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« Reply #15 on: June 12, 2017, 12:13:17 AM »
Adventure Pack 0.5 Released

Hi Everyone

We are really happy to finally present our first Adventure Pack, introducing new Battle Boards, game modes, a new figurine class and many other great updates to Wartile.

Please note that from tomorrow, Saturday 10am US pacific time, we will introduce a 15% Special Promotion Discount to celebrate this update.

Your support is greatly valued in our efforts to make Wartile as good as possible, therefore please remember to share your thoughts about the game with us.

Patch Notes 0.5


•   New Battle Board & new game mode: Trial of Tyr
•   New Battle Board: Thor’s Wrath
•   New Figurine Class: The Archer
•   2D Art Overhaul
•   Progression Overhaul
•   Pickup Items
•   And much much more.

Progression Overhaul
As we get closer to final release and get more content, we’re slowly starting to be able to organize our progression to our final vision. This means that the map progression has been changed slightly from our last patch.

•   The Rescue now unlocks after Heidrun Clan
•   Trial of Tyr (new map) now unlocks after Heidrun Clan
•   The Monastery now unlocks after The Rescue
•   Thor's Wrath (new map) now unlocks after The Monastery
•   The Archer (new class) now unlocks after Heidrun Clan
•   The Brute now unlocks after The Rescue
•   Difficulty has been rebalanced accordingly
•   Progression of experience and loot and gold cost of figurines has been rebalanced accordingly

Pickup Items
In our last patch, we added that characters could carry a Torch; expanding on this mechanic, we have now added items on battle boards that can be picked up. Pickup items will, after being picked up, appear on a character as an ability card that can be used to provide an effect, such as healing or throwing a bomb.

This mechanic will continue to be implemented and improved on in future content and likely added retroactively to existing battle boards.

Trial of Tyr
Added the new Battle Board “Trial of Tyr” adding a new game mode; Skirmish, that involves fighting against waves of enemies and surviving for as long as possible, with randomized events and enemy compositions creating a new and varying challenge.

Trial of Tyr like other maps can be completed like normal, but is also an infinite mode that allows you to test how many waves you can withstand.

•   New game mechanic: Wave defense
•   Events that change playing conditions
•   New Battle Board layout

Thor’s Wrath
Thor’s Wrath features battling your way through not only groups of enemies, but passing through a hazardous thunderstorm that is likely to cause some issues if you are not careful.

Thor’s Wrath features a vast network of caves with partying Vikings, where the element of surprise and tactical use of abilities will certainly be required, unless you choose to brave the dangerous thunderstorm.

New Figurine Class: The Archer
The first female character has been added to the game; The Archer. The archer is strong long range unit, that is particularly weak in close range. The Archer is higher skill cap unit that requires a lot of movement and micromanagement.

•   The archer class is now unlockable
•   The archer is a long range unit that requires active input to attack
•   Archer has the following abilities
  o   Starting ability, Volley: Fires multiple shots in quick succession
  o   Second ability, Rain of Arrows: Lets down a Rain of Arrows in an area dealing AoE damage to nearby units
  o   Third ability, Flaming Arrow: Fires a flaming arrow at a target that ignites the tile dealing massive damage.

2D Art Overhaul
We’re in the process of a full overhaul of all 2D graphics on cards and UI. This is a longer process and this update will contain the first batch of these primarily focusing on Player and Figurine ability cards, quests and Menu UI.

Art in the entire game will follow this new style that will be introduced until the game releases.

Other Updates
Added Quest Tracking
Quests will now be tracked at the right side of the screen after looking at objective cards. This will now distinguish primary from secondary objective as well as adding support for tracking objectives will multiple sub-tasks.

•   UI element added to the right side of the screen for tracking objectives

Group Moving
Group moving has been introduced as a feature in this patch. Holding down the Shift key while moving a unit, will automatically cause your other nearby units to move with the unit. This has been introduced to reduce the effect of traversal on larger maps.

•   Group move is done by holding down “Shift” when moving your units

Lost Norse Additional Objective: Poisonous Toads
A new objective has been added to Lost Norse.
•   Collect toads and earn a new player ability

Battle Notifications
We have added a new Notification system that gives an indication of what effect buffs have and when units receive high grounds and flanking bonuses.

•   Battle notification appears when a unit enters a flanking position
•   Battle notification appears when a unit receives high ground defense bonus
•   Battle notifications appears when a units gains stat debuffs or buffs.

