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D.R.M. Copy protection
« on: December 10, 2014, 02:52:14 PM »

The DRM for the lifetime license is via a Dongle.
The dongle must be inserted at all times in order to play. There is an exception to this however. You are able to share your license over a lan or the internet. So you can remotely access your license from a different pc. One license per active game. The Dongle must be inserted into an active pc but Steel Beasts does not need to be running to allow someone/another pc to access the license. There is no Activation/Deactivation cycle.

The Dongle can hold upto 8 licenses which can be shared over a lan or internet.

Replacement Dongle
If it is broken, damaged or stops working then you can get a replacement dongle from Esims for $30-$35 but you must return the damaged one even if it is in pieces.

Official Codemeter site
Latest dongle fimware

The attachment shows a Code meter dongle. The one you receive may look slightly different.

You are officially free to sell or transfer the Dongle to any person you choose.

You can install the Steel Beasts software on any number of PC's. However that PC must have access to the license either by:
1.   Having the USB Dongle plugged in to the machine you are running the software on.
2.   Having access to a license over a Lan.
3.   Having access to a license over the internet. See here :

The DRM for time limited licenses uses "virtual container". It is the same software that your dongle uses but the license resides on the pc it was activated on and cannot normally be moved.

Moving the time limited license (does NOT apply to Dongle)

PC stolen/lost ?Then License is Lost

Moving to a new pc? Not possible (but a workaround exists, see below).
Create a backup of C:\ProgramData\CodeMeter\CmAct
This  folder  contains  the  encrypted  license  files.  If you simply
reinstall  Windows  you can restore this folder after reinstalling the
CodeMeter runtime, and things SHOULD work normally - provided that you
didn't  change the Windows registration code along with other hardware
elements that the CodeMeter runtime uses to verify the validity of the
We're  tracking  a  fingerprint of five elements, e.g. network adapter
MAC  address,  harddisk  serial number, CPU ID; three of the five must
remain the same not to render the license invalid.
If  you are planning to replace the PC, it's best to time the purchase
of  the  new hardware with the expiration date of the license. If that
isn't possible, you can still configure the old PC as a license server
in the "Configuration | Network Server" tab of the CodeMeter WebAdmin.
The  new PC can then borrow its license from the old PC, provided that
they are connected vial network.

Installing License

When you install the Steel Beasts Programme The Codemeter software is installed. This is needed for a time limited license as well as the Dongle.

Next stage is the installation of the license. This is done by email. When you purchase the license (Dongle or time) you will receive an email with an activation link. Do the following:

Dongle License.
Make sure dongle is plugged in and hit the "activate" button in the email you receive and wait. The license is being transferred to your Dongle. It will tell you when it is done. It is now ready and has a license on the Dongle. Plug it into any pc that has a Steel Beasts install and you are ready to go.

Time limited license.
You will activate this on the PC that you installed the Steel Beasts/Codemeter programme. "Activate" the license in the email and it will install into a "virtual" container" (virtual dongle) within the Codemeter programme. Wait until the activation process has completed. You are ready to go.

Upgrading from Time limited license to Dongle
Plug the Dongle into the PC that has the Steel Beasts/Codemeter programme installed and follow instructions for "Dongle License" above. You do NOT have to un-install the Time Limited License.
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