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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #150 on: December 17, 2018, 02:36:43 PM »
Hardcore PvP has become easier. Avanium server will be closed soon
Wild Terra Online - guniball

We decided to simplify the rules of the game on Hardcore PvP servers in order to attract more players.

All resources are now visible, which makes it possible for the player to be both a warrior and an artisan.
Wearing equipment no longer drops after death, so that you can use the most valuable equipment in battle.
The other parameters remained unchanged on Hardcore PvP.
As an experiment for balancing PvP, the requirement of light armor for the onslaught ability has been removed.
Slightly reduced the cost of steel for the manufacture of elements of Noble armor, sword and shield, to more closely match it's characteristics.
We are waiting for your feedback on new server settings and balancing!
Fixed the bug of pressing masks for complex objects, in particular, for the iron lattice.

On January 15, the Avanium server will be closed, which once became a haven for all players in the early access stage who did not want to create a new character when the game was released.
The rules of Avanium almost completely corresponded to the Hardcore PvE server, but the move from it was not available, so that on new servers everyone would have equal conditions for starting.
A lot of time has passed since then and now we can safely invite players from Avanium to other servers.
Before transfer do not forget to take out all the items from the stores, if you put them up for auction.
To transfer, type the /transfer command in the chat. Your dominium with all the buildings will be packed and placed in your inventory.
After that, select the server where you want to transfer.
Note that if you transfer to a server where you already have a character, this character will be deleted.
After transfer, clear a suitable place and expand your dominium from the inventory.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #151 on: December 21, 2018, 01:57:01 PM »
Soon the water will freeze and it will be possible to walk on the ice. Build walls!
Wild Terra Online - guniball

Very soon in the Wild Terra will come winter, and it will be possible to walk on the ice!
Do not forget to check your fence and make sure that you are protected by walls on all sides.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #152 on: December 21, 2018, 01:58:25 PM »
Christmas in Wild Terra. Special events and lots of gifts!
Wild Terra Online - guniball

Winter has come to Wild Terra. Snow fell, ponds were covered with ice and the spirit of Christmas is already felt everywhere.

Christmas Sale! Save 50% on Wild Terra Online
on Steam
on developer website

Participate in the Christmas event until mid-January.
Perform special tasks for preparing for Christmas!
•   install and decorate Christmas trees;
•   decorate your possessions with snowmen and mistletoe wreaths;
•   hang Christmas socks;
•   collect snow and make snowballs - arrange a winter battle!
Completing quests and earning a lot of Christmas presents! Do not forget to wish a merry Christmas to your neighbors - give presents to each other.

But not everything is so fun... The holiday was under threat! Inhabitants of the Corrupted Lands plan to thwart Christmas. A group of Woodwoses with a leader - the ancient Alfar, cleans the forest, cutting off the branches of mistletoe and robs the caravans of overseas merchants who deliver Christmas-tree decorations. Need to stop them!

The victory over the Christmas Woodwoses will give you materials and decorations for the holiday, but if you find Grandfather Alfar, then there will be another Christmas surprise in his bag!

When completing Christmas tasks, you will receive Snowflakes as a reward, exchange them at the Auction in the Events section.
Pay special attention to the Christmas surprise, it contains many unique prizes, including elements of the Christmas costume, premium mounts and Improvement Scrolls, added to the DLC Royal Treasures.

White mounts (Deer, Boar, Horse, Wolf and Bear) appear in Christmas clothes.
These mounts, including the Snow Barghest, you can get by opening Christmas surprises!

Improvement Scrolls, added to the Royal Treasures DLC, can now be dropped when you defeating the Draemetr.
Fixed a bug due to which the Forge and the Crucible shop effects did not work in the Royal Castle.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #153 on: December 26, 2018, 11:04:07 PM »
Christmas sweets. Improvements Christmas gifts
Wild Terra Online - guniball

Improved rewards for Christmas gifts, socks and Christmas trees:
- removed copper arrows, instead of them, added iron and steel arrows and spears, as well as iron and cast iron projectiles for sling.
- the list of products for culinary was corrected, simple ingredients were removed, the quantity was increased.
- сorrected list of resources in the gifts at the Christmas tree, removed simple resources, added steel and Hardened leather, increased the amount.

