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« on: February 24, 2017, 12:40:19 PM »

Official Site: Here
Official forum: Here
Video Channel:Here
Steam: Here


Official trailer

About This Game
WARTILE delivers a game experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. Bring your collection of miniature figurines to life as they aid you to battle it out in a real time strategy video game. Position your figurines, use their strengths and be mindful of their weaknesses, activate their special abilities and play your action cards to gain the upper hand on the playing field.

In the Viking Conquest campaign, players will get their first taste of the charming medieval fantasy universe we’ve been working on for years now. Collect and lead a group of Viking warriors through a series of battle boards forged by the Viking king’s desire to rule Scandinavia and England to write his place in history in blood.

•   Beautifully crafted diorama Battle Boards, with a true table top feel
•   Take control of miniature figurines with an attitude
•   Assemble your deck of Godly and tactical Cards
•   A new take on strategy – a cooldown system provides a refreshing take on the real time strategy genre
•   Customize your units with weapons, armor & new abilities found throughout the game
•   Expand your collection of figurines & widen your palette of possibilities
•   Venture into the first Viking Campaign rich on Mythology, story and lore
•   Play against friends in quest oriented multiplayer matches or go full competitive

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« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2017, 12:45:39 PM »
Wartile Launches March 17th on Steam Early Access

It’s with great pleasure and excitement that we finally can announce Wartile Early Access launch date on Steam to March 17th. With 3 years of development the team are proud and happy, that we have come such a long way and now feel confident to launch Wartile on Early Access.

Feedback from the community have been a huge help for us in locating and prioritize our tasks in the game design, but also in how to design features to come. We would like to share some of the feedback with you. In the 0.4.4 update many players felt frustrated by the combat mechanics and the cooldown system locking down figurines. With the This was changed and navigation of the figurines during combat got much more fluent and the reception was very positive.

On Difficulty we raised the bar significantly throughout all Battle Boards and that shows on the feedback. Still the majority welcomed the change as a step in the right direction, with a few who voiced their fear of it getting too hard to enjoy the story.

Knowing that most of you guys love a real challenge and realizing that life as a Viking was no dance on roses, we are currently implementing difficulty levels on each battle board that will unlock when you have completed all objectives on the board. This new level contain more trained enemies and additional encounters, but will also offer you the chance to unlock some unique equipment. The new Board difficulty levels will not break it for those who are just looking for a great experience, but don't want to die trying.

From our latest Closed Alpha round we asked our players where they would like to see the next improvements.

For the next update we will introduce many new features to Wartile, as the pie chart above states, there is a desire for more playable content, deeper combat and customization. To highlight what we are working on here is a short summery, we will be going into details when we are just about the release the updates, as we work very iterative on each feature. Just now we are working on adding a Shop where you will be able to spend all the loot you earn. The first thing you will be able to buy is figurine classes, that you can bring with you into battle. Second we are introducing Enemy abilities adding more depth to the combat. Something that was highly requested by the Community. We have started adding Board difficulty levels that can be unlocked by completing all objectives, something that greatly will increase the single player content with a challenging experience and new rewards. We are also bringing in new Warrior and Spearman versions with their own abilities and different stats. We are also updating the whole story in a effort to add more local lore and story to each battle board. We hope that these new features will be well received.

For the next Steam update we will focus a bit on each Figurine Class and how combining their attributes and abilities in the battle matters.

Take care everyone and kind regards from

The Wartile Team

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« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2017, 12:42:36 PM »
WARTILE Featured in OnlySP

Wartile is featured this week in OnlySP, with an extensive interview with our creative director Michael Rud Jakobsen. Check it out.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting with Michael Rud Jakobsen, CEO and Creative Director of Playwood Project. Founded in 2014, this fledgling Denmark studio is on its way to publishing its first title: Wartile, a real-time virtual miniatures game set within the brutal age of the Vikings.”Setting the Board”

Michael got a taste for independent game design early in his career, working for a small studio called Zeitguyz. “I was much more ambitious, having just come out of design school,” He recalls, “There I worked as an environment artist, and a lead artist… I came in pretty early, and there were four or five guys at the moment — the two founders and a few artists. I came in as an environment artist, and I had just come in directly from school, and I had no real experience in the industry. So it was learning by doing, since there is such a huge difference between what you learn in school and what you do in the industry.”

Like many budding game designers, Michael admits that the early days of his career were spent on a very tight rope. “I didn’t get any salary for more than one year,” he says, “I mean, coming straight from school, that was possible because I was used to eating spaghetti I guess or something like that. I didn’t have a huge budget, no family and such.”

