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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #45 on: January 26, 2017, 03:50:30 PM »
Major Update 8.22. Fast leveling, arena, treasures, new monsters, sieges and many more

The most important changes and innovations of one of the major updates of Wild Terra:
Fast leveling. "Craftsman's Insight" and "Battle Focus";
New game mode "Arena" and rating of players;

•   Daily quests Treasure Hunt;
•   New monsters and battles for the prize;
•   The new siege mechanics. The hour of siege.
•   A lot of changes aimed at the playability and stability.

For detailed list of changes, see below.

Steam-client will update automatically
Play directly in your browser (Chrome and Opera only)

Improvements and fixes 0.8.22

The mechanics of sieges was changed, it has become more dynamic and ensure the presence of defenders.
Now on PvP and Mixed servers every week will be held The Siege within one hour.
All siege weapons can attack only during the Siege, and the time of their preparation for attack is now only 10 minutes instead of 8 hours.

Updated leveling system
Implemented system accelerates leveling to eliminate boring and repetitive actions when leveling high-level skills.
Now, every day when you log into the game you'll get points of "Craftsman's Insight" and "Battle Focus".
These serve to speed up leveling skills, the higher the current skill level, the more they accelerate it, but accordingly more quickly being spent.

Created a new type of server - "Arena", where everyone can try yourself in the battle with other players.
All players in the arena have a basic equipment, and 15 level of skill and saturation is not spent at replenishing of stamina.
In the arena will appear chests with equipment made of various materials, so that you can improve the basic equip.
Kills and deaths on the arena are recorded on the ratings page, available from the top menu on the server selection screen.

Treasure hunting
Implemented the initial system of treasures, which we plan to develop in the future.
To start the adventure, start "Treasure Hunt" from the action window. The treasure is guarded by evil creatures, prepare properly and do not forget the shovel!

Other improvements and fixes
Implemented the transfer of items from the containers into the inventory by double-clicking and using Shift + click combination.
Implemented the transfer of items from your inventory into the container by Shift + click.
In the containers appeared "Take all" button.
Now the type of zone: Peaceful, Wild, Disputable or Arena along with its features is displayed when you logging in and when you entering to a different zone.
Carried out work on optimization the rendering graphics.
Fixed logic of attacking animals when they stopped on the spot, without hitting the target. Needed testing of group hunting.
Indicators of life and stamina now slightly highlighted at the time of the change.
Idle time before disconnecting from the server has been increased to 20 minutes.
Now all the plants and trees can be demolished by owner as regular buildings.
File config.js got detailed comments on all customizable parameters.
Added setting RENDER_CLOAKS, allows you to disable showing cloaks.
The debugger which displays FPS and Ping is now disabled by default, because it greatly affects the performance. To activate it, change the option LOAD_PHASER_DEBUG
Fixed a problem with the connection to the server.
Fixed a large radius of drop items after the destruction of the containers
Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to build through the walls.
Fixed a bug due to which not used automatic tool equipment for wells and cutting off the head.
Fixed refresh of unread counter on the chat icon.
Fixed a bug due to which the character kept moving when you open a chat window.
Fixed a bug due to which the items menu sometimes appeared behind the inventory screen.
Fixed a bug due to which when disconnected from the server, on the screen was remain an opened windows.
Fixed a rare bug disconnected from the server, due to which connect to the server is no longer possible until restart it.
Fixed a bug with the flashing interface, which was observed for some players.
Fixed a bug due to which the current action is not interrupted at change of gear.
Fixed a bug due to which the cast-iron shells did not give bonus damage for ballista.
Fixed a bug that caused incorrect display starting from the point of the phrase above the player's head.
Fixed a bug allowing deal damage through the joints in the walls.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #46 on: January 30, 2017, 03:16:47 PM »
Improvements and fixes
Community Announcements

From construction and crafts removed list of winter buildings, stopped the emergence of new snow drifts and winter wolves in the world.

Mulled wine is moved to the list of cooking recipes.

Fixed behavior in treasure defenders, so they will not run away too much.

Defenders of the treasures have become a little stronger, and in treasures added copper and bronze tools.