Each part of the Christmas outfit (except cloaks) now gives the movement speed +5%.
Instead of Christmas candy and cookies, special sweets now appear in gifts, Christmas tree socks and souvenirs:
- Candy Concentration. Adds Combat concentration without a timer for re-use.
- Candy Inspiration. Adds Inspiration master without a timer for re-use.
- Gingerbread man. Gives satiety all types of food for 100 units.
- Gingerbread tree. Increases damage to animals and monsters by 20%. The effect disappears when you exit from the server.
- Gingerbread snowflake. Increases damage by snowballs on New Year's monsters 3 times. The effect disappears when leaving the server.
- Gingerbread star. Reduces the cooldown time of all combat skills.
The effect persists after death. The effect disappears when leaving the server.

For all valuable items related to Christmas, a special frame was made to make it easy to distinguish these items.
Fixed a bug due to which the damage of weapons above 150% quality could be incorrectly considered in some situations.
Fixed missing production sounds for the buildings of the Royal Castle.
500 spices are now placed in one inventory cell instead of 100.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #154 on: December 30, 2018, 01:48:30 PM »
Enter the game to receive a gift!
29 December - guniball   

Enter the game from December 30 to January 9 to get your New Year's gift!

The gift is issued once when you first log into the server, so select the server you usually play on.
Before you open it, make sure that you have enough free space in the inventory (10-15 cells), otherwise some of the items may fall to the ground.

Until January 15, the New Year event and the Christmas Quest also take place. To start this, a dominium is required.
We remind all players of the Legacy server Avanium that you need to enter the /transfer command to move to a new server.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #155 on: January 09, 2019, 07:54:08 PM »
Major Update 10.1. Barter. Equal opportunities
Wild Terra Online - guniball

Steam-client will update automatically
Download the new client version...
Play directly in your browser (Chrome and Opera only)

Purchase Wild Terra Online with 90% discount right now!

Improvements and fixes 0.10.1
To improve trade, we have introduced the ability to sell products not only for spices.
Now you can choose the currency of sale for the goods from several options of resources.
Now you can create lots to buy these resources in large quantities.
Now you can sell spices for other resources, to accumulate them on the balance of your store and collect them as needed.
Regulate the economy of your server, set your exchange rate, compete with other sellers!
Products that are on sale, you need to pick up from the store and set the sale again, otherwise they will not be visible at the auction.
An additional bookmark has been added to the stores where you can collect the accumulated proceeds.
Reworked display of goods at the auction, the choice of the sale currency was added to the auction filter.
The current mechanics of trade is not final, we will analyze the results and change this mechanic, if necessary.
We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas on what other selling currencies should be added. Write on our forum on Steam.
Commission for instant delivery of things from the auction reduced by 2 times.
Fixed a bug due to which the Bolas was not visible at auction.
Many types of resources and items increased their number, which fits in one cell.

Christmas gifts and quests extended until January 14.

For the year of operation of current server configurations, we analyzed all the data and decided to abandon the separation of servers into Hardcore and Standard.
All servers will now work under the new rules, only the division into PvP and PvE will be preserved, but new mechanics will be added.
Worn items of equipment no longer fall out if you die, but take damage of 15% of its durability.
Now the item is marked on the damage panel in red when it reaches 20% durability, so you can understand that it is approaching destruction at death and can avoid its loss.
Durability limit for all items increased by 50%, and for shields (iron and higher) by 100%, but the current value of remains the same, do not forget to repair it.
Dependencies of resource visibility on attributes are no longer present, but the visibility of resources based on Gathering and Mining skills has been added.
If your skill level is 10 levels below the required resource level, you will not see it. With a difference of 9 levels, the chance to find a resource will be 10% and so on up to 100%.
The skill levels of a number of Mining recipes and some resources requiring the Gathering and Mining skills have been changed.
Maximum gathering level increased to 30.
Storages of Battle Concentration and Master Inspiration are 25,000; basic replenishment per day is 8,000.
The power of animals and monsters is reconfigured so that at the initial levels it does not cause inconvenience to the players, but at the maximum combat level their power could be compared to the strength of Hardcore servers.
The rate of skill improvement, mining volumes and endurance replenishment are reduced to average balanced values.

