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Tips & Tactics
« on: December 10, 2014, 02:54:40 PM »
Tips/Tactics etc..

Some things to remember:
   The terrain is your friend. Use it.
   Make like water. Stick to the low ground.
   Smoke a life saver. Use it. However you will announce your position to everyone so move.
   Do NOT sit in one spot, especially after you have fired. You may have been spotted.
   Use your friendly vehicles to cover you.
   Dismounting the APC troops at the right time can make all the difference.
   Situational awareness is very important. Know where you, the enemy and friendly units are.

Map Navigation

Each square is 1Km

It is a good idea to take a look at the map before the mission starts

2D map:
Contour line spacing: This can only be changed during the planning phase.
Options>Contour line spacing>select value
Zoom: Mouse wheel or "Map Zoom" slider
Moving around: Press & Hold centre mouse button or keyboard arrow keys.
Battle Plan: Right click.New Graphic
Free View in 3D view:Very handy to explore the 3D terrain but only works during the planning phase.  F1 key or selecting "view" by right clicking the map , you can go to anyplace on the map during the battle and navigate using the WASDX & QZ keys, and arrow keys to pan. Also the mouse can be used.
Lost: Cant find where you are on the map? Right click the map.Center on me
Cant find team mates?: Select participants on the map tool bar and select the team mate.

AAR Tool
There is a very powerful tool in Steel Beasts which allows you to see the AAR. It can be saved and viewed later. It shows information like:
Where you were hit.
Who/what hit you.

Screen Shots
Screen shots are taken by pressing "shift + F12". The resulting image is saved in the "C:\Users\XX\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\savedImages" where "XX" is the username. The images are saved in folders which are created automatically by date.

Pressing "Alt+H" removes the GUI and makes the screen shot look "cleaner".

You can take screen shots from the ARR.

Infantry Demo

Here's a demo for infantry

Infantry mount/dismount DEMO (3.002)
Description: This scenario demonstrates the new mount/dismount behavior of infantry, and how to get infantry to do just about anything you want them to do in regards to mounting, dismounting, and moving along routes with and without their parent PCs.

All you need to do is run the demo and watch in test mode (time acceleration is probably good), then if you see them do some behavior you like just evaluate the condition and settings on their routes and duplicate that in your scenario.

Screen Shots
We all like screen shots. The below options can be used to tailor the shot. If you are running with low shadows etc due to your pc then you can temporarily increase the settings to take the shot. When done reduce the settings.

Alt+H = removes GUI
Alt+G = Graphics settings
Alt+D = Terrain detail distance

You can also take shots from the AAR after the battle is over. This will let you create a visual representation of the battle. In this situation you can use the "zoom" function. You can take your time and find a great angle and zoom level.

... More to follow
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