Configuring FORCED_LOCALE in config.js now has priority over the Steam language setting, respectively, can now be included Vietnamese language play in the game on Steam.

Increased the number of charcoal in one cell to 20.

If a player has blocking in the chat, now all players will see a message about it. Please do not swear in the chat and do not insult the other players.

Our inquisitors are strictly punished for foul language, insults or heresy.

Fixed cancellation of strength in the tools during mining.

In the arena is now disabled the ability to summon mount.

Fixed a bug with the transfer of items by Shift + click.

Button "Take all" has been temporarily disabled because it caused the loss of items in several situations. After solving the problem, we return it again.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #47 on: February 04, 2017, 12:01:57 AM »
Coming soon in the Wild Terra: Corrupted Lands
3 February

Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

Soon, a new type of zone will appear in the Wild Terra - Corrupted Lands. It would appear on the already existing sparsely populated regions. In these areas will be impossible to construct anything. Corrupted Lands would be surrounded by rocks, ancient walls and cracks in the ground. On these territories you can pass only through several passages. In the center of such a zone would be located a huge colored crystal, from which, players will be able to obtain new resources. There is also will live a new monsters...

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #48 on: February 09, 2017, 05:22:30 PM »
Update 8.23. Valentine's Day and spring in the Wild Terra, graphic changes, improvements of sieges system

With this update in the Wild Terra has ended winter. Was smelted not only snowdrifts, but also the hearts of enamored. There was also modified and refined mechanics of sieges. Color correction have been made for the entire graphics. See below for details about these and other changes.

Steam-client will update automatically
Play directly in your browser (Chrome and Opera only)

Improvements and fixes 0.8.23
In the world of Wild Terra the summer is coming back again. Have disappeared drifts, snowmen, Christmas socks, winter wolves, white boar and white deer.
Have appeared flowers, which you can collect and make wreaths from it.
Anyone who weave a wreath in the period until 16 February will receive a unique title Enamored. Recall that you can change or disable your titles by pressing N.
Changed the mechanics of destruction dominiums by players. Now, after the destruction of dominium by a conventional or siege weapons, it does not disappear, but becomes a broken. Locks on the containers and on the doors, stop working until it is will be repaired or is finished the Siege.
Greatly reduced damage from ballista and battering ram.
Reduced skill requirements for the construction of ballista and battering rams. Changed the list of required materials.
Rebalance all durability of buildings, walls and dominiums to increase activity during the siege.
Battering ram could now do low damage even to stone and brick walls, and ballista requires less shots for breaking walls.
Implemented a timer for the revival on the bed and near the leader of the group for beginners. The more often you die, so it becomes longer (up to a maximum of 5 minutes). After 20 minutes, the timer is reset.
During the siege and beginner bonus timer reduced by 2 times. Reborn in a random location you can without delay.
Fixed critical error of memory leak when animals and players appears on the screen, which led to a decrease in performance during long games. It requires testing and feedback.
"Take all" button is returned. Fixed disappearance of items, require testing.
In the crafts and construction now shows the correct amount expended stamina considering a bonus and the chance of success.
For all graphic color correction has been made to align its saturation.
Implemented a new model and animations for the Barghest.
When playing through a web, is no longer pops up a context menu on the screen of death.
Fixed a bug with pointers to other members of the group if they do not move. It requires testing and feedback.
Fixed a bug due to which the automatic equipment of the ax, did not work for the dead trees.
Fixed behavior of attacking animals, so they will not always run away, encountering obstacles.
Fixed a bug due to which the animals could break the treasures in the disputed lands.
Fixed a bug due to which could not replenish the "Craftsman's Insight" and "Battle Focus".
Fixed a bug due to which the planting received periodic damage in the disputed lands.
Fixed a bug due to which, the damage from the ballista was applied not to all buildings in a radius of damage.
Fixed a bug in the crucible and the crucible workshop, due to which it was possible to obtain steel, excluding costs of cast iron.
Reduce the size of the physical body for the battering ram and the ballista.
Reduced the number of arrows and tips in godsends.
Increased the cooldown for shooting from a sling.
Added Turkish language.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #49 on: February 22, 2017, 12:41:18 PM »
Plans for the implementation of new features and improvements in 2017
21 February

Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

During 2016, the game was very much changed, you can read about the major changes here. We have compiled a list of improvements and features that we want to add into Wild Terra in this year (not in order of priority).