Features of PvE servers:
All containers are locked, players cannot damage each other and player buildings, cannot pick up the contents of another's corpse and cut off their heads.
There are no mines; instead of sieges, weekly Castle Auctions are held.

Features of PvP servers:
Only high-level containers and warehouses are locked.
Entry-level structures as well as fragile structures can be destroyed by other players.
Players can kill each other, collect the contents of other corpses and cut off their heads.
Iron production is reduced, additional iron is obtained from the daily mines.
Weekly Castle Sieges.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #156 on: January 11, 2019, 02:53:25 PM »
Why is there an in-game store in the paid game?
Wild Terra Online - guniball

We are attentive to ensuring that the game remains as fair as possible for all. This is the main of our principles and it will not change. Then why is there an in-game store and what is it for?

To play always and without any restrictions, you need to buy access to the game only once. However, gaming servers require a monthly payment from developers. Buying something in the in-game store, you provide additional support for the project, so that we can regularly release updates and pay for the servers. This is the main purpose of the store - if you like the game, you can additionally support the project in this way.

What exactly can you buy in the store?
We carefully think over what can be added to the store. We adhere to the following rules:
1. Do not sell anything that could affect the balance in PvP. Only a fair fight.
2. Sell something that can save time, or make the game a little more comfortable.
3. Sell cosmetic and status items.
4. Create opportunities to obtain analogues of sold items in a game way.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #157 on: February 09, 2019, 01:17:16 PM »
Wild Terra will be FREE! Get unique rewards for loyalty
4 Feb - guniball


Ahead we are waiting for a very big and important step in the development of the project. From February 12th, Wild Terra Online will be FREE! Do not be discouraged if you bought the game - on the contrary, you will receive generous bonuses for loyalty!

Wild Terra Online is growing rapidly, in the 12 months we've released 8 updates and a free DLC. And the number of players online, over the past 2 months has increased by more than 50%. The transition to free-to-play is not a necessary measure, it is the next stage of active growth. We are determined to work productively and will continue to delight you with updates, and our policy related to microtransactions will remain the same (more info here).

We will try to briefly answer some questions.

Does it make sense to buy the game right now?
Yes. When the game becomes free, you will receive the Veteran Pack, containing many valuable items. Having bought Wild Terra, you will also help the further development of the game.

What the Veteran Pack? Who exactly will get it?
All those who purchased Wild Terra Online before the transition to free-to-play will receive the Veteran Pack. It doesn't matter how long ago you did it, purchased the game on Steam, on our website or won a contest - you will receive this pack. We are very grateful for your support!

Veteran Pack (10,000+ gold value)
•   Named Unique Veteran's Cloak
•   30 days of Premium Bonus
•   5 x Large potion of Battle Focus
•   5 x Large potion of Craftsman's Insight
•   3 Bronze keys
•   2 iron keys
•   1 Steel key

Will there be a wipe (removal of characters and property)?
No, the transition to free-to-play will occur without a wipe. All property will remain with you.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #158 on: February 09, 2019, 01:19:34 PM »
Soon in the Wild Terra: updated Food system
6 Feb - guniball   

Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

We are working on updating the food system. All food will be changed (ingredients, satiety, endurance), and most dishes will give the character new temporary effects, such as:
Increase the speed of gathering, building, crafting.
Increase the chance of successful action.
Reduced stamina costs.
Increase the chance to parry.
And some other effects. But be careful when getting more than 4 effects from food, instead of a positive effect, you can get a negative - Overeating. And if you continue to overeat, then soon all positive effects will be replaced.