Item tooltips
In an attempt to further clarify the effect of items, we have added tooltips that will improve the feedback of the item’s effects.
•   Added tooltips to items explaining stats and special effects

AI Improvements
We’re improving a lot of things about the AI systems. Players will notice the following effects:
•   AI now properly moves through objects on the ground (such as Hel’s Helmet)
•   AI now reacts better to archers firing at them
•   AI now reacts to dangerous tiles

Other Changes/Bugfixes
•   Stat card (lower left corner) should now properly scale and move with different resolutions
•   Bear Trap is now permanently visible to the player using the card. Opposing players will see the trap setup, after which it will become invisible.
•   Slight changes to card system behind the scenes. Cards will move cleaner and have less blinking/artifacts as well being ordered differently
•   Fixed a bug causing friendly invites for multiplayer to not always function
•   Fixed a bug causing units killed with abilities and ability cards to sometimes not award experience
•   Units killed by neutral damage sources will no longer award battle points to the player
•   Minor combat changes (pending an upcoming larger change); Combat now functions slightly differently behind the scene and crits are now visible.
•   Fixed a bug causing debris to interfere with figurine movement
•   Fixed a bug that sometimes caused music to stop playing after pressing
•   Escape to open the menu.
•   Fixed various missing animations for the Brute figurine class.
•   Slow time now functions more smoothly. Slow time now properly interacts with other systems, such as no longer slowing down time while showing event card. Slow time will also no longer slow UI elements (such as unit ability cards).
•   Added hints to the menu to help new players understand more advanced concepts beyond the the scope of the tutorial.
•   We now save and list your high score on a battle board. This, however, does not work retroactively and will require you to replay maps to display.
•   Brute “Kick to the Groin” has been re-flavored to “Headbutt”
The godly card “Movement Speed” has been renamed to “Speed of Sleipnir”

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« Reply #16 on: June 12, 2017, 12:14:43 AM »
How do I unlock all the new content ?

Hi everyone

For those of you who have already completed most of the battle boards there might be some confusion about how all the new content is unlocked and we regret that we have not been able to smooth this transition out better with the new update.

As we develop new content to the game, we are not just building more content to the end of the game, but work with the whole game. This means that when we add content to a part of the game that you have already completed, the saved game might not register the new updates correctly. While you keep all your current progress you might need to complete one of the previous battle boards to unlock the new one. Remember you only need to complete the main objective to unlock the next board.

We are sorry about this, but want to avoid force resetting the saved games as of yet, until we have a good way to reward everyone who have been playing, pillaging and looting awesome stuff for a long time now.
We have included an overview of how the battle boards unlock each other with the current setup. So, in order to unlock Trial of Tyr and The Rescue you have to re-complete The Heidrun Clan and to unlock Thor’s Wrath you have to re-complete The monastery.

You can always consider resetting your save game and lose everything but gain the full experience and challenge of beating all the boards again. We do this all the time :)

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« Reply #17 on: June 27, 2017, 04:09:26 PM »
Patch notes 0.5.1

Balance Changes:
We got a clear indication that the difficulty of the game was too high. As such we have taken steps to bring back the difficulty slightly on particular maps early on in the game.

This will primarily affect the first playthrough of battle boards and not the higher difficulties.

•   Nerfs to various enemy units on The Heidrun Clan
•   Added heal pickups on The Heidrun Clan
•   Nerfs to various enemy units on The Rescue
•   Nerfs to various enemy units on The Monastery
•   Nerfs to various enemy units on Trial of Tyr

Bug fixes
•   Before a figurine ability card on cooldown could appear behind another card, but the logic thought it was in front of. The backside of cards now have the correct z-ordering removing this issue.
•   Some cards have been reordered. The primary reason this was done was the Archer's "fire" card, which now appears first in the figurine abilities.
•   Fixed various blocked tiles that were not intended to be blocked
•   Fixed a bug that allowed The Archer to "sneak" past all enemies on The Rescue.
•   Changed the way the Resolution drop down menu is filled. This should no longer add options that are not compatible with the users screen.
•   Fixed spelling errors in The Lost Norse
•   Fixed a bug that caused subsequent uses of the Brute ability "Wrath of Idunn" to not remove the immportality effect
•   Updated the Archer text from a placeholder text that was not properly overwritten.

We know that not all reported bugs have been addressed with this patch but we are working on a major update where we will attend all reported bugs that we can identify and reproduce.

We also hope that the difficulty settings now in a better way reflect the level of our audience. Please remember that only main objectives needs to be completed in order to unlock new battle boards and that Spacebar is your friend in the fray of battle.

Kind regards

The Wartile Team

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« Reply #18 on: August 16, 2017, 03:18:25 AM »
What to expect with adventure pack 0.6

Hi everyone

We hope you are doing great out there. As we have been cheated from the Danish summer with nothing but rain and dark clouds it means we have been sitting indoors at the office grinding new features into Wartile and adding polish where needed. We strongly believe that the game really is starting to shape up and delivers a satisfying RTS experience. All this is thanks to you guys for rooting for us and giving us lots of useful feedback, helping us prioritize our battles.

This latest update we have introduced
•   The merchant (a shop for purchasing new equipment)
•   Reward scene (a status overview of score and loot after completing a session)
•   Combat system (a small update to the combat logic allowing more hits)
•   Dark Forest (new battle board with a dark forest environment theme)
•   Volva (new figurine class, the female shaman) be sure to check out her attack crow!

Work in progress Screenshot of the Dark Forest

Ability Cards
•   Improved targeting with ability cards on figurines or tiles in the battle boards.
•   Added ability card highlight system showing the valid range for the chosen ability

Godly & Tactical Cards
•   The player can now only add one of each card type to his/her battle deck
•   During battle the selected cards will represent an actual deck not allowing any duplicates being drawn onto the hand.