New game features:
•   Corrupted lands with new monsters and rewards.
•   Trade.
•   Skill Taming. Possibility to tame any animal.
•   System of management and leveling the tamed animals, equipment and arena for their battles.
•   Daily quests.
•   Enchant gear scrolls divided by armor and weapon types allowing to upgrade item quality to 150% without fail chances and more than 150% with huge chances to break item.
•   New pre made houses models with furniture, containers, beds and decorations inside to craft in one click.
•   Role playing mode. So you can play your role in game without other players’ misunderstanding.
•   Animations of emotions.
•   Siege declaration system. That will allow players to declare their siege will for certain dominium before the siege, allowing dominium’s owner to have time to prepare for siege.
•   Base materials quality so they could affect on final item production quality (ore, stones. hides etc).

Interface, Inventory, convenience:
•   Trade channel in the chat.
•   Stacking items in container with shift+click.
•   Make items gradation by quality creating different grades and colors to make quality sorting process easy.
•   Add weapon auto equipment while using combat skills icons. Making character to take best weapon available of type required to use that skill.
•   Add friends list in game with opportunity to give access to dominium and other convenient functions.
•   Opportunity to open doors and containers and interact with machines without dismount.
•   Dismount will no longer place you inside your horse model allowing you to shoot or perform other actions without chance to hit you mount.

Other equally important changes and fixes:
•   Transfer between servers
•   Merging some unused, old, low populated servers with free players transfer on their choice.
•   Referral system that will give rewards both for person who invited new players and new players that came using these links.
•   Rework the in-game shop.
•   Add raid system in game to form it of several groups.
•   Restriction to build new dominiums closer than 9 tiles but for friends list users only.
•   Add dead animal corpse with minimum loot that died of starvation while being blocked by something in the game world.
•   Bolas will knock you off the mount.
•   Opportunity to share achievements in socials.
•   Restriction to read dominium’s owner if you are not in his friends list.
•   Adding defensive artillery in game to help defenders during their dominium siege.
•   Pike with enemy’s head. You will see head’s name. Item will decay in time.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #50 on: February 28, 2017, 03:20:46 PM »
Coming soon in the Wild Terra: Fame of the character
28 February

Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

In the upcoming update will be added a new characteristic - the Fame.
For every victory against other players you will receive fame points. Number of accrued points will depends on the fame points of the victim: the more famous opponent, the more you'll get for his murder. Fame will increase and in fights with the animals.

Depending on the accumulated points of Fame, the color of your name and the title becomes redder and more noticeable for other players. When you die, you will lose the all accumulated fame points, so keep the championship will not be easy.

If you still not have access to the game, now is the time to buy it with 15% discount

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #51 on: March 03, 2017, 11:33:01 AM »
Video review of Update 8.23. Spring, graphic changes, improvements of siege system

« Last Edit: March 03, 2017, 11:35:18 AM by Asid »

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #52 on: March 03, 2017, 11:35:03 AM »
Update 8.24. Fame system, Lady Day and many improvements for convenient playing

In this update was added the Fame system, made many revisions for a more convenient playing, and we will hold the event "Lady Day" with the unique reward. See below for details about these and other changes.

SAVE 15% until March 6th!
Purchase access to the game:

