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Leo2E Hotfix
« on: December 10, 2014, 02:48:01 PM »
File Here

Official from Volcano of Esim Games

"Hello everyone,

Until the next beta and/or update, an updated Leopard 2E .MRF file hotfix will be made available here (future betas and updates will incorporate this hotfix). This "fix" is a beta, and it corrects a couple of bugs with the Leo 2E:

-Fixes the bug where maingun damage would happen from shooting the loader's machine gun.
-Fixes the "white tracks" issue when tank is seen at medium range.


To apply this fix, just download the attached .zip file here, then extract its contents to your game folder. It should prompt to overwrite if you put it in the correct place (unless you disabled this prompting in your .zip extractor, of course).

Please post here if there are any problems specifically relating to the issues mentioned above."

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