Stat tokens
•   Tokens are now dropped/earned during the raids by killing special enemy units or completing objectives.
•   The higher difficulty tier chosen, the better stat tokens can be earned.

•   We have added a selection of new weapons such as clubs,maces, swords and spears
•   Added a quality level to all weapons and armor pieces.

We have made some significant changes to the whole UI in Wartile both with visuals and usability.

•   Added UI to improve the navigation at the Campaign board
•   Changed the layout of the figurine stat card
•   Added numbers instead of bars as requested by many in our community
•   Updated the visual art on many UI elements

Work in progress of the new UI layout

Slowmo while performing an action. (testing)
We are testing with a small slowdown when performing an action such as moving a figurine or using an ability card. This greatly improve the flow of the battle as there is no hurry to pickup, drag and point ability cards to a target or moving a figurine to the right tile, since the time will almost freeze when doing this.

Warning : Your saved game might be lost with the next update.

With this patch we have made so many changes with the progression system and the way we handle equipment, that there is a very likely chance it will effect your hard earned saved game and all the progression you have made so far. This is something we are obviously trying to address and we are looking into ways where we can limit the potential damage to saved games. However, to some degree this is hard for us to avoid as being in early access is a bit like making a cake that’s already in the oven - adding new things and changing the recipe when it’s already cooking might not always come out the way you hoped. We hope you will understand and we will get back with more information when we have the full overview.

This is all for now, we will be following up during the week with a few more details on some of the mentioned improvements but make sure you jump on our Facebook page and let us know what you think of the update.

Have a nice week everyone.

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« Reply #19 on: September 07, 2017, 01:13:41 AM »
Soft Launch of Adventure Pack 0.6 to Wartile Testbuild
5 September

Hi everyone

The last few weeks we have been testing and adjusting the next big Wartile 0.6 update, and are counting down to finally release it.

As we did with the last time we had a major update for Wartile, we made a soft launch to the Wartile Testing branch, giving those of you who are interested, a chance to preview the new updated version of Wartile a few days before it goes public.

This gives us a short delay where we can react on early feedback from our players, regarding any critical bugs or last minute game play issues that passed our attention and we need to address.

If you are interested to get a sneak peak, and tryout the new content and features, please follow the instructions below on how to sign up.

Sign up to our
Newsletter [] and mark the - I already own the game and want to be part of the New Content TestGroup

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« Reply #20 on: September 09, 2017, 03:34:14 AM »
Adventure pack 0.6 is here

Hi everyone

We have just released another major update for Wartile, one that we have been working hard on the last few months.

This update is also rolled out with a 15% discount here at the steam store for a limited time as we are moving closer to our final release, so this is your chance to pick up and try Wartile, while still in Early Access.

The Dark Forest
A big addition for this update is The Dark Forest - a dark and mysterious place at the foot of Yggdrasil the tree of life.

The Völva
We also introduce the Viking Völva a female shaman working in dark magic always followed by her black crow that will attack nearby enemies.

Below you can find all the content that have been added, updated or changed, please notice the two important disclaimers.

Patch Notes 0.6

Disclaimer: Your Saved game have been partly changed due to fundamental changes to our equipment system. .

We have tried to keep your overall progression in Wartile, but all your equipment have been turned into gold and your figurines re-equipped with basic items.

Depending on your progression you will be able to restock your figurines by purchase new equipment from the merchant who will restock every time you complete a battle board.

We recommend you to fully reset your save game, in order to get the full experience and please tell us how you like the changes and all the new content so far.

Disclaimer: Multiplayer not working while we work on a new matchmaking system.

we regret to inform you that we have been forced to disable to multiplayer game mode. We have been working on improving the matchmaking and have not been able to finish the work for this update. However we expect it to be enabled again shortly.

New content:

The merchant a shop for purchasing new equipment, restocking after each mission.
Reward scene a status overview of score and loot after completing a session
Combat system a small update to the combat logic allowing more hits
The Dark Forest new battle board with a dark forest environment theme
Völva new figurine class, the female shaman) be sure to check out her attack crow!

We have also made some significant changes to the whole UI in Wartile both with visuals and usability.

Ability Cards
•   Improved targeting with ability cards on figurines or tiles in the battle boards.
•   Added ability card highlight system showing the valid range for the chosen ability

Godly & Tactical Cards

The player can now only add one of each card type to his/her battle deck
During battle the selected cards will represent an actual deck not allowing any duplicates being drawn onto the hand.

Stat tokens
•   Tokens are now dropped/earned during the raids by killing special enemy units or completing objectives.
•   The higher difficulty tier chosen, the better stat tokens can be earned.

•   We have added a selection of new weapons such as clubs,maces, swords and spears
•   Added a quality level to all weapons and armor pieces.

•   Added UI to improve the navigation at the Campaign board
•   Changed the layout of the figurine stat card
•   Added numbers to all stat cards instead of bars as requested by many in our community
•   Updated the visual art on many UI elements

Slow-mo while performing an action.
We are testing with a small slowdown when performing an action such as moving a figurine or using an ability card. This greatly improve the flow of the battle as there is no hurry to pickup, drag and point ability cards to a target or moving a figurine to the right tile, since the time will almost freeze when doing this. This can be disabled in the options menu.

