
•   Hostile NPCs are much more aggressive
•   Bypasses and Fertilizers now have a good chance to be bought from most containers
•   Dramatically increased the amount of items average kiosks will have for sale
•   Farms were producing food way too quickly, single use only crops now take 5 minutes, whereas reusable crops take 10 minutes for the initial crop, then 5 minutes thereafter
•   Containers that are empty are now able to still be interacted with, however their lights will be off and the icon will remain an X when looking at it
•   Reduced the amount of time it takes for the player to start moving at full speed from a standstill
•   Player will now gain some experience by surviving for longer amounts of time
•   Superior Haemoglobin also increases your min fatigue by the same amount

•   Fixed an issue where augments would not save
•   Fixed a rare instance in which Pausing the game could break movement
•   Fixed issue where hacking bypasses ++ and + were switched in the inventory counters
•   Fixed issue where the Warden's Fist fx would show up late on a power attack
•   Fixed an issue where you couldn't refill a completely empty canteen
•   Fixed another issue with the level up screen effects after death
•   NPCs interrupt themselves while doing attacks significantly less, which makes their animations much smoother
•   Superior Haemoglobin was only affecting fatigue and not stamina
•   Clicking on radial menus will no longer cause the player to punch as well
•   Observers now flash proper orange color when alarms are going off
•   Fixed an issue where loot containers did not respect keybinding for the inventory
•   Added Pamela Ability button to the keybinding menu
•   Trying to pick up an item from a container when you have no room will now play a negative sound
•   Fixed an issue where the pod rooms on upper Arcadia would not open unless the district had power, now always openable
•   Fixed bug with GP Menu where you could not return to it after progressing to Respawn Menu
•   When the player does not have a game to save, the continue button is greyed out
•   Added missing colliders to the trusses around Oasis
•   Fixed a visual bug with attachment containers where they would pick up inappropriate sunlight
•   When pressing a button that is not accessible (ex trying to upgrade a weapon with no nodes) it will now play a negative sound

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Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Reply #55 on: April 22, 2017, 01:21:29 AM »
Patch: PAMELA v0.1.4.8 is Live!

Happy Friday Sleepers! We’ve got another patch for you this week, with a few more additions and tweaks before the weekend.

We’ve added a few new types of Kiosks; Upgrade Kiosks, and Military Kiosks. These are found in select locations within Eden, and sell IVG upgrades, upgrade nodes, weapons, attachments, and more (for a hefty sum of course!). As well, all Kiosks have been modified to include some guaranteed items for sale, such as Power Transmitter, Ion Cores, Shield Pylons, in the case of Building Kiosks. This way you don’t have to rely on RNG to obtain some of these key items each playthrough.

We’re also brainstorming and planning out some balancing adjustments, which we’ll be sharing with you *probably* next week to get your thoughts. The two main areas we’re looking into are game modes (permadeath, non-permadeath, something in between, etc.) and hacking minigames (potentially adding a new type, which relies less on reflexes and more on logic to complete).

“Difficulty” can be a prickly subject online. We want to provide enough options to cater to your varying desires, without undermining those of you who are 100% content with the current, permadeath based gamemode. Whatever we end up implementing so far as more forgiving modes of play, rest assured that the current systems will stay intact and remain the focus when it comes to overall balance.

Enjoy the latest batch of fixes and features! Stay tuned for an update next week as we iron out these balance/gamemode plans.


•   Added Upgrade Kiosks, one in each district, these kiosks sell IVG Upgrades and Attachment Upgrade Nodes as well as other things
•   When using a radial menu of an attachment, it now has a unique icon to show Equip

•   NPCs were set to all spawn Boss drops, reset to be proper
•   Players can now only sleep if they are not in combat and have lost at least 50% max fatigue
•   Certain Kiosks are now set to always sell certain Items
 o   Buildable Kiosks always sell Power Transmitters, Ion Cores, Shield Doors, and Shield Pylons
 o   Nutra Kiosks will always sell Fertilizer, Nutracubes and Water Cups
 o   Military Kiosks will always sell ammo
 o   Medical Kiosks will always sell Medi Hypos, Adrenaline Hypos, and Bone Refabricators
 o   Upgrade Kiosks will always sell IVG Upgrades, Bypasses, and Upgrade Nodes

