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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #30 on: March 06, 2018, 01:54:16 PM »
Performance update
Book of Demons - Konstanty

This update is small but neat, so we decided to give it its own post. Also, more posts mean more opportunities for cool gifs ːarchduckː

We have identified a possible optimization in the rendering engine that, depending on many factors, could bump FPS up to 25% during big fights. Not that the performance was bad before but more FPS is always better.

We have also identified a possible cause for a black screen on startup issue that some players had and we included that fix as well.

Full changelog
•   Version 0.91.15370+ 6th March 2018
•   Optimized main rendering loop which should result in up to 25% FPS gain in logic heavy scenes
•   Fixed rare black screen on startup issue
•   Aiming Rogue's arrows with hold button pressed outside of light radius won't snap to nearby doors/staircases anymore
•   Added an extra safety to make sure that doors open on The Cook's level
•   Fixed minor visual glitches in Maze
•   Fixed a crash when playing with the controller and exiting dungeon when a shielded monster was near
•   Updated supporters list in credits

Also just let me remind you that we have official Book of Demons discord server now in case you would like to chat with other players. Or us.

Stays safe in dungeons ːarchduckː

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #31 on: April 24, 2018, 02:39:38 PM »
Community translations and Minimap Update!
Book of Demons - Konstanty

Hello everyone!
This update introduces in-game community translations, various bugfixes, identify all feature, the minimap and, last not least, the updated final roadmap (with dates). Let's talk details.

Community translations

With Chinese, Russian, French, Brasilian Portuguese and Italian community translations finished we are ready to incorporate them into the game. From now on, the most up to date translation into these languages will be available in Options-> Video and Languages window.

Huge thanks to our community translators! ːpaperheartːːpaperheartːːpaperheartː

Please keep in mind the community-sourced translations are on-going so the quality will only improve over time. It would be hugely helpful if you could report issues with translations. Get in touch with us at our official discord server or via email:! Or you can talk directly to translators in the forums.

The minimap
The minimap was on the very top of the most requested features list so due to popular demand it's finally here! We went with minimalistic representation for maximum readability and to keep the dungeon visible underneath the minimap since we feel that's the most traditional approach.

The map updates as you explore the dungeon, with the path being drawn as you walk and points of interest are marked as you discover them. No more wondering which turn to take on the crossroads.

The default key for minimap is the tab.

By the way, once the level is cleared you can click on the stairs marker (the friendly gizmo that shows you the direction towards the staircase down). It will instantly exit the level for you saving you the jog back. Not everyone knows that feature and it's pretty useful :-)

Identify all
Another often requested feature, the identify all. It's enabled in freeplay since that's when cards start piling up and only if the player has enough gold to identify all cards. It will skip the fluff identify animation and all identified cards will available for inspection after a short animation.

The updated roadmap
Last but not least, the updated roadmap. We have a pretty good idea what lies ahead now.

Up until now, we were sticking to bi-monthly larger updates. Now that we are entering the home stretch the large updates will be more frequent, we are aiming at one every six weeks. Of course, in between, there will be a lot of small updates containing fixes and minor tweaks.

Here is what will happen up until launch:
•   Early June - Difficulty levels. It's tricky to make everyone happy with one difficulty for all so we are going to differentiate by introducing more casual mode and two more difficult modes.
•   Late July - Overhauled Archdemon quest (new bosses, unique mechanics) because the current one is actually a placeholder and is way too forgiving ;-)
•   September - Complete sounds (over 300 new or reworked sounds)
•   October - Mac support
•   Early November - all remaining features and content integrated into the test branch, those willing to do so can begin testing the final build candidate
•   December - The magic happens, the game launches
•   Late December - Christmas!

As always,
Stay safe in the dungeons ːpaperheartː

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #32 on: April 27, 2018, 06:43:36 PM »
New monsters!
Book of Demons - Konstanty

Usually, we add content in larger updates on the six-week basis, but today we make an exception to this rule. Without a further ado, please welcome the remaining three monsters!