Known bugs
We have listed some of the currently known bugs below. Needless to say we are working to solve those as fast as possible
•   Sometimes loading Thor’s Wrath will crash the game, however when you reload the mission it should work fine.
•   Some screen lag can appear at Thor's Wrath and The Dark Forest

We really hope that you like the updates and that you're still find Wartile very enjoyable. Please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback using our internal link or the Steam forum.

The Wartile Dev Team

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« Reply #21 on: September 13, 2017, 01:36:08 PM »
Patch notes 0.6.1

Hi everyone

Thank you all for the feedback and bug reports. This is invaluable in helping us improving the Wartile experience!


- Updated pick up, unit ability and player ability card text to help players make informed decisions. This follows the new style of unveiling the numbers of the game.
- Added “Reset to defaults” option for keybindings.
- The “buy button” in the Merchant and Tavern menus is now a full clickable button, instead of only the pouch image.
- Optimized units, animation and interactive objects to improve performance.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an error that caused the game to crash when using the “Next/Previous” arrows in the merchant after buying all items.
- Fixed an error that allowed players to click during camera intros. Clicking on certain objects could cause incorrect behavior sometimes freezing the game state.
- Fixed an error that caused certain objects/abilities to create walkable points outside of tiles on invalid locations. Note: This fix addressed certain specific cases, if you still see this behavior, please inform us!
- Fixed an issue with all of the “Heidrun Sword” variants having incorrect collision presets, which caused issues when trying to equip them.
- Fixed an issue in Unit Management, that sometimes caused a crash if the amount of Arm and Leg items varied too much. This was due to an incorrect reference.
- Fixed an error that caused key binding options to disappear when changing key bindings.

Kind regards

The Wartile Team

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« Reply #22 on: September 20, 2017, 02:17:03 PM »
Looking back forward
WARTILE - Wartile

Hi Wartile Warriors

•   After update 0.6
•   Wartile Original Soundtrack
•   insight in our feedback
•   Still some way to go
•   Wartile fan localization
•   Working on the last content before release

After update 0.6
Almost two weeks have passed since our latest major update and we are happy to see how well the update have been received, from positive reviews and comments both here on Steam but also from our external feedback channel. It shows us that while we still have issues to deal with we are moving in the right direction, thanks to all of you who help us focusing on what matters to you.

As we move forward, we are still receiving bug reports, from our community and will release another hotfix patch anytime soon, addressing some of the issues. Whenever we think it’s safe to move forward, there is always a hidden trap(bug) slowing us down.

We have added a Wartile Deluxe Edition to the Wartile shop containing the Wartile game and the Original Wartile Soundtrack that sets the mood and atmosphere in the game. The Soundtrack is composed by Simon Holm List who have been sound designer in the game industry for more than 10 years and we are very happy that we finally can make the Soundtrack available.

Soundtrack Teasers

insight in our feedback
Being part of Early Access means that you have the opportunity to not only experience but also influence the development of a game. As we have done before we would like to share some of the information and feedback that we are receiving from our community.

Some of this information we use to get an immediate impression of the player satisfaction with the game experience. We also get that from the steam reviews and comment sections in the community Hub, but these are usually from hundreds or more players.

From our internal user feedback, we can see our balancing of the battle boards is much better with the update where more players express that they have a good experience with the challenge.
We do however still have a few battle boards that are reviewed as being hard to unforgiving.

The intention on difficulty is that the first tier should be challenging but foremost teaching and a bit forgiving. The second tier more challenging and less forgiving and the third tier to be demanding require you to master your figurines and their abilities. As you can imagine it’s demanding to find a difficulty level that fits everyone, and we are working hard to create content that both our casual and core players can enjoy.

Below we want to share some of the feedback regarding the difficulty setting that we have been receiving.

The graph shows the from a broad perspective we have succeeded in finding better balance in difficulty for the majority of our players.

This graph shows us a significant decrease in players who think the game is too hard which usually is very destructive for the motivation of keep playing. We are satisfied with this progression but are aware that we still need to engage our more hardcore audience with some painstaking challenges, there can put their Wartile skills to the test.

We also look at the overall player satisfaction with the game experience. This gives us a more general indication if we are moving in the right direction and if the improvements and added content actual makes a difference to the overall user experience.

The increasingly satisfaction positive indication for us, showing that we are addressing key features that makes the most impact for the players. We still have lots of features that needs refinement but we we are on the right track.

The graph below showing how the ratings of the overall game experience have changed since our Early Access back in Marts 2017.

In this rating system players are asked to rate Wartile with One to Five stars before leaving the game, where 5.0 would be the best score.

These numbers are collected from thousands of players leaving us ratings and shows a steady improvement in our overall rating since we started on Early Access.

Still some way to go
What can’t be shown on a graph is the comment fields of what our players don’t think is working well.

Here we will try to summon up some of the most common requests.

