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« on: February 23, 2017, 09:33:54 PM »

Official Site: Here
Official forum: Here
YouTube Channel:Here
Steam: Here


Formata - Early Access Trailer

About This Game
Lead. Fight. Win.

Gain resources, build your own army to lead it into a battle!
Create your own strategy, survive in difficult conditions and then break through enemy's close formation to ruin their castles and reach the sole leadership on the map.

Do not forget about tactics when the fight is on! Good location and right formation will bring you an important victory, which immediately translates into an advantage for the whole war.

Catch your enemies by surprise, until they take a position and build a shield wall, provoke them to mess up the ranks, surround them and destroy completely! Catch up with those who run away and kill them all, because if you do not, they will return back with a sword in a hand!
Alternatively you can use your archers as your main power. While your strong infantry hold back the onslaught in a narrow passageway, a hail of arrows will turn the enemy hordes into heaps of corpses.

Duco. Pugno. Vinco.

Formata Gameplay Tutorial

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Re: Formata
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2017, 11:50:31 AM »
The First Little Update
Community Announcements - Nezon

Hey there!

Here is the first little update, which includes a new map and some fixes:
   units become more responsive to commands in stratagy map mode
   an error, when AI squad stand on one place and does not move, was fixed
   improved AI decision-making system
   "charge" command bug was fixed
   AI archers become more accurate
   little interface upgrade
   AI standards use "Horn" better
   AI engineers repair their Net Controller better
   AI Town Centers better choose type of new units
   AI archers squads better choose their tactics

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Re: Formata
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2017, 11:51:03 AM »
The Second Update
Community Announcements - Nezon

Hey there!

With this update we've added two more languages in options menu. There are Chinese and German translations.

Also, now
   Formata has some in-game hints. You can see them while loading.
   There is option to invert mouse
   There is a new additional MAP
   Bug with Player's engineers, when they stand and do nothing, is fixed
   Player does not need to hold RMB to block. Now, block switches by pressing.
   Also, shield goes up automaticly, when unit attacks
   Sprint removes block
   Bug, when Player's infantry goes somewhere without commands in strategy map mode, is fixed

Thank you!
Enjoy Formata!
We keep working hard.

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Re: Formata
« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2017, 02:13:00 AM »

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Re: Formata
« Reply #4 on: August 17, 2017, 04:19:32 PM »

The dev has been quiet for a while. He has been busy with many updates. Hopefully they will drop tomorrow.

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Re: Formata
« Reply #5 on: August 19, 2017, 08:11:57 PM »
The Multiplayer Update - v.0.9.5

Hello! Thank for all of you for your support. Here is a big update which includes a lot of changes.

Now you can play Formata with your friends. Slay them or coopirate with them to dominate together. Play 1vs1, 2vs2, 1vs1vs1, or even 10vs10, maybe?!
Your friend can lead the first squad and then you will lead the second one. One of you may be engaged in reconnaissance, and the other at this time will take over the seizure of the territories. You can ambush the enemy and surround him from two sides. Feel free to create your own team strategy.

*Multiplayer may include some issues, so we extremely need your feedback to improve it in the next versions.

- Squads
Now you can divide troops into squads. In strategy map mode select one unit and press '1'-'5' to change his squad. If you press '1'-'5'+Ctrl, the unit will gather all units around in his squad. Different squads do not follow each other.
In 3rd persone mode press '1'-'5' to change your squad. Then press 'F' to gather units with your squad or press 'G' to gather all units around and set them in your squad. Engineers have no squads.
- Custom match
Now you can choose the map, factions, teams and starting spots in the lobby. Also you can change other game settings there, such as Increased Gold, Global Vision, Free Camera and AI Handicap.
- Fog of war
There is no real fog, but now you can not see enemy troops in strategy map mode, if they are too far from your army. Also, you will know nothing about teams net worth. So, this makes matches more and more interesting. You can switch this option off by using Global Vision setting.
- Lockable free camera
In game settings you can lock free camera mode (now by default), it makes the game more interesting. If you lock free camera in multiplayer match, and one of players choose Spectator Faction, he may use free camera, but сombatants does not.
- Music Volume
Change it by pressing '+' and '-' on your numpad. Also you can swith it off with 'Num 0' and go to next rack with 'Num .".
- Maps
All maps were fully reworked. Also you will find a new one. It's Macedonia. This map is better for multiplayer. We made it bigger as you had asked. Try it :P Also, The Nile River map became unrecognizable and now it is for two players.
- Game balance
Different game parameters were changed. For example, now bows shoot farther and standard increases its level slower.