Surprisingly lively for a skeleton, he shortens the distance by jumping at the unsuspecting victim. Best dealt with quickly.

Hyper Skelserker
Some of the smarter Skelzerkers figured that while the fighting in close quarters is great, it's even better when your opponent doesn't suspect a thing so you can focus on stabbing without interruptions. Beware of their ambushes.

Like there wasn't enough foul demons roaming the hell now heroes have to deal with the Incubus. Not only he hits like a truck, he also has a new unique skill where he calls others monsters to gang up and jump the hero!

As always,
Stay safe in the dungeons ːpaperheartː

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #33 on: May 17, 2018, 09:23:25 PM »
Book of German and Turkish Demons
Book of Demons - Konstanty

Hello everyone!

Thanks to the tireless work of our Community Translators you can now slay demons in two additional languages: German and Turkish. If you’re a native speaker and have any suggestions to those (or any previously added) translations, get in touch with us at our official discord server or via email:! Or you can talk directly to translators in the forums.

We wanted to use this opportunity to add some fixes and QoL features like the improved stability of the sound system (we’ve been fighting with this problem for quite some time now) and unifying the way card effect and cooldown times are described in the tooltips.

Aside from that, it should no longer be possible to get 65 000 unidentified cards after using Identify All function. You’ll have to go back to finding cards in the dungeon and cauldron as it was meant to be, sorry ;-)

Full changelog

Version 0.92.15945+ 17th May 2018
•   German and Turkish community translations added
•   Normal bosses should no longer drop slightly used coin after death
•   Increased stability in the sound system
•   Fixed an issue where Identify All could give player 65k unidentified cards
•   Fixed a bug where Icebolt could sometimes miss its target
•   Cooldown and effect time card info is now more unified
•   Minor fix to Return 2 Games intro timing

As always, Stay safe in the dungeons ːpaperheartː


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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #34 on: June 08, 2018, 10:49:17 PM »
Roguelike and Casual game modes beta!
Book of Demons - Konstanty


What initially started as difficulty settings eventually ended as different modes. The changes run deep, rendering Daredevil setting absolute, among other things.

Both new modes are in what we consider a beta stage. This means we will closely watch their balance and it would be super awesome if you could report any glitches you encounter via the feedback widget. We can't fix what we don't know about! Of course feel free to write down your thoughts on the new modes as well, we appreciate all the feedback we get!

But first things first. Without a further ado, let me present the new modes:

This one actually is not new, it's the mode you all know. It remains as it used to be. Characters playing this mode are eligible for the "First death" leaderboard (one on new leaderboards in a moment). Characters created in this mode can also be switched to Casual mode at any time (however, they will be recorded in the "First death" leaderboard when they are switched for the first time).

Looking for a relaxed run? Look no more. In this mode:
•   Healing is much easier with rapidly replenishing fountains
•   Fights mechanics are more forgiving and monsters less vicious
•   At any time you can switch to the Normal mode.

We heard that the game was too easy, so... In this mode:
•   Fountains do not replenish
•   Amulets work only in combat
•   Healer finally got a shred of business sense and is charging for healing in town
•   Healing, mana and rejuvenation potions cannot be charged in town
•   Switching item card variant won't refund gold for charges lost (and it will discard current charges)
•   Cards drop in a completely random order and are usable regardless of any level requirements
•   Ressurection after death costs gold and the cost increases with each death. Looks like the healer has some serious gambling debts to pay... Anyway once you run out of gold the character dies permanently and is immortalized in the "Final death" leaderboard
•   Once a rogue always a rogue - character created in this mode cannot be switched to any other mode
•   Characters eligible for "Final death" leaderboard
•   Characters eligible for "First death" leaderboard

New leaderboards, the old style Daredevil is no more
While we are keeping old leaderboards (and new scores will be uploaded there until game's launch) the Daredevil mode now will work differently. All characters playing Normal mode will have their first death recorded in the "First death leaderboard" and can continue playing afterward but won't be recorded in the leaderboards again.

Additionally, all characters playing in Roguelike mode will be recorded in the"Final death" leaderboard exclusive for Roguelike mode.