•   Being able to remove equipment applied to a figurine.
This is possible with the patch 0.6.2, however it will remove all equipment and not just single parts
•   In general Players would like better UI communication and usability
•   The usability of godly and ability cards. It can be tiresome to keep dragging them onto the screen or hard to hit the actual target/figurine.
We will enable key bindings for quick selecting cards to the mouse pointer, in a future update.
•   Problems with fuzzy fonts on some cards in the game.
This is an engine issue, we use 3D widgets, we are slowly converting our UI cards into 2D widgets that render more precise.
•   Not being able to compare items at the merchant with items already owned.
We are still trying to figure out how we can improve this
•   More and better information about buff or de-buff effects in the game.
•   Camera rotation and movement could have user settings.

Wartile fan localization
The desire for having Wartile localized is high, and we would love to provide that for our player base. However, as a small studio we will be depending on fan created localization to begin with.
Therefor we ask our community if someone would be interested in making a fan localization of Wartile into their native language and thereby opening Wartile for a wider audience.
Currently we think to start with
•   German (already started)
•   Spanish (already started)
•   Russian
•   Polish (already started)
•   French
•   Simplified Chinese
•   Japanese (already started)

If your native language is not mentioned above and you are up for the task to help with the localizing into your language, please let us know.

Currently there is 11.100 words in Wartile, mostly short descriptions, but we still expect it to be a big and time-consuming task.

If you help us localize Wartile to your native language we will add your name in the credits and give you our official thanks for helping a larger audience enjoy Wartile.

If you think, you have the time and will to help make a fan localization into your native language, send us a mail on and we will get back to you with the details.

Working on the last content before release
As some of you might have noticed we are moving closer to our final release and are currently working on the last major update before release. However, we expect to divide this update into smaller pieces with more regular updates as this gives us the opportunity to let you evaluate the changes as we move along and us the chance to correct and adjust as needed.

We will soon reveal what we are working on, but for now we will leave it with this.

Kind regards

The Wartile Dev Team

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« Reply #23 on: October 05, 2017, 02:04:23 AM »
What's Cooking ?

Hi everyone

We just wanted to drop by and let you all know what we are working on. We expect to release a minor update anytime soon, fixing bugs and adding in some new cool content and features.

Unique Power Tokens
One of the more significant additions is unique token slots that we have added to the game. These tokens are more rare than ordinary stat tokens, that drops at the battle boards. We are currently working on 11 new power tokens, each with their own passive powers to boost a figurine. Here are a few examples:

•   Thor’s Roar -Provides a damage bonus to the figurine
•   Odin's Ravens -When the figurine lands a killing blow, a raven will appear to aid, for a short duration.
•   Tyr's Courage -When the figurine is hit, there is a small chance that all cool downs will reset on all friendly units.
•   Inspiration Of Heimdallr -The figurine emits an aura that provides a small attack and defense bonus to nearby friendly figurines.

New Godly Cards
We are also introducing six new godly powers that can be unlocked from existing battle boards. Here are three examples:
•   The Draugr Shrine -a dark power originating from Hel. The player summons an evil relic, that will spawn Draugr for a limited time who will attack anyone nearby.
•   Freyr’s Hex - the ability to turn an enemy figurine into a harmless frog for a limited time, very effective for crowd control, and with a little twist.
•   Pilgrim’s Madness -The targeted figurine will shortly turn insane and attack nearby figurines, friends of foe.

Fan Localization
Some of our awesome fans have spent a lot of energy and time, making Fan Localization of Wartile and thanks to their dedicated effort we will soon be able to support following languages.

French – final testing - by ortad
Japanese – final testing -by kengo700
Polish - final testing - by volf3n & redshoehart
German – final testing - by Alby
Spanish – work in progress - by Rodrigo

If you are interested in making a fan localization of Wartile into your native language, contact us at remember it’s pretty difficult and time consuming to make a good translation.

We are also working on the last two diorama battle boards, bringing the Viking campaign to a conclusion and its going to be a cold journey to the land of giants, Jotunheim.

That was all for now, we will soon be back with more :)

Kind regards
The Wartile Dev Team

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« Reply #24 on: October 30, 2017, 04:53:01 PM »
Halloween update
WARTILE - Wartile

Hi everyone

We are happy to release our next rather extensive update including a whole new Battle board created in the best Halloween spirit where we celebrate a productive summer and prepare for the cold dark winter with a sacrifice to Freyr and the spirits roaming around us hoping for their blessings and goodwill.

To celebrate Álfablót (or Halloween as the Christians among us call it) we have a 20% discount on Wartile during the Steam Halloween Sale.

Another great announcement is that we officially have partnered up with
DECK 13as our publisher. DECK 13 is one of Germany's leading developer studios with major releases such as Lords of the Fallen Lords of the Fallen and just recently The Surge. DECK13 is also running a publishing department aimed to assist Indie studios as ourselves to penetrate a crowded market and help us bring Wartile to other platforms.

The Álfablót Battle Board
The Álfablót is a Norse Celebration in honor of Freyr and to offer respect to the spirits in the coming of the dark winter. In this Battle board Witches of Nature gather around Frays alter at the foot of Yggdrasil to open a spiritual link to Alfheim and through this communicate with the Elves and gain magical powers. During their chanting, Landvættir (land spirits) are attracted from near and far, and some are easily provoked.