A new kind of spice will appear in the game: Sugar (it can also be obtained like all other spices), as well as new drinks: Carrot juice, Fruit juice, Dry wine, Hard liquor.

Changes can already be tested on a test server. How to switch the main version to the test version.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #159 on: February 09, 2019, 01:20:37 PM »
Update 10.2. Bon appetit. Absorbed in battles
9 Feb @ 7:12am - guniball   

Steam-client will update automatically
Download the new client version...[]
Play directly in your browser (Chrome and Opera only)[]

Purchase Wild Terra Online with 67% discount right now![]
Purchase on Steam

Improvements and fixes 0.10.2
Completely changed the system of effects from food, the previous bonuses for skills no longer apply.
The food is now divided into several types, some good for saturation, and some for getting positive effects.
Some effects are combined in the groups "Wel-fed warrior" and "Energy drink", which excludes their simultaneous use.
The remaining effects can be applied simultaneously, but if you try to apply more than 4 types at the same time, you will receive a short-term "Overeating".
Continuing to eat with Overeating, you lose all the current active effects of food! Do not overdo it with food, overeating is harmful!
Cooking skill can now be increased to level 50.
Added new drinks: Carrot Juice, Fruit Juice, Dry Wine, Strong liquor.
Added new pottery: Clay Jug.
Skill level requirements for Cooking recipes have been reworked.
Added a new kind of spices - Sugar. It can be obtained in the same way as all other spices: Godsends, Yellow chests of daily quests, Treasures and monsters of the Corrupted Lands.

Changed the mechanics of the Absorption for heavy armor.
Now Absorption reduces all incoming damage always, but its value for heavy armor slightly reduced.
Iron and steel arrows, as well as Crystal Sword can now partially ignore the Absorption parameter.
Swords have been improved, damage has been added and Parry values have been increased, which should significantly increase the survival of swordsmen.
The ballista can now be destroyed only with a crushing weapon, so now you can safely use any other weapon in its defense without fear of inflicting random damage on it.
Equipment damage at the death reduced to 10%.
Copper, Wool and Scraps of cards have been added as additional currencies for trading.
Fixed click area of the steel chest.
Fixed a bug due to which the chance of repairing decorated items was not displayed.
Fixed errors in the descriptions of skills, attributes and parameters of items.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #160 on: February 13, 2019, 12:05:10 AM »
Wild Terra Online is already available for FREE!
12 Feb - guniball

Wild Terra Online is now a free game. It's time to invite your friends to the game!

Play on Steam
Play online via browser (Chrome and Opera)[]

To join the game even faster and more enjoyable, buy special sets with a lot of items!

Esquire Pack
•   Esquire's unique horse (speed + 80%)
•   Named Unique Esquire's Cloak
•   Title “Esquire”
•   7 days of Premium Bonus
•   3 x Golden Building Plan
•   3 x Golden Crafting Scheme
•   Enchanted Iron Knife

Lord Pack
•   Lord's unique horse (speed + 100%)
•   Named Unique Lord’s Cloak
•   Title “Lord”
•   15 days of Premium Bonus
•   6 x Golden Building Plan
•   6 x Golden Crafting Scheme
•   Enchanted Iron Knife
•   Enchanted Iron Hatchet
•   1,000 gold

Regent Pack
•   Regent's unique horse (speed + 100%)
•   Named Unique Regent’s Cloak
•   Title “Regent”
•   30 days of Premium Bonus
•   12 x Golden Building Plan
•   12 x Golden Crafting Scheme
•   Enchanted Iron Knife
•   Enchanted Iron Hatchet
•   Enchanted Iron Pickaxe
•   3,000 gold
•   5 x Large potion of Battle Focus
•   5 x Large potion of Craftsman's Insight

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