While we will be keeping all-time leaderboard data for posterity the public leaderboards will be wiped on a monthly basis.

In other news
This update changes a lot of stuff under the hood, so saved dungeons will get regenerated on the first load. Besides the new modes, there are also some quality of life changes and small fixes included. Most prominent one is cutscene skipping (including miniboss introductions), which we know many of you wanted.

•   Added two new game modes: Casual and Roguelike. Dungeons can get regenerated starting this version for the first time
•   Quality of life: cutscenes can now be skipped
•   Quality of life: the mouse can be now dragged from one monster to another's shield in order to break it
•   Quality of life: dragging the mouse over next monster will switch target after one second
•   Massive under the hood changes to the game architecture
•   Vamp Gloves card will no longer grant passive effects when disabled
•   Cold Nova will no longer grant legendary effects even before legendary variant is found

As always (and especially now in Roguelike mode)
Stay safe in dungeons ːpaperheartː

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #35 on: June 22, 2018, 08:24:43 PM »
New seasonal leaderboards!
Book of Demons - Konstanty

We have overhauled how the leaderboards work and just in time for the Summer Sale too!

When a Normal or Roguelike mode character finishes a level its name will be recorded in the First Death leaderboards. Additionally, there is a separate leaderboard for the Final Death of Roguelike mode characters since getting as deep as possible without dying will require a different strategy than getting as deep as possible in general.

The position in leaderboards will be updated with each death or completed flexiscope, dying is no longer necessary ːpaperdeathː

Seasonal Leaderboards
To make it easier to compare yourself against players playing the game right now and with the current balance we are introducing seasonal leaderboards. Each month will get a new leaderboard and all characters created in that month will compete in their own leaderboard. Once the month ends recording to that leaderboard will no longer possible.

You still have a few days to get a nice spot in this month's leaderboard ːarchduckː

All Time Best Leaderboards
Old style leaderboards are making a comeback, now named All Time. They work exactly as they used to before, with a separate one for Normal and Roguelike modes. All characters are recorded here additionally to being recorded in their Seasonal Leaderboard.

In other news
Turns out the Archdemon was a little bugged and shockwaves from his meteorites (or rather from the little fire elementals spawned by impacts) were dealing around 80 damage. That skill got nerfed but other got buffed a bit and he also now have critical strike ability. Thank you, everyone, for reporting that!

Icicle missiles thrown by some monsters will no longer block players path even before landing. However, they will freeze on hit.

Full Changelog
Version 0.93.16363+ 22nd June 2018

•   New seasonal leaderboards in addition to the old-school All-Time leaderboard
•   Leaderboard loading is now multithreaded, cuts refresh time by up to 70%
•   Icicle thrown by enemies won't block player's path until hitting the ground
•   Icicle missile will now freeze player on hit or create an icicle when hitting the ground
•   Archdemon's firesprites (spawned by his meteors) damage decreased 40 times
•   Archdemon's meteor now deals damage as intended instead of 0 damage
•   Archdemon now deals critical strikes as well as regular strikes
•   Archdemon meteor's shockwaves will no longer affect the player if meteor scored a direct hit
•   Fixed a possible crash when switching cards

As always,
Stay safe in dungeons ːarchduckː

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #36 on: July 18, 2018, 07:32:27 PM »
Quest mastering and the new Archdemon quest!
Book of Demons - Konstanty

Quest mastering!

Yes, before you ask, the golden keys are making a comeback. The number of keys you have accumulated will be readjusted to the new system when you start the game for the first time after the update. This is necessary because we have changed drop rates a bit and, as some of you might remember, there used to be a bug that would fill some dungeons with hundreds of golden chests filled with golden keys. Ah, the good old days.

But back to the mastering itself. You can now use golden keys to unlock much more difficult versions of quest boss levels to test your skill. Keep in mind that Quest Mastering levels and bosses were balanced for certain character level. If a quest proves too demanding you can always gain more levels in free play and come back later.

Defeated bosses during quest mastering drop legendary cards (assuming there are any left to be dropped of course) so it's worth a shot. Or multiple shots since some bosses are meant to be challenging on higher mastering levels.