Godly Cards

Six new godly cards can now be unlocked as part of the progression from existing battle boards.
•   Draugr Shrine (Unlocks on Lost Norse)
•   Freyr’s Hex (Unlocks on Dark Forest)
•   Pilgrim’s Madness (Unlocks on Dark Forest)
•   Flames of Glod (Unlocks on The Rescue)
•   Æsir’s Respite (Unlocks on The Monastery)
•   Thor’s Roar (Unlocks on Thor’s Wrath)

New unique tokens
A significant addition is Unique Tokes with special passive powers to boost a figurine. These unique Tokens are rare, and only one can be assigned to each figurine.
•   Eir’s Blessing
•   Affliction of Hel
•   Inspiration of Heimdallr
•   Loki’s Distraction
•   Tyr’s Courage
•   Odin’s Ravens
•   Thor’s Might
•   Njord’s Blessing
•   Devotion of Ull
•   Freyr’s Omen

Other Token related improvements.
•   Tokens and the token menu have received a visual overhaul.
•   Tokens are destroyed if removed from a figurine.
•   Tokens can now be purchased at the Marchant

•   Added new extra music to the campaign menu
•   Attached loading screen that contains game hints

Shortcuts - kind of a game changer
We have made keyboard shortcuts to improve the general controls in the game. You no longer need to drag and drop cards but can use either to quick select cards to the mouse pointer or use Q to toggle between your godly cards and E to toggle between ability and pick-up cards.TAP will toggle between your figurines. We are pleased with the result and think it's a significant improvement and are excited to hear what you think.

Bug Fixes:
•   Fixed the Token equip menu to work with all resolutions properly
•   Removed a stray Heidrun Archer from the Dark Forest map
•   Fixed an error allowing the AI to move inside totems.
•   Fixed an error causing you to be unable to pick up “Bones” on the Dark
•   Forest if your unit was already carrying an item
•   Fixed incorrect values causing the Heidrun Leaders not to wear any equipment on the second difficulty
•   Fixed an error causing interactable objects sometimes not to be reachable when it should be.

That was all for now... Happy Halloween.

Best regards

The Wartile Dev Team

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« Reply #25 on: November 07, 2017, 04:39:31 PM »
Minor update
WARTILE - Wartile

Hi everyone

We have just released a minor update addressing a few features or issues.

Campaign board
Changes to the light in the campaign scene. We have kept the dimmed light but removed the pumpkins from the Halloween theme, they were starting to root.

Added new animations
•   Coughing when standing in a poison cloud
•   Pickup animations when opening chests and gathering herbs
•   Ability Æsir's Respite no longer needs a unit target
•   Volvas on Alfablot level now stands in a dramatic pose while enacting their ritual
•   Fixed a visual bug when selecting a level, the token would use the wrong image when hovering
•   Fixed a bug in the merchant: When buying all items, it wouldn't generate a new collection of items correctly
•   Units can no longer stand inside the Totems at the Yggdrasil board
•   Fixed render issue where tutorial card at Tears of Eir was white
•   The medicinal herb at the far East could not be taken.

Besides these fixes and changes, we have also upgraded the version of Unreal Engine to the new 4.18 version

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« Reply #26 on: December 05, 2017, 03:53:11 PM »
Wartile Adventure Pack 0.7
WARTILE - Wartile

Hi Everyone

Before reading on we would recommend you all to scroll down to the “Behind the scene of Wartile- Setting up the music” paragraph and set the music to run in the background as you read on. It just makes our Announcement sound much cooler.

We are thrilled to finally be able to release the Adventure Pack 0.7 that brings two new Battle Boards, a fully enhanced Campaign menu and a few new Battle Cards into the mix.

One of the new Battle boards will take you to Jotunheim the land of giants. In the quest to unravel the secrets of the gods you learn about Mimir’s well of Wisdom, from where Odin sacrificed an eye for a sip of its water to gain incomprehensible Wisdom.

The second Battle Board we have added are leading down into the deep caves below Jotunheim, where the Frost Giants and the Jotun Wargs protect their territories against intruders.

Merchant menu overhaul
We’ve received a lot of feedback on two parts of the game we needed to address. First that inability to properly compare items and the lack of ability to compare items in the merchant with items equipped with figurines.
•   The merchant now allows you to browse owned items and compare owned items
•   The merchant now allows to sort your inventory according to items in the shop (by selecting the item)
•   The merchant now handles both selling and buying, as opposed to the Customization screen handling selling of items.

Note that we are still monitoring feedback on the merchant and aim to make more improvements to the functionality and visual layout.

Campaign Menu improvements
•   Added a contextual “hint” for each menu to help players understand the menus
•   Various menu art updates and menu polish
•   Added highlights to help players notify them which menus new things have unlocked in.
•   Added tooltips to many parts of the menu that was previously unexplained
•   The stat card has received an art overhaul (pending more changes later).
•   The stat card now shows the unit name instead of unit type.
•   The ability cards in the tavern should now have more readable text. Hovering over ability cards will now make them larger to help readability.

