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Re: Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation
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A Very Halloween-y Update
Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation - Suncrash


It's hard to believe it has been five months since we’ve released the full version of Judgment. We have been overwhelmed by the worldwide response, the hundreds of streamers and YouTubers that showed our first game to the world, and the tens of thousands of people who made Judgment, for a few days, one of the best-selling games on Steam.

As a small show of our appreciation, we made a special Halloween update.

Pumpkin Apocalypse!

For thousands of years, humans considered Halloween as a time of magic and portents. Many saw it as mere superstition, but after the Apocalypse, we’ve all learned the truth. At this time, more than just demons roam the Earth.

Pumpkin Apocalypse, as you can guess from the name, is our very own Halloween themed update. You can expect quite a few features:
•   New random events that will challenge and amuse you.
•   Some crazy new items.
•   A pumpkin farm!
•   Decorate your base for Halloween.
•   Halloween themed hats.
•   Terrifying new enemies…
...And as always, a bunch of small bug fixes, updates, and improvements.

Still working on a larger update

You might remember that a few months ago,we promised a larger update for Judgment in the near future. Initially, we intended to release that update toward around this holiday season.

Do not worry, that update is still in development, it’s just taking longer than expected, since we’re no longer focused on Judgment alone, and our new project is still in those sensitive early stages that require a lot of attention to every detail. For now, enjoy this smaller Halloween update, and our next update will be released later in 2019.

A taste of things to come

While you’re waiting to hear more about our next project and Judgment’s larger updates, we wanted to share a small concept-art based teaser of our new (yet unnamed) project.

Soon, you will be able to build a city that never rests, in our next big project, a city-building game with a neat twist. We’ve opened a newsletter just for announcements regarding this. Sign up or join our Discord server, to be the first to hear more details about it.

Right now, we are still locking our core gameplay, art-style and world-building - the history, lore, and background of our new universe. We are also working on the very first bit of content and starting to fine-tune the economy.

I can tell you I am personally very excited. I think we have something truly original here. With your help, and what we learned while developing Judgment, I’m sure we will be able to create something truly amazing.

Thank you all for listening, and we hope you are going to enjoy the Pumpkin Apocalypse!

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