The new Archdemon's dungeon
The old Archdemon quest left something to be desired in our opinion so we tweaked it a bit. The new one has unique challenges and bosses. The Archdemon himself learned a few new tricks as well. Not to mention that the new level has significantly more ducks than it used to!

And once we add all the new voiceovers it will truly shine!

In other news
We fixed a number of bugs in this release, among them the double attacks the hero performed when clicking on a shield. That resulted in shields being much easier to crush. I wonder why no one reported that one ːarchduckː

We are now working on adding all the new sounds to the game and post-processing and adding the new voiceovers that our super talented voice actors recorded for us. Once we are done you will hear a lot more one-liners (and situational comments) from our heroes bosses and townsfolk.

Last but not least, an option was added to disable auto attack by changing a value in the custom settings file. If anyone is interested in that hop into forums for more details!

Full changelog

Version 0.94.16723+ 18th July 2018
•   Quest mastering is now available
•   The new Archdemon quest is available
•   Legendary Vampiric Gloves will no longer pick up items even when not equipped or disabled
•   Belarusian language community translation added to the game
•   Fixed a bug where shields could be slashed at twice normal speed
•   When finding a stolen card that cannot be equipped notification with card's type will be shown
•   Card Mana Sphere now has 30% chance to absorb damage instead of 50%
•   Card Epic Arrow now deals 1 damage instead of 4 (card claimed to deal 3 dmg but there was a bug)
•   Balance: Deathrage gold cost is now higher
•   Balance in Roguelite mode: potions drop rate is now lower
•   Balance in Roguelite mode: resurrection cost increase is now higher
•   Archdemon quest outro can now be skipped
•   Three new Roguelike achievements
•   Fixed Eeny Meeny achievement
•   Razer Chroma support can now be disabled in the config file
•   Autoattack can now be disabled in the config file
•   Razer Chroma support temporarily disabled for testing purposes

As always,
Slay safe in the dungeons ːarchduckː

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #37 on: September 07, 2018, 12:47:51 AM »
Major sound and voices update!
Book of Demons - Konstanty

It is time for the September's major update. Let's quickly run through all the new stuff.

This update adds over 450 new sounds and remastered version of selected old ones. Many cards get their own sound and dungeons should sound more lively. Finally, the game sounds like we wanted it to sound!

Aside from a lot of new sounds we are also adding over 300 new lines of spoken dialogues and one-liners. Expect all characters to get a lot more chatty and crack occasional jokes. They will comment on fights and events in the game.

More card variants!
Many of you asked for this feature so we ironed out a few code quirks and now you will be able to find rare magical cards with two properties. And yes, left and right winged cards are possible. Not only that, occasionally a card with three properties can be found.

And disenchantable too!
But wait, there is more! Since this boosts the number of cards that can be found by a few thousands we also added card disenchanting. For a modest amount of gold, you can destroy a variant you have no use for to get back a rune card.

Roguelike mode is out of beta
After three months in beta, we are satisfied with the general stability and balance of the roguelike mode, which is why it's time for it to exit the cocoon. This doesn't mean we won't be adjusting minor stuff of course, but gameplay wise roguelike mode offers the unique permadeath experience we hoped for.