Other Improvements
•   Added a new introduction screen when starting a new game
•   Added a Credits menu
•   Various improvements to sound/music in the game
•   Various new sound/music in the game
•   Improvements to certain figurine bones/animations
•   Loading screen improvements.
•   The Deck Manager no longer shows duplicate cards. This should help clarify that you can only have 1 of each card in your deck.
•   Improved animation feedback in the Deck Manager to help explain what is going on

Behind the scene of Wartile- Setting up the music
Our Sound designer shared a while back a small video of how he was building and testing the music setup in Wartile using the unreal engine.

“ I have taken apart my originally 16 seconds slow paced action music and added randomization to it. All to make it sound interesting, evolving and dynamic instead of being just a repetitive annoying static loop. Those 16 seconds of music easily turned into more than 4 minutes in this video. Longer than each action event will ever last in the game.”

The google questionnaire
Some of you might know that we ask for feedback through a questionnaire from the exit menu. This time we have made a more thorough questionnaire to help us get a better overview of your thoughts about certain features, figurines or battle boards in Wartile. It will take about 7-10 minutes and your input is a great help for us to understand the game experience from your perspective better.

That was all from the developer office in Copenhagen, and we hope that you will enjoy the update.

Best regards

The Wartile Dev Team

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« Reply #27 on: December 15, 2017, 02:10:57 PM »
Patch Notes 0.7.1
WARTILE - Wartile

Hi Everyone

We have just released a Hot Fix patch addressing some bugs that have been reported to us.

Highlights addressed by the communiy

Purchased items was lost
This was a very grievous bug, where new equipment bought in the shop got lost, and we apologize to those that have experienced it. it's fixed now and again safe to spend your hard earned gold.

Ability Highlights/Targeting
Targeting and highlights of abilities have gotten another pass that more properly highlights valid targets. This means that highlights now respects Line of Sight and correctly highlights valid targets instead of highlighting based on range.

Health bar improvements
We are currently testing some improvements to health bar that allows a quicker overview of unit health. This is done by adding “sub-lines” for every 25 HP or slightly thicker lines every 100 HP on very durable units.
(we are are just testing this feature

Health bar on breakables
Besides, we’ve added a visual “counter” on breakable objects to display how many hits are required to break them.

Added brand new track
•   Jötunheim Home of the Giants

Adjusted Loudness (LUFS) and Eq on these tracks:
•   01 In the Light of Darkness
•   05 The Lost Norse
•   08 Juleblot
•   15 Countdown
•   17 Enemies at the Gate

We have also fixed lots of other issues as listed below.

Bug Fixes:
•   Fixed a critical error in the merchant that caused weird interactions when trying to equip, unequip and sell equipped items.
•   Removed the cooldown between uses of the “slow time” feature, which could cause some annoyance if misclicked or if trying to time abilities.
•   Fixed multiple issues with the “Freyr’s Omen” unique token.
•   Reduced the requirements to interact with Interactive Objects. The two primary conditions that block use, are enemies threatening (adjacent to) the Interactive Object or the unit interacting with the object is being attacked.
•   Visual improvements to the summoning of Lost Norse from the Skull of Hel and the Godly Card.
•   archer couldn't pick up the goat while shooting the tutorial enemies
•   When finishing the ice cave board, the game gets stuck on the load screen
•   [BB1v2 - Lost Norse] When all characters died the level continued
•   [BB7v1] Map didn't end after all my units have died
•   [BB2v2] Ghost pulls unit out of the screen
•   [BB4v1 - Jotunheim Fort] Level doesn't End properly asks to end twice
•   [BB1v2 - Lost Norse] Frogs have white circular plane beneath them
•   Freyr's Omen is sometimes not working properly
•   The range outline for ranged attacks doesn't correspond with the actual range of ranged attacks
•   Text on the final chest on BB5v2 (Coastline) was wrong.
•   [UI] "Menu" Icon in the starting screen opens the game menu but does not close it
•   [BB2v1 - The Dark Forest] Altar of Freyr - greenery is not removed when loading a waypoint
•   When a frog moves at roughly the same time as the player unit they will overlap each other
•   Flickering text at the intro to the defense mission 'Prüfung des Tyr'
•   When unequipping something, it won't appear in the equipment menu
•   Lightning feels unfair and frustrating (we have nerfed the lightning a bit)
•   Items Moving in the Shop, unable to read stats

Hopefully this patch with fix most bugs, but if you meet any on your adventure make sure to report them to us.

Kind regards and have a nice weekend everyone

The Wartile Dev Team

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« Reply #28 on: February 08, 2018, 07:14:45 PM »
Wartile has just left Early Access
WARTILE - Wartile

Hi Everyone

For background music to this announcement, we have chosen The Dark Gjallarhorn as it has just catches the mood we are in just now.

After years of developing, iterating, testing, changing, listening and polishing we are finally ready to push Wartile out of the nest and see if it can fly by itself.

Sometimes it has felt like an impossible and endless endeavor to reach the quality level that we aimed for, but luckily we have made most of this journey together with our community and early access players who have contributed with valuable feedback, inspiring and helping us to keep on going and focus on the right features.

With today's release, we are delighted with the result and hope everyone can now immerse themselves in WARTILE’s rich, Norse mythology-inspired narrative and awaken their inner Viking!

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of something bigger as we would love to see the Wartile universe expanded with new fantastic stories, themes and realms.