Not only was this doable at the time, but it allowed him a level of singular  commitment to his projects that he enjoyed. “You really embed yourself in the project,” he explains, “It becomes part of yourself. And the indie companies depend a lot on the individual artists to provide good content and to come up with a lot of ideas, and because they are so small, they give a lot of ownership out to the individual developers. Ownership, and the feeling of doing something in a team, building up and sharing the good moments — everything is so close to you. When you show off the game, you are normally at the exhibitions yourself, so you really get close to the things you are doing and the people who would enjoy the product. So it was very much about self-driven motivation — the project moves by the energy you put in yourself.”

Like any independent studio, Zeitguys faced an upward battle — one that it eventually lost. There, Michael learned a great deal about what kind of struggles he might face one day with his own company. “Sometimes the structure is not in place,” he explains, “There’s no department for human resources. The budget is tight, so if you have a big family to support, it can be tough. You work a lot of hours I think — you also do that at established companies, but I don’t know, sometimes it feels like when you are in an indie company it’s also your responsibility. Even if you’re just an artist, you kind of share the responsibility to deliver on the different milestones, so it’s also very tough I think. And then it’s unknown, so you don’t know if you’ll get any backing or any investors and stuff like that. So there’s a lot of uncertainty about the next day, or the next week, or the next month.”

Read on: HERE

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« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2017, 03:04:52 AM »
Yay... We are now in Early Access
17 March

Hi fellow Wartile Warriors

I hope you are ready to loot and plunder the spoils of the world, at least the world of Wartile. As a team we are extremely proud to have reached this huge milestone and are happy to be able to share it with all you guys.

Since our last update we have been focusing on getting as many new features into the game as possible, before the Early Access, while also focusing on stability and accessibility. We have not succeeded 100% in all areas, but we will be spending some energy in the upcoming weeks, to improve the accessibility and communication in the game.

Lets take a look at some of the new features.

The Campaign board
We have made a big art overhaul on the Campaign board, granting each section (figurine customization, figurine collection, card deck and the new Tavern, its own little box, with a fitting background. It’s a great improvement but still far from done.

Unlock-able difficulty stages
Each battle board now unlock up two new difficulty levels. These difficulty levels should offer the player a steep change in difficulty and I most cases better stats and equipment is needed to complete the higher levels.

The Norse Tavern
In the tavern, you can now view all the unlocked figurines during your play and if you have the gold to pay them and the fame to impress them you can hire them to your collection of Vikings. Changes to the item setup in the customization section.

Relics / Way points
The relics placed around the maps can now be used to save your progress on the map. If dying later on board, you can choose to load your progress from that way point instead of restarting the whole mission.

Story Cards & Objectives
Most story parts have been changed and we will introduce the main objectives with the main theme "Spoils of the world". At a later stage, we plan to make unique story strings (objectives) that will lead you through different battle boards, in a effort to complete it.

Also to mention some other updates.
•   New viking skins for the new tribes that will be introduced shortly
•   The armory had a big art upgrade, and changes to its setup.
•   Added a new tactical Card, The Bear Trap.
•   Added new animations to the figurines
•   AI units can now also use special abilities.
•   Major optimization pass on the Lost Norse battle board
•   Introduced the Unique items, such as the Skull of Norse.

And a great deal of other stuff...

We hope that you will enjoy all the new content at we hope you enjoy it.

Have a nice weekend everybody.

Best regards

The Wartile Team

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« Reply #4 on: March 18, 2017, 05:38:20 PM »
Feedback Highlights from our Community
Community Announcements

We want to share with you some of the feedback we have received so far from our community through our different channels. We follow the Steam forum closely and pay attention to all the user reviews we get. We have also made it possible to provide us more detailed feedback through a Google form questionnaire, or just by rating us when leaving the game.

To get a sense if we are on the right track, we ask our community to evaluate their experience and here are some of the results.

Read on: HERE

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« Reply #5 on: March 18, 2017, 05:40:15 PM »
Community Announcements

Hi Everyone

It’s now 24 hours since we launched and the ride have been awesome. Honestly, we didn’t know what to expect but we are happily surprised by all the positive feedback and the relative low number of CRITICAL bugs reported.

We have tried to address some of the bugs reported, with a small patch.