Full changelog
Version 0.96.17156+ 6h September 2018
•   Magic cards now can have up to three properties
•   Magic cards can now be disenchanted into Rune cards
•   Added notification when the player has found all common cards in the game
•   Added over 450 new sounds
•   Added over 300 new lines of spoken dialogues
•   Added a few new easter eggs
•   Skipping cutscenes in the dungeon now requires holding a key down for 1.5 seconds to avoid accidental skipping
•   Fixed Skeleton Belt's bonus values when browsing unequipped potion card variants
•   Added in-game disclaimer about tutorials. Shown on the first dungeon entry.
•   Amulet magical bonuses (like passive health bonus) will work in Roguelike mode regardless of the target
•   Score for badges earned will now be adjusted for the game size
•   Fixed timing and visual effects for achievements awarding animation
•   Fixed an issue with Archdemon Sweep skill triggering after loading a game saved when fighting him
•   Fixed Cook not saying his lines on 3rd mastering level
•   First card dropping on Roguelike can't be Town Portal, that was cruel
•   Improved and extended tutorials
•   Reworded Roguelike low gold warning
•   Made crows more explodey
•   Fixed a bug where a random variant was destroyed upon death on higher difficulty modes instead of equipped one
•   Fixed a rare crash related to crows singing
•   Added new "Ready for magic" achievement
•   Added new "Ready for stories" achievement
•   Added new "A-maze-ing!" achievement
•   Added new "Don't Die Hard" achievement
•   Added new "Master Chef" achievement
•   Added new "Craving Battle" achievement
•   Added new "Golden pot" achievement
•   Added new "1 step back" achievement

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #38 on: September 26, 2018, 12:03:57 AM »
Latest Changelog (0.96.17333+ 25th September 2018)

•   Enabled missing Warrior comments on Hell tileset
•   The game will now synchronize achievements with Steam on startup
•   Adjusted timings for how long boss fights should take - characters will now comment on very quick and slow kills
•   Fixed a bug that granted "In good hands" achievemnt for simply opening and closing Healer's dialogue
•   Controls improvement - it will now be easier to target monsters standing directly behind a monster playing death animation
•   Fountains can no longer be used if "hold" key is down
•   Readability improvemnt: potion cards that can't be charged due to mode rules will now be visible in charge window but tinted red and unusable.
•   Multiple readability and usability improvements in GUI
•   On dungeon cross-section ambient music will start sooner to avoid awkward silence when the screen scrolls to the Archdemon
•   Fixed crash after abandoning a game in free play mode
•   Fixed missing character voices in some cases in freeplay mode
•   Fixed a crash when switching between character in town rapidly
•   Improved Phantom Ring's description to be clearer
•   Score counting sound will now pause properly on the summary screen
•   The Archdemon will now scream less, he was losing it at times
•   Fixed charging monsters running out of map in Hell
•   Fixed Archdemon Obelisks sounds glitching
•   Fixed a bug that required a restart after enabling for Razer Chroma effects to affect other devices than keyboard

Version 0.96.17188+ 7th September 2018
•   Fixed issues with disenchanted cards not being actually destroyed
•   Fixed issue with healing costs in Roguelike Mode being too high on the massacre difficulty

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #39 on: October 11, 2018, 02:58:02 PM »
Mac version is live! Along with bugfixes and stuff.
Book of Demons - Konstanty

The Mac native port is ready and went live on Steam moments before this post was published. The game fully supports Steam Cloud on both Windows and Mac, so you can now enjoy it on the system you prefer whenever you feel like switching.

Other notable changes in this update
The Mage has a new voice. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we had to recast the Mage. We took that opportunity to find a great actor and we hope you will enjoy his work as much as we do.

Looking ahead
We are now testing and tuning new cards and streamer support features. Over the next month, we will continue to add remaining content and next month we expect to have the final build candidate ready on the test branch.

In my free time, I have been also tinkered with support for Logitech RGB hardware (as you probably figured out adding RGB support is a hobby of mine). You can expect Book of Demons to light your Logitech devices soon.

We are also working on Linux native port, but we his some last minute snags. However, the game works well in Steam Play so if you are on Linux and can't wait for the native port check it out. Also, consider wishlisting with store set to Linux. That way Steam might whitelist it for Proton and save you some hassle.