•   Mitra VISR can now read the players current resonance with the selected weapon
•   The IVG pointlight was casting real-time shadows unnecessarily, this would triple the characters polycount, it is fixed and also tweaked to light the IVG better
•   Fixed a compounding error with previously used objects that would make them unresponsive if respawned from the item pool
•   Fixed issue with Lux, Security Bypasses, Upgrade Nodes, Compute Cells, and Augment Keys not despawning properly into spawn pool, which would eventually compound to make these objects unresponsive over multiple respawns
•   Fixed issue where NPCs would infinitely run at Observers
•   Fixed an issue with Observers that would never let them leave alarm mode
•   Added missing item descriptions for Schematic Nodes, Lux Cards, Compute Cells, and Augment Keys
•   Fixed an issue where hacked objects and certain other events were not spawning Seekers properly because of an error.
•   Fixed issue where if you removed a shield door from pylons without disconnecting them first the walls would stay up even though the door was gone
•   Fixed a couple broken cabinet prefabs in the world that were unresponsive
•   Fixed an issue where raycasts hits from the inventory would collide with certain other ingame colliders, causing the inventory to be temporarily inoperable in those areas
•   Kiosks now restock after 24 hours of "Ingame Time" rather than "real world time"
•   When hacking, the name of hackable object is now "Door Keypad" rather than "keypad door name"
•   Flashlight on the character now adjusts position depending on the type of armor the player is wearing, fixing clipping issues.
•   Populus now spelt Populace
•   Fixed a visual bug where the Pamela Ability Guidance was appearing very small
•   The description text for the Pamela Ability now properly reflects the key's use
•   Fixed issue with the transparency on contextual cue backgrounds
•   Fixed an error when shield doors spawned in certain containers
•   Equipping VISRs and Flashlights now plays their respective sounds
•   Fixed issue where VISR was everrrr so slightly not scaled properly

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Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Reply #56 on: April 25, 2017, 11:03:25 PM »
Patch: PAMELA v0.1.4.11 is Live!
P.A.M.E.L.A.ฎ - NVYVE Studios

<Users experiencing crashes: Please visit this thread - Crash Fixes/Workarounds!> You can also get to this thread by clicking a button in the Main Menu in-game.

Happy Tuesday Sleepers!

We’ve got a pretty decent patch out for you today, fixing several prominent issues with Player Profile saving (Datapads, Echos, and more not being saved between Continues/New Games) as well as several NPC issues. Enemies were frequently appearing “dead” and would follow the player around without attacking/taking any damage. We also fixed a few miscellaneous issue with NPCs selecting/following targets incorrectly, leading to them endlessly walking into their target.

As always, find the full changelog below!

Lastly, we have recently tracked down an issue in which Antivirus software can mistakenly identify the PAMELA.exe as a Trojan; if you are obtaining your files directly through Steam, we confirm that this is indeed a false positive, and suggest disabling your AV software when running PAMELA. This has fixed instances of Crashing and EXE deletion for several user and may help you as well if you are experiencing crashing.


•   Tutorial will only show up on first playthrough, it can be toggled to come on every time by checking a toggle in the options menu

•   Autosaving no longer happens during active fights
•   Soundtrack music will slightly duck in the presence of an echo emitter
•   When the soundbar is moved, it will automatically update volume without needing to press apply

•   Fixed issue where player profile was being wiped on continue
•   Fixed an error preventing the '1' and '2' keys from switching between dorsal and fore weapons
•   Fixed a rare error that would break the ability to move and spam errors into the log until it eventually crashed the game
•   Fixed an issue where beacons and their icon would be culled after a certain distance
•   Fixed an issue preventing the players hand from forming a fist while aiming
•   Fixed an issue where some enemies were spawning in dead, stopping them from damaging the player, or taking damage themselves. Would also sometimes cause NPC senses to be broken, or the NPCs to never think they were dead
•   Added a secondary spawn point for large items from kiosks, so that they are not stuck halfway through the kiosk
•   Fixed another error causing the player to punch when clicking on radial menus
•   Fixed an issue where part of the IVG would not animate open properly, looking slightly off
•   Fixed an issue where opening the inventory for the first time would sometimes cause all the icon highlights to activate
•   Fixed an issue where when an elevator was moving, looking at the menu would cause an odd highlight artifact
•   The simulation sphere around the player has been increased in size, allowing the player to see items for a longer distance
•   Fixed an obscenely high renderque on the Maintenance Key Icon

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Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Reply #57 on: May 04, 2017, 02:01:25 AM »
Update: PAMELA v0.1.5.1 is Live!

<Users experiencing crashes: Please visit this thread - Crash Fixes/Workarounds!> You can also get to this thread by clicking a button in the Main Menu in-game.

Happy Wednesday, Sleepers!

We’ve got a shiny new update ready for you this week, with a ton of fixes, improvements, and less crashing.

Enemy NPCs have gotten another batch of love; they’re now able to break the player’s bones and inflict bleeding wounds, depending on the type and strength of the attacker. This makes combat with boss enemies like Reapers and Widows even more risky… better keep a Bone Refabricator in hand just in case! Enemies will also now occasionally dodge when you’re aiming at then with your laser sight, making ranged targeting more of a challenge.

Another big fix this week is a bug that’s been plaguing many of you; occasionally when pausing the game (and veeeery rarely when playing), the framerate would tank, the screen would sometimes go black, and this would be followed at some point by the game crashing. This is now fixed; for those of you experiencing other crashes (such as the AMD issue), these are still in the works and we’re waiting on further versions of the Unity Engine to get them sorted out, unfortunately.

One last highlight for this patch is a whole slew of balancing work; thanks to several reports from the community, we’ve tracked down some Genome Point Skills and Bio-Augments that were pretty broken, basically letting players become invincible. As much fun as that probably was, these issues are now fixed and the game should feel significantly more balanced, especially for higher level players.