•   The skull of Hel now correctly drops after reloading from a Relic / way point
•   When picking up Skull of Hel the objective now shows completed
•   Lost Norse battle board have been made slightly easier (Difficulty stages are unchanged).
•   We have tried to fix an issue where Camera get stuck at the start of the level. Please tell us if you experience this bug again.
•   We have added control feature that will identify a known bug and suggest ways to avoid it happen. The bug can occur when playing with low frame rate and all figurines stop fighting and the player is unable to select units. (The bug is removed by restarting the level.)
•   We have fixed a bug on the way point at coastline that only spawning three figurines instead of four when reloading.
•   We have added tool tips to more objects in the game to help communicate its functions.
•   You can now see the Multiplayer in the campaign menu, but its locked until the Coastline Battle board have been completed. The one with the monastery and its booming treasures.

Kind regards
The Wartile Team

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« Reply #6 on: March 19, 2017, 06:21:01 PM »
You go first....Screen by me.

Really liking Wartile  :roker

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« Reply #7 on: March 20, 2017, 06:30:43 PM »
20 March

Hi Wartile warriors

We have just release a small patch, that address some issues reported by our users.

•   The score board no longer count your summoned Lost Norse as lost units, for the purpose of score.
•   We have limited the number of Lost Norse that can spawn on the second battle board, this should prevent the game from crashing, in case you go for lunch during the battle.
•   You will now earn battle points when converting relics / activating way points.
•   Destroying boats now reward you with battle points.
•   Decreased the chance of spawning Lost Norse when wearing the Skull of Hel. Also for the enemy Ancient Norse boss on second battle board.
•   We have changed the way the stat card shows stats when hovering on items in the armory. We hope this will help people to compare stats on items. We are aware that more and better communication on stats and the use of items is needed.
•   Summoned Lost Norse figurines can no longer pick up the goat only to take it back to Hel, preventing the player to complete the objective in Tears of Eir.

We have another critical bug, that suddenly makes it impossible to pickup units and makes all figurines on the map stop fighting. This can happen if playing with very low FPS and can only be fixed by restarting the level. We just want to let you know that we are still working hard to find the root of this bug.

In our next mini patch we plan to address following issues, among others.
•   Stat card sometimes renders partly out of the screen
•   Adding more tool tips, explaining the use of items and features.
•   Improve the Tutorial board Tears of Eir with more introductions to key features.
•   Support Azerty keyboards.
•   Fix issue where the game starts with wrong resolution.

We hope these fixes will improve the game experience.

Kind regards

The Wartile Team

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« Reply #8 on: March 23, 2017, 02:10:26 PM »
Community Announcements

Hi everyone

Another small patch addressing bugs reported by our community, we will keep on crushing these bastards, as they get reported.

•   Fixed an issue where the game would startup in an unsupported fullscreen resolution
•   Fixed an issue where the mouse will stay within the full screen
•   Game now supports AZERTY Keyboards in the options menu. (This is a temporary measure until we finish our custom key bindings menu).
•   Number of owned items in Unit Management now updates when equipping/unequipping items.
•   Summoned Lost Norse figurines from the Skull of Hel, now lose health over time until they die.
•   Summoned Lost Norse can longer interact with interactive objects (levers, items, etc.) or move in and out of caves
•   Lost Norse units spawned by the Skull of Hel no longer interferes with ending the game by stepping onto the boat.
•   All boat at Lost Norse battle board tiles should now be eligible for ending the game. Previously the outer tiles would sometimes not count.
•   Fixed a bug that made the "Key Lever" on Hillside inoperable after loading a waypoint.
•   Fixed an issue with Treasure Chests, that made the random selecting less random than intended.

We hope these bug fixes will enhance the game experience for everyone.

Kind regards

The Wartile Team

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« Reply #9 on: March 25, 2017, 01:02:49 AM »
A collection of popular questions - Wartile Q&A
24 March - Wartile   

Since launching Wartile we have closely been following the Steam forums closely and the feedback that you all have written to us through the Google questionnaire.

We have made a small Q&A, to give you all a better understanding of our plans for the future and share how how we plan to address some of the problems and desires that you generally have.

Q: For how long do you plan Wartile to be in Early Access?

A: Our production plans says 5-6 months, so if everything goes as planned that should be it. But the reality of game development is that its really hard to predict as most games becomes a beast of its own, and some features may take longer than planned.

Q: What additional content are you planning on adding to the game?

A: We already have three new and unique environmental themes in production. From these we expect to create more than 5 new challenging battle boards both for multiplayer and singleplayer. Apart from that we expect to introduce three new Viking classes, each in different versions coming from different tribes, with their own stat build and unique selection of ability cards.