Full changelog
Version 0.98.17491+ 11th October 2018
•   Mac native version available
•   Improved visual effects for Archdemon gate opening sequence
•   Removed duplicate character voice over during Archdemon fight
•   The mage has now a new voice
•   Fixed: obsolete card variant combinations were not always replaced by new ones
•   Added random cameo skeleton encounter in Hell
•   Fixed: score counting sound would sometimes play during avatar unlock sequence
•   Bosses will now have jingles
•   Normalized card range tooltips (from numbers to descriptive terms)
•   Added more sounds for spiders
•   Added support for clicking in-town crows on a controller
•   Crows will now reset after the achievement is unlocked
•   Prepared backend for new cards
•   Improved exploration and movement tutorials
•   Fixed multiple typos
•   Added new supporters' names to credits

As always,
Stay safe in paper dungeons ːarchduckː

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #40 on: October 30, 2018, 12:04:55 AM »
Destructible columns update
Book of Demons - Konstanty

Destructible columns
We heard reports of columns being used by monsters as cover. No more, though. Now with mere three hits of arrows or shockwaves, you can bring down any column and reach monsters cowering behind it.

Lightsync support
I hinted at it before and here it is. We got our hands on some RGB hardware thanks to awesome people at Logitech G, I tinkered with it in my free time, and now Book of Demons should set RGB enabled Logitech hardware alight. Assuming you are running Windows.

Full changelog
Besides that, this update contains various fixes and tweaks as listed below.

Version 0.98.17603+ 29th October 2018
•   Columns are now destructible
•   Fixed a bug that prevented the player from getting frozen by most ice shockwaves
•   Fixed a visual glitch in level up notification
•   Fixed ice sprites sometimes blinking into existence for one frame
•   Improved ice disappear effect, now looks more like ice melting
•   Fixed issue with sound being looped under the certain circumstances in summary frame
•   Fixed a potential crash bug when a common variant of a previously lost card was found
•   Fixed current card variant being reset to common when another variant was disenchanted
•   The Cook will now have an idle animation during the intro cutscene
•   [Win] Logitech Lightsync support added
•   [Mac] Fixed broken serialization, skills effects will now save correctly
•   [Mac] Fixed Archdemon quest sarcophagi not spawning bosses after loading level
•   [Mac] Quality of Life: scroll will no longer open minimap

As always
Stay safe in paper dungeons ːarchduckː

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #41 on: November 07, 2018, 04:07:12 PM »
The last such sale

-50%  £14.99   £7.49

I really like this game  :thumbsup

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #42 on: November 07, 2018, 04:14:24 PM »
Release date is set to 13th Dec!

We have been in Early Access for over two years. It's been a wild ride. Wild but awesome, thanks to you guys. We initially planned of being in Early Access for only six months but the community took the game in directions we never anticipated. We now have an end game, Roguelike and Casual modes, randomized card variants, and much more. Not to mention a gargantuan number of bugs reported and fixed.

The game has reached the point at which we can say it has almost all the stuff we envisioned and so we can safely set the release date. We hinted at it before but now it's time to make it official: Book of Demons will exit early access on 13th of December. And yes, this year :archduck:

The run-up and the launch itself

As I type this post the release candidate build of the game is being finalized and deployed to the test branch. Those of you wishing to test the new cards and legendaries can check this thread for instructions on how to switch to the test branch.

The changes include sixteen new cards, each with magical and unique legendary variants, and a special thank you song performed by townsfolk after the Archdemons is defeated :archduck:

We will continue polishing and finalizing balance on the test branch until a few weeks before the launch date. Until launch, no new stuff is going to be added except bug fixes.

Meanwhile, on the public branch, we have some fun stuff planned to make the wait time fly but I will talk about that in another post :archduck:

What can you do?

As it turns out a lot. First of all, you can keep an eye out for 13th and play the game to see the new stuff. This in itself will mean a world to us.

Besides that, it would be awesome if you could spread the word. December is rather busy month when it comes to new releases and we will be in direct competition for players' and media attention with heavy hitter AAA titles. Although we will do all the standard stuff indie games do on launch and a bunch of non-standard things word of mouth is still king. So on 13th December tell your neighbor, tell your kids that Book of Demons is out!

Last but not least, if you haven't yet please consider writing a review on Steam. Reviews are the lifeblood for small indies and greatly help your friends discover games you consider worthy.

A slight post-launch price increase

This topic popped up in the community forums a few times with players urging us to increase the price of the game. We considered it and decided not to do it at least until we exit Early Access.

