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Author Topic: 1:1 Sprite Ratio Revealed...Sandbox - Friant vs Cooke SR1  (Read 4935 times)

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1:1 Sprite Ratio Revealed...Sandbox - Friant vs Cooke SR1
« on: November 17, 2016, 12:37:52 AM »
1:1 Sprite Ratio Revealed...Sandbox - Friant vs Cooke SR1

Created by: RebBugler
File name:
Released: 17/07/2015
Version: 1.2
Size: 7 KB
Download: Click Here
Original post: Click Here

Place in "Mods folder"

As promised, a demonstration of this games 1:1 sprite ratio capabilities.

Sandbox - Friant vs Cooke SR1 Version 1.2, 17 July 2015

Attention: After selecting this mod Resign and restart the game. If the mod remains selected this will only have to be done once.

Follow these procedures for SR1 (1:1 Sprite Ratio) gameplay:
- After selecting mod, resigning and restarting, go to the Options Menu. On Options page 2 adjust Sprite Ratio to 1
- Continue to Sandbox and select same named OOB
- Select Corps vs Corps to play either Friant or Cooke. Next names down are Division vs Division, etc.

More information to follow as version upgrades are made available. At present consider this as an entry level blueprint to demonstrate how the game handles SR1 designs and gameplay. And feel free to mod this, perhaps dividing it into 3 Arms groupings to accommodate MP play better.

Please excuse the use of cloned names for the French. It appears that Petit was a brigade CO and also was in charge of a regiment with the traditional two battalions. Also, it appears that all French regimental commanders commanded both battalions (within each regiment). I did my online searches, but got nada but regimental commanders, not a battalion leader to be found, or second in help here would be greatly appreciated. I know books are more definitive in this regard, apologizes, but I've got limited resources here in backwoods Arkansas, plus my old eyes don't do well with book learnin' anymore.

Realism Revealed with SR1 play:

- As each soldier falls, one casualty is recorded in the casualty stat box
- Exact casualties are shown on the battlefield, bodies do not disappear unless opted
- Easier to spot the REAL gaps left by enemy fire, so decisions on when to relieve a unit are easier
- See what REAL battalions looked like, whether divided into 10 companies as were the allies, 6 companies French, or 4 companies Prussian.
- See why cavalry regiments were divided into squadrons of 100 to 200 horsemen, as squadrons are still mighty unto themselves.
- Understand why cavalry regiments would have been impossible to control for their roles in battle
- See why, although powerful, a cavalry squadron could never rout a large battalion, but could take out several companies.
...and the list goes on

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