- Landscape
- 5 faction castles (all walls, towers, stairs and etc.)
- All equipment (weapons, shields, helmets, standards and etc.)
- Strategy map mode icons
- Added standard radius in strategy map mode
- Added new objects for maps

- The campaign will be available in future versions.
- Match statistics will be available in future versions.
- There is no chat in multiplayer mode yet. It comes in future versions.
- You can join the game which has already started a match (not in lobby already), then you become a spectator, but this is testing mode and it has issues.
- In multiplayer mode when you press 'Escape', it sets pause on the server for all players. We'll change it and make more comfortable in future versions.

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Re: Formata
« Reply #6 on: August 31, 2017, 04:30:26 AM »
New Fixes in v.0.9.5 + Tutorial

Hello! Thank you all for your bug reports. Here is a new little update wich includes next fixes:

1. The multiplayer bug when some players had 'NoName' nickname and can not play was fixed.

2. The bug with archers, when they do not go upstairs on the wall during a siege was fixed.

3. Now units do not get stuck in the gates.

4. Music volume now is in options menu and saves changes forever (not only during the match).

5. Options menu now can be opened right during the match.

6. Escape button will not pause the game in multiplayer mode.

7. Controls menu widget was fixed.

Also, we've made a new tutorial video. Please watch it on YouTube:

Thank you for your support! Try new fixes and continue help us with your feedback :)

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Re: Formata
« Reply #7 on: September 15, 2017, 01:22:32 AM »
v.0.9.6 + Contest!
Formata - Nezon

Hey there! Thank you for your feedback. Here is a new update. It includes some fixes (the list bellow) and a new map. Also, here is a contest which gives you a chance to get Formata Steam key for your friend. Read the rules.

Contest Rules
In this update I hid my sign on each map (8 maps = 8 signs). It's a white graffiti "Nezon" which can be placed on walls or other objects.
(!) This graffiti will disappear if you play with 'Global Vision' or 'Free camera'. So, to find them you have to start a match without this bonuses. So, you can find the sign only controlling a character with third person mode.

Do this steps to participate:
1. Find all signs and take screenshots of them all (8) .
2. Place these screenshots on your Steam account.
3. Put this description under each screenshot:
"Formata contest: *link on this page*"
4. Email me ( with a subject "Formata Contest" and with a message with a link on your Steam account.
Pay attention, your account has to be open, so I can see your screenshots.

When the next update is come, I'll send all keys for all winners using email response. The number of winners is unlimited. The contest will finish with the next update. Hurry to participate. Good luck :)

Update List
- The bug when engineer does not react on the orders was fixed.
- AI squad decision system was improved. So, your AI opponent now controls his troops much more better.
- Bot character personal AI was improved. Now, they choose formation position better. Also, they run away from the battle (to heal themselves) better way.
- Some maps were balanced (economics).
- Some standard's stats were balanced.
- Some unit's stats were balanced (shields and weapons).
- The new map was added. Its name is "The Edge of Narbonensis".

Thank you for staying with us!
Enjoy Formata and wait for the next updates.

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Re: Formata
« Reply #8 on: October 09, 2017, 06:23:02 PM »
Anniversary! And discount for you.
Formata - Nezon

Hey there! At first, thank you all for your support.

Now I want to tell you the story of Formata.

My name is Maxim Eltsov and I am from Russia. Just one year ago I had to start my graduate work in a university. Also, I wanted to make a game of my dream.

To make it all real I had to persuade my supervisor to allow me to combine these things.

So, I made a concept and came with it to my supervisor. And.. he was ecstatic! Then he approved my theme of the graduate work and I was able to develop Formata further. This happened one year ago. So, today I want to note this significant event, therefore Formata will take part in Weeklong Deal for 10/09!

One year ago the concept looked like this:

All stages of the development you can see in this YouTube playlist:

Also I want to inform you, that the Contest of signs is finished. We have three winners who found all the signs! It was amazing!

The new little update is on. It includes some optimizations.

Now we works hard on campaign. This big update will come soon. When it's done, also you're going to get Steam Achievements.

Stay with us and enjoy Formata :)

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Re: Formata
« Reply #9 on: November 14, 2017, 04:17:51 PM »
Naval Gameplay Test (Video)

Formata Naval Gameplay Test

Published on 18 Oct 2017

Formata - Ships Gameplay Test 2

Naval battles gameplay:
0:00 - draw off
0:42 - strategy map control
1:50 - ram
2:10 - ship sinking
2:40 - ram and boarding (melee battle)
3:22 - capturing of a ship
3:50 - trireme moors

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Re: Formata
« Reply #10 on: December 05, 2017, 08:33:45 PM »
Coming in Update 3. approximately 7 days time

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Re: Formata
« Reply #11 on: December 07, 2017, 09:11:00 PM »
Formata - The Great Update - v1.0.0
Formata - Nezon

Hey there!

We've made a big work and today we publish our big update which include all that things, what we planned in Early Access and more!