That time has come and we will increase the price by 5 dollars. The price of the game will change after this sale, on 9th November. We wanted to celebrate Polish Developer Sale but this sale is also the last such significant discount for a long time.

Why the price change now and not at launch? The reason is due to law to which Steam must adhere: there can be no sales for 30 days after the price change. We would like to have a sale for launch, of course, so we have decided to raise the price in advance so the "no discount" period would end in time for 13th December.

Post-launch roadmap

Of course, the launch is not the end of the road but rather the beginning. We have a slew of features we want to add to the game and stuff we have already done and while it didn't exactly make the final product we still deem worth sharing with you. Like our attempts at competitive multiplayer modes (with extra stress on "attempts", as it's not exactly multiplayer in a classical sense of the word). This, however, will come after the launch.

There is also the matter of Book of Demons being the first installment in a series of games. Some tentative work has already started on the next game and this will gain momentum after the launch. We have many cool ideas and depending on how the launch goes we will decide which get to be implemented and when.

As always,
Stay safe in the paper dungeons :archduck:

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Re: Book Of Demons
« Reply #43 on: November 23, 2018, 01:12:48 AM »
Version 0.99.17749+ 22nd November 2018

•   Summoning sparks won't block player movement anymore
•   Book of fire and ice will now grant special attacks even on a monster with hearts of the same element
•   All achievements can now be disabled by setting achievementsEnabled flag to "0" in customsettings.txt

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Re: Book Of Demons
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Dungeons & Streamers free DLC
28 November - Konstanty

We are introducing our streaming integration for both Twitch and Mixer, thus answering the age-old question: what is best in life? Apparently to crush your streamers, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!

Or, optionally, helping them overcome hordes of monsters and those who would rather see them fail by spawning drops and picking better cards. After all, in this streaming mode, it's you, the viewer, who decides what will happen next.

You can see the integration in action here:

But how does all this magic work?
When streamer of your choice chooses to use our free Dungeons & Streamers DLC viewers will be able to take part in the game via chat commands on Twitch and handy buttons on Mixer.

What can be done? By timing your commands right you can
•   Steal drops like gold, card charges or even cards!
•   Spawn new cards and charges
•   Spawn an extra monster or even mini-boss and the new monster will be named after you for everyone to see
•   Attack monsters alongside the streamer
•   Surround the streamer's hero with ice, poison him or give his mouse cursor little nudge in a critical moment
•   Trigger Death Rage, grant invincibility or heal the streamer
•   Lure nearby monster to gang up on the unsuspecting hero
•   When a legendary card is identified in this mode, two possible outcomes are presented and channel-wide voting takes place. The streamer will receive the top voted legendary card. Make sure it's Town Portal if you want to make their day!

In general, all actions will be displayed in the game so both other viewers and the streamer will know who was that guy who just stole his gold.

We also had a few secret commands during testing, some of them crashing streamers PC but these got disabled in the final build. Or were they? No, they totally got disabled.

We made this into an optional DLC to avoid cluttering GUI for non-streaming players by default and also that way we were able to test this mode ahead of launch.
You can see the full list of commands and features on the DLC's page:

Where can I participate in such streams?
Ideally on your favorite streamer's channel - ask them to play the game which will help to spread the word of the game. Which is the point

In other news
We are on the last stretch before the launch, which is why we are releasing the streaming integration now. Getting more people to know about the game and Early Access exit is more important now than ever.

Testing of new cards is progressing nicely, we already fixed a ton of bugs. Some bugs in the old cards also came to light thanks to dedicated testers (cheers!).


Version 0.99.17769+ 28th November 2018
•   Dungeons & Streamers free DLC available, adding Twitch and Mixer integration to the game
•   Fixed Eeny Meeny Miny Moe achievement and made it a little easier (gold pickups don't break it and both clicking and killing zombies works)
•   Gargoyle obelisk tile in Hell fixed
•   Multiple improvement and fixes to Twitch and Mixer integration after the beta run
•   [Mac] Fixes to resolution handling on high resolution screens

As always, Stream safe in the paper dungeons 


I stand against Racism, Bigotry and Bullying


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