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Pointing Tacview to a new install of DCS


I just installed DCS 2.0 on my system & have been using Tacview in DCS 1.5. Tacview is not making videos of 2.0 & I see no way in it to point Tacview at my 2.0 install.

What do I need to do to get Tacview to recognize 2.0?


File>Open>Point to the folder C:\Users\A\Documents\Tacview

Make sure the correct location is selected for the ACMI folder as above. If not then select the globe on the toolbar and "ACMI files recording folder" select it.

All the above should be correct as you have it working in DCS 1.5.

Maybe the 2.0 was not in the default location?

I am on TS and could help you faster there.

One day maybe ED will have a unified engine.... ::)

Thanks Asid!
I'm still at work but going out with friends to dinner tonight so I will most likely be on when I get home but I would think it would be pretty late for you.

No I didn't install either version of DCS to their default locations.


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