First of all you have to watch our new trailer! :)

Naval Battles
We added ships into the game! Now you can play on maps with a sea and fight enemy in naval battles. Build your fleet and conquer your opponent!
You can destroy enemy Trireme using a ram, or you can get his ship in melee fight with a ramp.

Control the ship in third person mode using arrow keys. 'Left' and 'Right' chooses a ship side to cammand it's oars, 'Up' and 'Down' chande power of rowing (3 steps). Also you can sprint with 'RShift' and try to put the ramp on enemy ship using 'Enter'.
You can control it in strategy map mode with your unit. Just say him to go into the sea or other island, and he will try to get the ship and go there.

New Equipment
In the new version there are new weapons and shields for infantry.
Now you may choose equipment for your soldiers. It looks like that:

So, different equipment has differrent stats and cost. Also it requires researches. Plan your strategy in advance ;)

Match Statistics

We addaded time limit for matches. Also, now we track statistics. The game became more interesting with these options.

After a match you can look factions table and plots. Also there is a personal statistics, which says how much time you played in third person mode, how many enemies you killed by yourself and etc. Personal table is called "Battlefield" and it shows each human player apart. So, if you play with your friend in one team, you can see his and your personal statistics, not only factional.

Campaign and Achievements
Campaign is open now! There are ten missions wich unlock additional maps for you. Try to pass them all.

Also, we added Steam Achievements for you.

Units Controls
There is a new command to units: "Retreat!". Is there a need to explain what is it? Just press 'Y' in battle to save your troops.

On stategy map units became more responsive. Now if you press RMB to cammand your squad to move to location, they ignore enemies. If you want they attack enemies, just press RMB+LCtrl when ordering. It works with archers, who now can go away from the battle. Also, you can press 'Y' in strategy map mode, and your squad will retreat.

Playing as archer in third person mode you can press 'F' and your archers will hold their fire. But remember that if you're shooting they will fire too.

AI updates
Your enemy now does not fight with you, if he thinks he's going to lose. Also, now he's better choose where to go and what conquer. Of course the bot now can use ships. Try to fight him ;)

Infantry can retreat from the battle, and they will find better way to run. Also, units can jump know if they want.

Voice Acting
Triremes and units now can talk. It make battles more expressive. We want to get your feedback about that particularly!

New maps were included in this update. Also, there are many other bug fixes and little changes like UI design, LAN support, standards balance, researches fix and many others.

In a several days you'll get a new video tutorial, wich shows you how to play Formata with new features.

Please, enjoy this update! We're waiting for your feedback to improve Formata!

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Re: Formata
« Reply #12 on: December 13, 2017, 04:58:27 PM »
Full Naval Gameplay Video - Archipelago

Formata Update - v.1.0.0
In this video you see how to play and win on Archipelago. Also you see how to control ships and fight enemies in naval battles.

Strategy in this mission is to get all islands and then to siege enemy base. Do not forget, team wins, if it gained more resources. See match statistics at the end of the video.

Time codes for you:
(they are clickable on YT in the video description)

1:11 - boat unmoors
2:02 - ship sprints forward
3:07 - moor and capture the island
4:05 - secret urn (unlocks achievement)
4:29 - how to choose equipment
5:09 - enemy fleet
6:03 - how to command ships on strategy map
(just select a unit and say him to move to other land)
7:06 - use boat sprint on the map
(just select one unit aboard and press RShift)
7:21 - defence of our island
8:53 - capturing enemy ship
(press Enter to put the ramp)
9:33 - bow shooting
12:36 - ram and boat sinking
14:43 - beautiful view and enemy trireme
15:26 - naval trick
15:48 - he shot me!
15:57 - another naval battle, jump on their ship!
16:57 - go away from the ram
17:48 - ship's drowning
18:05 - naval battle
18:13 - funny teasing :D
18:45 - naval trick amd epic ram enemy ship
19:27 - they are dying in the sea, no way to survive
22:06 - ship's landing, storm their island
22:58 - fall back and epic battle
43:10 - ship's ram after they unmoor
45:13 - how to shoot with a bow
49:09 - final landing
54:52 - victory and match statistics

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Re: Formata
« Reply #13 on: January 16, 2018, 05:23:22 PM »

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Re: Formata
« Reply #14 on: January 20, 2018, 01:20:30 AM »
Update v.1.1.0 + Ships Tutorial
Formata - Nezon
Hello there!

Thank you for your support and feedback. You help us a lot!

First of all, see our new video. We made it to help you to control ships in Formata.
The list of changes:

- We added a new map with naval battles for 3 opponents.

- We fixed some issues in enemy AI logic.

- Also we improved ships movement.

- We worked a lot with optimization. Now the game works lots better.

- Also we balanced some standards stats.

Please try it out and give us new feedback!

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