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Author Topic: Hellion - Space survival game (Super Hardcore Game)  (Read 12406 times)

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Re: Hellion - Space survival game (Super Hardcore Game)
« Reply #45 on: June 20, 2018, 10:41:49 PM »
Singleplayer Update Patch Notes
20 June - ZG_Rick

Greetings Colonists,

Did I leave my station in a stable orbit, did I hide it well enough? Where the hell was that fabricator module again? Did I fix my ship before I logged, is it still going to be there when I’m back? What about the base, what if it was too close and someone managed to raid it? Whatever the case might be, the new single player mode has it covered!

Through the magic of save/load you now have all the time in the world to make those split second decisions or plan your next few actions. Regardless if you are a seasoned veteran or a fresh arrival to the Hellion system you can now experiment in peace or learn the ropes at your own pace.

Single player mode will feature two basic game modes: normal and sandbox. Normal puts you in a default starting position but without other players to worry about. It is an excellent choice for new players as it lets them learn all of the game basics and get a hang of Newtonian physics, most notably inertia and zero-g movement. It’s also perfect for those who can’t afford to play the game each and every day. Sandbox mode is meant for players who love experimenting and testing things as it comes with all dev commands unlocked. Activate God mode, spawn all modules, smash them into pieces by launching a torpedo container, build the largest base ever or freely teleport between locations, whatever comes to your mind. Use the game as a playground and feel free to express your creativity.

Singleplayer Update will be deployed on Thursday June 21. Servers will be down from 4PM UTC/9AM PDT until 5PM UTC/10AM PDT. There will be no server wipe this time.

Features and improvements

New single player options added:

•   Normal
•   Sandbox + free spawn selection

Added a new menu for using dev commands (Default F2)
Implemented partial texture optimization
Added in-game Data Privacy button for Unity Analytics


Incorrect pistol clip shelf orientation
Disappearing pressure suit after clicking “remove suit” icon
Clustered objects in navigation panel text rapidly changes
Docking panel - all ports listed below a single object
Cannot grapple Fabricator module bug
Debris Junk 002 missing collision
Steropes - force open Airlock opens locked doors
Asteroids missing collision after server restart
Warping into asteroids
Update warp maneuver when entering a new ship
Multiple client errors
Server error (An item with the same key has already been added)

Until tomorrow,
Zero Gravity team

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Re: Hellion - Space survival game (Super Hardcore Game)
« Reply #46 on: June 21, 2018, 07:57:47 PM »
Singleplayer Update Ready!

Dear Colonists,

Summer is coming! Actually, it has officially started with the summer solstice. A perfect time for the new Hellion update to be released - Singleplayer is now live!

Hellion solo travel deals - 33% off during Steam Summer Sale!

Looking for a way to survive the upcoming summer heat and those long and dreadfully hot days? How about a vacation in the dark and cold vacuum of Hellion? Best consumed in single player mode while floating alone in a debris field. Our dedicated solo traveller concierge at each station will contact you pre-arrival.

You need a quick summer night adventure? We offer you a dark Hellion sandbox playground where you’ll be able to build abomination bases and demolish them with torpedoes. Or maybe you prefer teleporting to locations you’ve never been able to travel to - right to the heart of the Sun. It’s all there, Hellion is open for your experimentation.

We wish you all a beautiful Summer!

Love you all
Zero Gravity team

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Re: Hellion - Space survival game (Super Hardcore Game)
« Reply #47 on: July 04, 2018, 07:50:09 PM »
Let's Play Video #4 - Singleplayer Update

Being stranded a thousand light years from civilization certainly comes with various benefits, like the absence of tax collectors, managers or politicians. It does however come with its own set of drawbacks like no supermarkets or hardware stores and the lack of any movies and TV shows. But worry not! We got you covered with another Let’s Play video!

It’s been quite a while since we last did a Let’s Play and the last one we did was a bit on the long side. So today we bring you a short video that aims to cover all major changes that came to Hellion since the Kessler update. It also provides a number of helpful tips for new players that should help them avoid various mistakes and hazards.

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Re: Hellion - Space survival game (Super Hardcore Game)
« Reply #48 on: July 14, 2018, 11:14:37 PM »
Devblog #35 Inventory improvements
12 July - ZG_Smorty   

How’s it going you crafty colonists? Has the single player update been treating you well? Or do you find the emptiness of the void unbearable without some proper orbital piracy? Well whatever the case we’ve got some exciting things in store for you in the upcoming months.

In our last Let’s Play video we mentioned a few changes coming to Hellions economy. Our goal here is to make every activity in Hellion worthwhile and give players a sense of progression. However, before we start discussing resources and crafting we need to take a step back and turn our attention towards something that precedes them.

