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Author Topic: Squad Hotfix Release: Alpha 7.5  (Read 2492 times)

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Squad Hotfix Release: Alpha 7.5
« on: September 20, 2016, 01:19:40 PM »
Hotfix Release: Alpha 7.5
Community Announcements - Merlin

We are now pushing a version 7.5 hotfix release, here are the changes:
   Fixed a client side crash relating to effects code in the engine introduced following the upgrade to Unreal Engine version 4.12.
   Fixed some possible memory corruption which may have been leading to crashes relating to the initialization of the console on startup.
   Fixed a rare server crash in vehicle claiming code.
   Pulled in a performance fix for Alpha 8 using a much faster method for drawing nametags. Note that in order to facilitate this, nametags will now be rendered through walls for nearby friendlies.
   Performance improved on the maps Op First Light, Kohat, Sumari and Logar by fixing improperly sized terrain textures.
   Fixed soldiers being invisible in local play on Jensen's Range, a bug introduced in a performance fix for alpha 7.4.
   Fixed an exploit relating to users tweaking their FOV outside of acceptable ranges.
   Increased the starting velocity for the spectation camera from 2.5 to 15 meters per second.

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