Find the full changelog below; there’s a lot more than we could fit in the summary above.

Thank you all as always for the continued support, reports, and suggestions that help us to keep making PAMELA a better game, every day. We truly appreciate it! Let us know what you think of the latest patch in the comments below.


•   Added more dynamic tutorial events for certain items when found for the first time
•   Added general survival tips entry into the Datapad – Visit AARM menu > Datapad > Tutorial tab to find this!
•   Enemies now have a chance to dodge your lasersight if you continue aiming at them from a distance
•   Enemies have the ability to inflict bleeding damage for a period of time, the chances are different for each enemy
•   Enemies now have the ability to break player bones based on the force of the attack
•   Enemies will now be able to detect the sound of weapons firing based on their loudness, alerting them to your presence
•   When harvesting a crop, the player will now get one to two seeds back in return
•   Enemies can now alert each other to a threat and group up to attack

•   The Widows now will slowly approach the player if they are being stared at, and then berserk to attack the player (previously would only attack from behind)
•   Increased the Widows health from 100 to 200
•   Enervate now increases the player’s energy and health by 5% on activation of a Pamela Ability
•   Shatterproof now reduces the effects of all broken bones by 50%
•   Lowered the rate at which the Reaper was taunting
•   Reapers will take much more to stagger
•   The time that invisibility lasts on the vanishing shield has been increased
•   Laser sights are now a bit brighter and thicker to make them easier to see

•   Fixed a separate, spamming, NaN error that happened if a person paused and unpaused in certain conditions, would have eventually locked up and crashed the game after appearing
•   Made a tweak to the world improvement quest popups so that they don't cut through world geometry quite as much
•   Fixed an issue where the Iron Skin Genome Point skill would compound upon itself after saving and loading, eventually making players 100% Iron
•   Fixed the calf skinning on the Tricarbyne Armor so that it doesn't clip with the top of the thigh
•   Fixed an issue where player profiles were recreated when the player pressed New Game
•   Fixed an issue causing headshot damage not to calculate properly
•   Fixed an issue where the augment remover stopped working
•   Fixed issue where Reaper would not play breathing sounds
•   Fixed an issue causing the Reaper to phantom hit
•   Shield lights now dim slightly so it’s not quite as jarring when lowering your shield
•   Fixed issue with Reaper where it was not making taunt noises when taunting
•   Fixed an issue where Magnetic Dissipation and Grounded were not adding together
•   Slender frame decreases health to 90% of original as intended (was increasing health instead)
•   Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause floating keycards in the world
•   Fixed a bug causing enemies to bleed if they dodged an attack and play an impact sound like they were hurt
•   Fixed an issue preventing the Defiant Sigil from properly spawning more boss enemies as intended
•   Hulking now increases health by 25% instead of the incorrect 125% it does now
•   Fixed an issue causing the Degenerated to constantly walk into the player sometimes
•   Fixed an attack on the Degenerated that would never connect with the player
•   Fixed an issue that would cause Degenerated to phantom hit
•   Fixed an issue with NPCs investigating players
•   Fixed an issue where armor bonuses were not resetting on death
•   Tricarbyne Armor + and ++ variants now properly apply their increased defense and decrease the speed penalty
•   Fixed an issue where Players who upgraded Fatigue and Health through Genome points would have their fatigue and health restored with every reload
•   Removed some bad dodge animations from Degenerated
•   Replaced incorrect back left and back right animations for Degenerated
•   Fixed an error where the Widows would sometimes triple up their actions
•   Fixed an issue causing Widows to phantom hit

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Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Reply #58 on: June 12, 2017, 04:40:34 PM »
Update on the Update

Hi there everyone! Thank you all so much for your patience while we put the finishing touches on the huge update we've been cooking up.

In addition to everything we discussed in rhe last posts, we ended up implementing a slick, updated tutorial system which features a ton of videos instead of pure text as it is now, and upgraded the project to a newer version of Unity which will hopefully help address some of the stability issues some of you have been dealing with.

We'll post a huge announcement to go along with the Update soon; rest assured we're working around the clock to get it ready and it should be live any day now.

Thanks again for the patience! Stay tuned.

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Re: P.A.M.E.L.A.
« Reply #59 on: June 16, 2017, 05:23:47 PM »
Mega-Update: PAMELA v0.2.1.2 is Live – Crafting, Tutorial 2.0, and much, much more!

<Please note! This update will cause existing world save files to be deleted!>

Happy Thursday, Sleepers. Sit down, get comfortable, and grab a snack because this is going to be a long read!

Picture in your mind a snowball, rolling down a snowy slope. It starts out small, but before you know it you’ve got a ton of frozen destruction barreling down towards you.

That’s pretty much what happened with this update; with each passing day we squeezed in more new features, optimizations, and fixes, and this ended up postponing the update up until today. This is now *by a huge margin* our largest update since launch. Thank you for your patience during this period between updates; let’s dive into it!

A lot of changes: HERE

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