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Author Topic: CodeMeter Runtime 6.30c released  (Read 3199 times)

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CodeMeter Runtime 6.30c released
« on: October 01, 2016, 07:00:17 PM »
CodeMeter 6.30C
Release Date: 2016-09-23
Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Bugfixes:
Download Windows (36.3MB): Click Here

Windows 10 Anniversary Update replaces the current operating system by a new one and transfers user data. CmActLicenses became invalid after the update. Updating CodeMeter to Version 6.30c generally repairs invalid licenses to be used again.

It is recommended to update CodeMeter to Version 6.30c BEFORE updating to Windows 10 Anniversary Update (FB44325).

FB43713: CodeMeter License Server: Eventually the detection of virtual machines on some 64-bit
systems resulted in an error preventing the CodeMeter service to start.

FB44147: CodeMeter License Server: The behavior of CmActLicence and Universal Firm Code licenses
for not properly shut down computer has been improved.

FB43902: CodeMeter License Server: XPM libraries: Some real systems eventually were wrongly
detected as virtual machines. Then eventually CmActLicenses could not be activated.

FB42621: CodeMeter License Server: Mac OS X: A setting in the profiling (DeactivateBonjour=1)
allows to stop the use of Bonjour. The use of Bonjour on some systems eventually lead to a
CodeMeter crash after the system returned from the hibernate state.

FB44122: CodeMeter License Server: WibuCmTrigger: After the import of a CmActLicense the ActiveX
object replaces the temporary serial number by the new proper one.

FB44339: CodeMeter License Server: CmTrigger: Java Trigger: After the import of a CmActLicense the
Java Applet replaces the temporary serial number by the new proper one.

FB44059: CodeMeter WebAdmin: The check of the subnet input of extended license
access privileges was handled too strong.

FB44265: CodeMeter WebAdmin: A CmWAN Server could not be specified into the server search list.

FB44183: CodeMeter WebAdmin: The specification of "localhost" into the server search list was not allowed.
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Re: CodeMeter Runtime 6.30c released
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2016, 09:14:47 PM »

I would not rush it... ;)

User post at SB forum

Wibu Support informed me that the release of CodeMeter runtime 6.30d is to be expected for Monday (which is a bank holiday in Germany, so maybe they meant to say "Tuesday", actually). We will include it in the upcoming update 4.005 (maybe 4.006), but maybe you want to install it right away as soon as it becomes available.
Right now it's not, but this message may be read by someone after Tusday, Oct 4th 2016...
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