With every major update we will also increase the amount of godly and tactical cards significantly in order to provide the players with a true feeling of diversity when assembling their deck.

A wide selection of equipment is also on the drawing board and will be introduced every time we bring a new Viking tribe or battle board update.

With the Early Access release, we have been focused on stability and a strong foundation in the game mechanics, that we can build upon. The past week we have focused on fixing various bugs reported by our community and soon we will be able to commit all our time new content, and required improvements.

Next planned content update -

New battle board challenge - The Rescue

You arrive under the darkness of night, silently moving like shadows to learn that the island is occupied by a large English garrison. Luckily everyone is sleeping, even the guards supposed to be on watch.

Next planned Adventure pack update -

•   Introducing a new battle board environment theme.
•   Adding at least one new Viking character class, with a set of unique abilities.
•   A new selection of unlockable godly and tactical cards.
•   New equipment sets, and much more.

We keep the details a secret for now :)

Q:Will there be monsters and mysterious creatures in the game.

A: Yes, the universe of Wartile is a fantasy universe inspired by history, mythology and lore. It contains beasts and creatures yet to be added with our upcoming updates. So arm yourselves!

Q: I would love to go on a viking raid to plunder and pillage with a friend, will you introduce Co-op play?

A: We see a growing interest in having the possibility to play Co-op and will investigate different options into how we can support this.

Q: I would like more time to think about my strategic approaches in the game, will you add a pause button or a system to play the game at a slower phase?

A: Pressing Spacebar will slow down the game significantly, giving you a small moment to breath and allow you to move a unit or play a card.

Q: I would like more information about each figurine and what their strengths are. I would also like it to know what the different items do and if they are possible upgrades to my vikings equipment, will there be added more information on stats?

A: We are aware that the current stat system is highly flagged by our community, and plan to eventually make an overhaul of the entire system, making it easier to learn more about each item and how they are different from each other.

Q: Will the game be released for other languages than english?

A: Yes, we are working on bringing the game to as many languages as possible, we however wait with this initiative until our next major content update ready as localization can be an time consuming task, once it's in, it needs to be maintained every time we release a new update.

Q: Will Wartile come to Mac & Linux?

A: We dearly hope so, but during the Early Access we aim to keep our in-house testing time as low as possible, leaving more time to develop. The systems support the more testing we have to do, for each small patch or content update. This is also the case regarding supporting VR, it would be awesome, but we are a small team.

So we wait, and hope you guys can wait with us.

That was all for now, we know there are lots of other questions and we will try to pick them up as they come.

Until then have a nice weekend everyone.

Best regards

The Wartile Team

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« Reply #10 on: March 28, 2017, 03:18:24 PM »

We have just added another set fixes addressing some of the major issues people are experiencing. We finally caught the big one, we internally have called 'The Death Bug'.
A big thanks to all the people reporting their issues, it makes it a lot easier for us to quickly crush them!

Major Fixes:
•   Fixed a bug where Figurines and Objects become unresponsive and can't be moved.

Other Fixes and updates:
•   Sometimes coins would not spawn from chest.
•   Fixed an issue where all items looted would not be shown in the item customization.
•   Item customization now has arrows to switch through your collected loot, if you have more items than the amount which can be shown.
•   Figurines will no longer be deselected when clicking the terrain, which made it seem like their ability card was missing.
•   Paladin on Coastline have new AoE knockback ability.
•   Added some new tool tips in the menu.
•   Minor performance improvement to the internal ray tracing system.

We hope these changes will make the game more enjoyable. We are working hard on both fixing the last withstanding bugs and creating new content for you.

Kind regards

The Wartile Team

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« Reply #11 on: April 16, 2017, 12:32:46 AM »
Content Update on the Horizon

Two weeks have now passed without any news or updates but don’t worry we are working hard here at the office in Copenhagen attending to the last details for our first content update, and we are really looking forward to letting you guys play it and hear what you think.

Stealth Game Play
We have just started the final testing of the first content update that we aim to release next week introducing a Battle board with stealth game play, where you will be able to pull, a real Loki plan on the poor Englishmen. We won’t reveal too much, leaving it up to you to discover it by yourself.

What to expect from the next Content update

We appreciate all the constructive feedback we've been getting on Wartile through Steam, we are listening! So far, we've already made numerous tweaks and fixes to the game based on what the community has been telling us, we've still got additional tweaks and improvements to the Wartile player experience to make but judging by what we're hearing, you love the game and what we've created so far, thank you!