Inventory improvements

Ever since Hellion launched back in 2017, inventory remained mostly unchanged. As any seasoned asteroid miner can tell you managing items in your inventory can be tedious, to put it mildly.

At the moment we are working on improving the inventory management system and make it a lot easier for players to access, store and use various items they come across. New inventory screen will show your character, your equipped items and inventory slots as well as any additional information relevant to your character. The following image is still work in progress, but should give you an idea of what we are aiming for.

Since our goal is to improve the way inventory works as a whole we are also expanding its functionality to allow players to loot, store, equip and refuel items in a much more intuitive and user friendly manner

Since inventory is directly tied to your equipped suit, picking the right suit for the job may become paramount as different suits will have a different distribution of equipment slots and offer different levels of protection, speed, oxygen supply, but more on this topic at a later date.

That’s all for today colonists. Until next time, fly safe and see you in Hellion!
Zero Gravity team

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Re: Hellion - Space survival game (Super Hardcore Game)
« Reply #49 on: November 30, 2018, 01:45:59 PM »
Patch 0.3 Notes - Rude Awakening Update
28 November - ZG_Rick
Ladies and gentlemen,

Here are the patch notes for the Rude Awakening Update!

Rude Awakening Update will be deployed on Thursday, November 29th. Servers will be down from 5PM UTC/9AM PST until 6PM UTC/10 AM PST. Servers will be wiped to ensure proper patch deployment.

For private servers:
Update your server and game client
Delete save files


Story, missions & quests

We are introducing a deep and immersive Hellion story into the gameplay. Players will have the opportunity to enjoy the role-playing experience by doing quests while discovering the secrets of a distant solar system. For that purpose, we have implemented:
•   Tracking system for missions
•   Quest markers
•   Journal
•   Audio logs
•   Written logs

New inventory system

The main goal of this change is to make manipulating items faster and easier, for both character inventory (suit slots) and storage (nearby shelves and containers). Proximity loot system is also in place allowing players to access nearby shelves and containers from their inventory screen.
•   New inventory UI design
•   3D character preview
•   Proximity loot
•   Added quick slots (1 - primary; 2 - secondary; 3 - bombs; 4 - Medpacks/Small Canisters)
•   Dedicated slots on guns and mining drills for ammo, battery and canisters
•   Health bars added to all items in inventory

New locations and new modules for these locations

Added multiple new modules and custom locations as part of the main story arc. We won’t spoil them here, so look for them in game.

New sounds

There is no sound in vacuum but in pressurized rooms there is plenty of them. Added a multitude of new sound effects to the game and improved existing ones to improve the quality of gameplay experience.

Flight mode assistance

Added flight assistance for ships that automatically tries to compensate for ships lateral velocity, relative to your current target.
•   Auto-adjustment for lateral speed when a vessel is moving towards the target
•   Toggle on/off available

Steam achievements

•   Lightbake for all modules
•   Texture density
•   Ship/module rotation limited for server processing optimization
•   GPU instancing enabled
•   Hide canvas UI on proximity range
•   Network improvements resulting in better ship and module movement
•   LZ4HC Unity file compression enabled

General improvements

•   Powered up modules have significantly higher degradation resistance
•   Planet textures improvements - new textures added to all planets and moons
•   Main menu redesigned
•   Match velocity to the target that is already matched to another target (previously not possible)
•   Pressurization/Depressurization speed properly set for all modules
•   Masses adjusted for all modules
•   Added decals to the docking panels
•   Changing video settings enabled while outside of main menu
•   Quick load available after death in single player mode
•   Rescue ship button added to Command Module
•   Doomed orbit warning visible on NavMap
•   In game latency warning will show up when latency is over 120ms
•   Added Ambience volume slider
•   Removed bloom and motion blur from NavMap
•   Pilot panel UI improvements
•   Mouse sensitivity range increased (it is possible now to set it under 1)
•   Hide in-game chat option added in menu
•   External warp start/end effects changed