Improvements and fixes 0.8.24
•   With this spring arrival we are going to celebrate “Lady day” in Wild Terra.
•   Now you can dry flowers to use them as a material for the unique lady cloak which can be worn by female characters only.
•   While you will dry flowers there is a small chance to get their seeds to cultivate them on your fields.
•   There is a new Fame system in game. Now each victory over the opponent will add you some amount of fame. You will get more fame if your enemy was famed as well.
•   Defeating animals will also add some fame to you depending on animal’s level. However you can get cap of fame by killing animals only on PvE server. If you want maximum fame possible on PvP server you need to kill players.
•   Each death will take away some amount of your fame. The more fame you have the more it will change your name’s color until will be completely red.
•   You can no longer place you dominium closer than 10 tiles away from another on PvP servers.
•   Mount you animals will now take some time moreover that process can be interrupted by making some damage to your character.
•   Doors, containers, machines can be interacted while you are riding.
•   Bolas can be crafted and stacked by 3 items at once.
•   Wreaths will no longer give you title as well as they were moved in cloth crafting menu.
•   Some HP and absorb added for paling and paling gates.
•   Frying pan deals damage to one target only at a time.
•   Crafting steel items now require steel anvil. Material cost for steel anvil decreased significantly.
•   Steel gates now cost less to build.
•   “Eat all” function was made by default for all types of food as well as eating speed been increased.
•   You need to fossick godsends first before you can open it.
•   Dominium upgrade will not give you spare parts left anymore.
•   Tools auto equipment now works for repair both items and buildings.
•   Tools auto equipment will now choose best possible tool by default
•   Weapon auto equipment added. Using skill will make your character to take best quality weapon of type needed to use the skill.
•   Barrage damage been added.
•   Swift strikes skill will do less damage as well as cool down been increased.
•   Deadly blow skill will now ignore the armor.
•   You can no longer harvest crops with zero stamina but for wild sources of food that needs gathering skill less than 10.
•   Clay and honey level requirements been changed.
•   Bird droppings gathering amount decreased.
•   Agricultural crop amount decreased
•   Fry pan’s base cooking bonus been changed from 50% to 100%
•   All terrain improvement works now need a shovel as well as more stamina needed.
•   Game window title will now show your character’s name and server name to help support team identify you by your screenshots.
•   Some delay was made in information update in coordinates list while P button is pressed on. That was made for some game play speed optimization.
•   Now if you will reduce RENDER_CHARACTER_LIMIT in config.js you will see some pictures of animals and players instead of pink balls.
•   Client crush been fixed when you got more objects than your RENDER_CHARACTER_LIMIT set.
•   Harvesting with bare hands will now yields fewer products than if you use any tools.
•   Buckets will no longer switch in your hands while you use a well.
•   All mounts will run away if they got any damage.
•   Some synchronization bugs been fixed as well as teleportation issue.
•   Fixed a bug with incorrect amount of stamina drain description in building and crafting menus.
•   Correcting player’s position on server will not give you stun anymore.
•   Tanning materials consumption been fixed to make all tanning processes similar to each other.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #53 on: March 07, 2017, 12:34:07 AM »
New goods in the shop. Barghest mount, starter kits, random unknown schemes and plans

We are working on a new goods for the in-game shop, and in the current update were added the new items which you can already purchase:

•   Barghest mount. Speed-up 100. Is summoned directly to owner. Item cannot be lost/dropped.
•   Random and unknown for you schemes and plans. You can learn unknown crafting scheme or building plan. There are as regular (for a single server), and golden (available on all servers).
•   Starter Kits. Help to make easier and more comfortable path from the initial content to the middle game. Includes mount, premium days, a few random recipes and cloak. For detailed description please visit in-game shop.
In future updates we are planning to continue filling the store with new interesting goods!

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #54 on: March 12, 2017, 08:04:28 PM »
Warp Crystals

Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

We already wrote about what the Corrupted Lands is and who lives there. And now let's take a closer look at the role of Crystals, and what practical benefits can be obtained from a new type of territories.

Warp Crystals
In the center of each Corrupted Land will be the Perfect Warp Crystal - a huge crystal that distorted the environment and changed the flora and fauna around. The crystal can be split with a siege weapon, and then it will be available for the extraction of Crystal Shards using a pickaxe. After 25 hours, the crystal will take its original state, and players will be able to use a siege weapon again. The resulting shards are used to create Scroll of Warp.

In addition to the Perfect Crystal, in the Corrupted Lands very rarely will appear Small Warp Crystals, which can be planted on your own territory. They are very finicky, and to grow such a crystal, it will take a lot of effort. But if you succeed, you can use the grown crystal to determine the type of created Scroll of Warp.