Tears of Eir (Tutorial)
•   Tutorial now includes additional tutorial elements.
•   Explanation of unit targeting and how to change target attack
•   Explanation of godly and tactical cards
•   Explanation of battle points
•   Explanation of unit ability cards
•   Tutorial includes a secondary object “It’s a Trap”, that unlocks the “Trap” tactical card.
•   Units on first difficulty has been nerfed slightly

Lost Norse
•   Secondary objective “Destroy the Boats” now unlocks a new godly card: “Curse of Old Age” (!!! Missing art)
•   Ancient Leader and Ancient Norse now includes a small surprise on death.
•   The cave no longer contains a trap to find and pick up. (see Tears of Eir changes)

•   Hillside has been made significantly easier on first difficulty. It was really hard to start with.
•   Secondary objective “War Rings” now unlocks new godly card “Heimdallr’s Vigil”)
•   “War Rings” objective has seen various changes
•   Rings now drop from “Heidrun Leaders”
•   Heidrun Leaders has been moved around
•   “Warhorn” objective has seen various changes
•   Objective is now called “Gjallarhorn”
•   The objective has been moved into the final cave.

•   Completing Coastline now also unlocks Strength of Magni Godly Card

New Coastline by Night
•   Added new coastline battle board variation called “Kings Favor”. This features a new stealth-like mechanic that will challenge players timing and tactical skills.

•   Godly/Tactical and Unit Ability cards has been adjusted to reduce clipping through the terrain.

Ability Cards

All player figurines now have unique abilities.

Warrior Leader (Guy with yellow hair)
•   Ability 1: Shield Bash
•   Ability 2 (New): Banner: Places a banner on a free tile that buffs nearby friendly units attack and defense skill.
•   Ability 3 (New): Armor Break: Perform a violent attack that significantly debuffs defense skill and armor for the duration.

Norse Hunter (Guy with no hair)
•   Ability 1 (New): Taunt: Will make all enemy units in range target this unit with their attacks for the duration. In addition they receive a minor defense debuff.
•   Ability 2: Shield Wall
•   Ability 3: Shield Push

Spearman of the South
•   Ability 1: Immobilize
•   Ability 2 (New): Action Surge: The spearman reduces his movement cooldown significantly and increases movement range. In addition, he receives a minor bonus to attack speed.
•   Ability 3 (New): Spear Wall: The spearman focuses on a tile, attacking and pushing back any unit that steps onto that tile. This deals a massive amount of damage.

Brute of the Wolf Clan
•   Ability 1: Kick to the Groin
•   Ability 2: Forceful Attack
•   Ability 3 (New): Wrath of Idunn: The brute cannot die for 15 seconds and heals a minor amount of health of the duration.

Godly & Tactical Cards
•   New card: “Heimdallr’s Vigil”: Gives a major defensive bonus to a target figurine.
•   New card: “Curse of Old Age”: Target figurine fall to sleep for 8 seconds.
•   New card: “King’s Favor”: Summons a viking warrior to help you for a while.

Wartile Top Survival Tips

If you're struggling on some of the harder levels of Wartile we've put together a few key tips to keep your Viking from meeting their Valhalla too soon. Be sure to use the customization option to equip your Viking with all the necessary weapons and armor before each quest begins.

•   Be sure to use the customization option to equip your Viking with all the necessary weapons and armor before each quest begins.

•   Customize your fighters and utilize armor and weapons carefully, each Viking has a weapon that has its tactical advantages if used wisely on the BattleBoards.

•   Spearman are perfect for inflicting initial damage on enemy units while maneuvering an axe or sword wielding warrior in on the flank or even behind an enemy character.

•   Explore all areas of the map, its easy to overlook treasure chests that could make all the difference in your loot quantity.

•   Keep a close eye on your Vikings health, use the health cards to replenish health even in the heat of battle and draw your opponents in to a choke point on the map you can take advantage of.

•   Move quickly to eliminate Archers and avoid direct line of sight, ranged attacks from guard towers can inflict damage from a distance.

•   Completing battle boards on higher difficulty tiers will increase the battle experience of your Vikings as well as providing them with better equipment

This was all for now, we really hope you enjoy the Early Access of Wartile and want to ensure you that we still have lots of great things coming up, both regarding more playable content, but also new features and improvements of issues raised by our community. With next weeks content update we aim to share more about the content we are planing to release in the near future.

Until then have a happy Easter Weekend everyone.

The Wartile Team

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