Bug fixes

•   Male corpse appearing after a female character dies
•   A female character loses hair when the suite is equipped
•   Air Filter does not deplete carbon filter to 0%
•   Resource injector not affecting Air Generator
•   Helmet Visor state not saved; it was always down
•   Severe FPS Drop while inside CM
•   Players, ships, and modules do not render for other players
•   Rotating ship fast sideways results in objects jumping and blinking in front of the ship
•   RCS sound continues to play when module or ship is docked from a hard angle or fast speed
•   Hitting module at high speed register collision far from the actual collision point
•   Bullet holes decals stay on the player capsule and blend with objects
•   Can't attach canister and battery to drill by pressing "F"
•   Docking cam view does not show docked module
•   Cargo Panel: manipulation with resources doesn’t show correct numbers
•   Player character not loaded correctly
•   Jetpack and helmet invisible (for female char)
•   Premade stations not spawning on proper coordinates
•   CBM Cargobay and AM Airlock prep room sign can't be wiped
•   FM Fabricator - missing attach point decals
•   CM: fire extinguisher slot not working properly
•   VOIP sound level is not saved properly
•   Optimization hides module geometry - outpost module
•   Pilot panel HUD: target marker uncontrollably jumping around
•   A station's name (Command Module name) will sometimes appear on the radar (ship's radar/player's radar) as the name/designation of the last module or ship docked to it
•   Sound effects audible for other players even if the source is far away
•   Airlock module PREP ROOM label will stay as a texture after renaming
•   Pistol 8.20 clip randomly appears after crafting in fabricator
•   Wrong NAV screen - NAV screen act like I'm in the old ship after using another ship
•   Crafting panel desync when the other player interacts with the panel
•   CQM has pressure on predefined stations
•   Issue with certain keybinding setup when naming ship/station
•   Ammo not being destroyed or moved to inventory when reloading directly (not from inventory)
•   Item slots missing after server restart
•   Small collision damage slowing creates server lag
•   Shooting after reload (direct magazine swap) generates server exceptions
•   Free-look in cryo-pod bugs character
•   Solar System Map issue - hovering mouse over a group of objects causes a visual bug
•   Derelict loot locker interaction bug - door can’t be opened
•   Loot spawn points in CTM-Modules makes it near impossible to pick up loot
•   Slot decal overlaps with item slotted into it
•   Steropes airlock interface not working properly when there is a pressure difference
•   Camera offset on sniper scope

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Re: Hellion - Space survival game (Super Hardcore Game)
« Reply #50 on: November 30, 2018, 01:47:13 PM »
Rude Awakening is now live!
29 November - ZG_Rick   

Rude Awakening is now live!

Credits to Devotion Studios for all things audio and special thanks to Ashley Gould for that charming voice of Theona Mayers!

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Re: Hellion - Space survival game (Super Hardcore Game)
« Reply #51 on: December 11, 2018, 12:12:50 AM »
Rude Awakening Hotfix is Ready!

Dear colonists,

Since the release of the Rude Awakening we’ve been working hard on fixing the issues you experienced during the first days of your journey with Theona. Our idea was to release two hotfixes - client and client/server version of it. But we managed to merge both into one. So, we’ll have a server downtime lasting for an hour, starting at 5PM GMT/9AM PST until 6PM GMT/10AM PST. No server wipe is needed for this hotfix.

Rude Awakening hotfix will cover the following issues:
•   The game client can’t be closed properly
•   Quest tracker bugging after relog
•   Auto-Stabilization option is sometimes applied to the ROLL axis (Q and E keys) even when the setting is disabled
•   Mouse sensitivity option not saved after game restart
•   Walking in her shoes quest resets after character dies and can’t be picked up again
•   The modules from Amnisos station can be undocked (and that should not be the case) - if you claimed any module from Amnisos, it will be despawned
•   Connection breaks while the game is loading
•   Various quest markers not working showing up properly
•   Fabricator Module issues: never ending animation + cargo terminal not accessible
•   Loot respawning in claimed modules
•   Relog teleport: players are placed to the last known location after relog
•   Junkyard modules are visible on the map after attaching them to players’ bases
•   Problems with loot spawn
•   Added the “SKIP” button in the Safe Haven mission. You can use it if you get stuck while playing tutorial quests.
•   Echoes from the past marker does not appear
•   Turrets can be picked up by using “take all”
•   Dirty yellow tint on the helmet visor
•   Arges spawns with locked elevator\cargo hold door

Enjoy the new Hellion update and have a nice weekend!

Zero Gravity team

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Re: Hellion - Space survival game (Super Hardcore Game)
« Reply #52 on: March 26, 2020, 02:32:24 AM »
Hellion - the last announcement
Tue, 24 March

Dear survivors,

This is the last official announcement by Zero Gravity, since the team has already been disbanded.

This is what happens with Hellion:

1.   The game will be free for download on Steam from March 27, 10AM (PT) until March 30, 10 AM (PT).
2.   After that, it will be no longer available for purchase.
3.   You will still be able to play Hellion.
4.   We’ll keep the main server online.
5.   We’ll keep official servers EU West and US West online (two instances of each).
6.   Community servers will stay alive, and the new ones can be added at any time in the future.
7.   Single player mode will stay available.

We have received a lot of support from players during the past couple of months. And we want to thank you all. These measures are meant for Hellion to stay alive since you enjoy playing it.

We’d like to give a huge shoutout to Hellion moderators who have been volunteering in managing the Hellion community and the official servers. Thank you so much team!

Big thanks to Nitrado for providing us with official Hellion servers!

And to you all out there in space - thank you for these wonderful years trying together with us to make a super special space experience that still can’t be found anywhere else. It was a blast!

Stay safe,
Zero Gravity

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