Oh, and we have made a rather significant update aimed to make Wartile a bigger, better and sharper experience but to keep this announcement short and precise we will stay with the headlines.

More Story!
As requested by nearly everyone, we have been adding a deeper world story and narrative, and while it's still heavily focused on the world and its gods and mysteries, it also aims to enforce the overall progression of the game.

Your Warband now earns reputation points that can be measured against the different battle boards tiers, helping you to identify their difficulty. It serves to guide and should not be considered a rule.

Unique Items
Lots of unique weapons and magical items have been added to the world, and they are all for your taking. From the Campaign board, all the spoils and loot from each battle board can be viewed before venturing further.

Renaming Figurines
Curry Days Forever or Mashee the meticulous, whatever matches your fantasy hero character. You now have the ability to rename your figurines to your own liking!

Overall polish of the UI
A general, all-around update of the UI has now made it much better and more beautiful. We know that the UI has not been the strength of the game and we hope these improvements will help.

Fixed tons of bugs
Hundreds more than there are Draug in Lost Norse or Evil spirits at Alfablot, and they just seem to rise in an endless stream to hunt us. But thanks to the QA team at DECK13, we are victorious. Should you, however, meet one, please report it to us in the steam forum :)

Left is only to wish everyone good luck on their dangerous journey into a world ruled by selfish men and restless gods in their quest to reveal the secrets of Midgard and beyond.

We are still around and very keen on hearing your feedback and ideas, so please don't hesitate to use the forum.

Our best regards from the office in Copenhagen

Wartile Devs

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« Reply #29 on: February 16, 2018, 01:43:23 PM »
Patch 1.0.8
WARTILE - Wartile

Hi Everyone and welcome to the Wartile universe. We sincerely hope that you enjoy Wartile and are grateful for all the feedback that we have received since we left Early Access just one week ago.

As it often happens with games when exposed to a broader audience with different playstyles, taste, and expectations. We see lots of feedback pointing in all directions, and we are still trying to digest all the input into something that we can take action on.

We have just released a patch focusing on solving some of the issues reported the last few days, and we hope that this will clean out most of the annoying problems.

You should also know that we are working on another patch implementing achievements into the game.

With this patch we have also made it possible to full pause the game by pressing (default key) P, allowing the player to explore the battle board and enemy positions. No interactions are possible during the pause, it's meant for coffee breaks and as a tactical reflection/exploration break.

Patch notes 1.0.8
•   Key binding now work again.
•   [Customization] Some helmets don´t scale up when equipping them on Jotnar’s mass Characters
•   [General] Ylva´s Crow can attack through obstacles …
•   Pause Button part 1
•   [Start Screen] The effects that affect adjacent allies (e.g. Heimdall's inspiration) activate on the start screen
•   [General] Enemy units can get stuck when moving to the same tile as them
•   The graphic effect on Slow-time was ti too strong
•   Text on the Mission select screen reads "[...]from to Jotunheim[...]"
•   [Niflheim] Draugr spawn after the end of the level reward screen and walk around
•   Camera movement stops when clicking exit game
•   [Customization] When unequipping items the character stats don´t update
•   [Niflheim] Grammatical error in the Map description on the select screen
•   [Alfablot Alter should be changed to altar
•   [The Rescue & Monastery] Issue with the randomized chest that shows up sometimes
•   Changing to a windowed mode not triggering the change when clicking save.
•   [Niflheim] Missing orange health bar under an ice block …
•   When hovering a token in Unit Management gold is shown …
•   (Figurine Story fixes) …
•   [Alfablot] A tree branch obscures Token in the reward scene
•   [Thor’s Wrath] Player Character can move into a table
•   [Trial of Tyr] Unit that is captured in a cage has the stunned animation over its head even after being released
•   Spelling errors (text* errors)
•   When no save game exists, the start screen has no units.
•   [GUI] The character selector from the customization screen can be moved to other screens
•   [General] When opening the options menu the player can still click on UI and Objects in game
•   Tooltip is showing behind Epilogue widget
•   [Complete Level] When finished the main mission "continue" and "end level" are never explained
•   Name tag is showing in campaign menu
•   Added poses to characters in the Start screen.
•   [Customization] When unequipping items the character stats don't update (Now Portrait also updates) …
•   [Customization][GER] "Sundering glaive" has too many "-" in front of the values it subtracts when the effect triggers
•   French Localization - Ymir's cage token
•   [Customization][GER] "Heimdallr's Inspiration" has a missing value
•   [Customization][GER] "Hels Heimsuchung" has a missing Value
•   [Customization][GER] "Blessing of Eir" has the wrong item description
•   [Menu][GER] There´s no translation implemented for "leave board"
•   [Loka][GER] Wrong Text-String: "Diese Schaltfläche bringt Dich in's Menü zurück" when destroying a token

We are aware that Thor’s Wrath sometimes crashes upon load, we are looking into this issue. For now, it usually works when loading it up the second time.

Portuguise is now fully supported thanks to Tiago :)

We hope that these bug fixes will improve the overall enjoyment of Wartile and want to ensure everyone that we continuously are addressing bugs and improving features based on feedback and our observations.

Best regards

Wartile dev Team

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