Growing a crystal and creating the Scroll of Warp

To create a scroll, you need 3 ingredients:
•   Pure parchment (made in several stages from a large dried skins);
•   The essence of the Perfect Warp Crystal (created from a crystal shards on a steel anvil).
•   The essence of the Small Warp Crystal.

Growing a Small Warp Crystal:
•   Free up more space for the crystal. After planting it is necessary to wait for the crystal to grow a little.
•   Then it should be fertilized within 12 hours, otherwise the crystal will not form for further growth. Formless crystal can be broken with a pick and get a few random types of essences. To properly fertilize the crystal, you need to use reagents in a certain order.
•   The formed crystal will give more Small Crystals. However, instead of forming it can be re-fertilize, and then the crystal will move to the next stage of growth (if you fertilized incorrectly, you will get a formless crystal).
•   After repeating the fertilizer procedure, the crystal will move to a new stage of growth. Possible and unsuccessful transition, and the higher the stage, the higher the chance of failure (from 20% to 60%). With each new stage of the crystal growth will provide more resources during splitting, and at the last stage can be splited only with a siege weapon.

Next time, we will tell you more about scrolls of distortion, their types and effects on the quality of items. Subscribe and follow the news.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #55 on: March 14, 2017, 03:54:04 PM »
Scrolls of Warp
14 March

Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely.

Previous news about the Corrupted Lands:

•   Corrupted Lands;
•   Inhabitants;
•   Warp Crystals;

Levels of quality items and the color of the frame icons

All weapons, armor and tools have a level of quality. The higher the quality, the better the characteristics of the item. In the next update, the items will be more visually different in quality, color frames will be added:

The material from which the item is made, also affects the quality category and the color of the frame.
Example: a stone ax (quality: 135) in the inventory will be displayed as a "basic" item without a frame, and a steel ax (quality: 135) will be a unique item in a yellow frame.

Improving the quality of an item. Scroll of Warp

There are 6 types of quality improvement scrolls (see the image in the header of the news):
•   Shields;
•   Ranged weapons;
•   Heavy armor;
•   Light armor;
•   Melee weapons;
•   Tools.

Each of these scrolls increases the quality of the corresponding item. The result depends on the current quality and, of course, your luck!

The table shows the values that we plan to make. The system will be tested and updated, in the near future there will be a restriction - the items can not be improved above 150

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #56 on: March 18, 2017, 01:54:30 PM »
16th march update plans.

1.   Corrupted lands. Corrupted lands would be generated on all servers. They will not be finished in their final state but would have some new mobs with some new loot. So you can go try some new experience and find some new tactics versus new mobs.

2.   Dominium transfer INSIDE the game server. Corrupted lands would be generated directly on existing maps. So those who will find out himself in the middle of those new lands will have to move all their dominium. We are trying to make new transfer system that will make it easier.

3.   Stables. Stables will work as an interface for your mounts management. You will be able to store both shop and simple mounts there taking only 1 you need with you to empty or inventory. Also will be convenient to store some simple mounts to have some if you lost yours. If your stable will be destroyed that will not affect your mounts. You can build a new one or use friends stable to access it again.

4.   Mines. We want to try and check some new mechanics. For now mines will be added to all servers as an addition to normal iron ore spawn. Once a day they will yield some iron so we hope players will start fighting to get some free iron. After we will balance it we’d add more things about mines and their functionality for now we are making it only to check macro effects.

5.   New vision client mode. Their purposes to reduce lags, give better overview, and make game more practical for pvp needs. This mode will be available to switch any time like G button mode works today.

6.   General client optimization.

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #57 on: March 20, 2017, 07:10:05 PM »
Video review of Update 8.24. Fame system, Lady Day and many improvements for convenient playing

Save 15% on the purchase Wild Terra:

Changelog 8.24

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Re: Wild Terra
« Reply #58 on: March 24, 2017, 02:55:19 AM »
The Great Update 8.25. Corrupted Lands, new monsters, improvements of the combat system, stables, light mode and much more. Added Simplified Chinese
23 March

This is one of the largest updates of Wild Terra. The game has new zones, monsters, stables, a mode with simplified graphics, and the combat system has undergone a strong refinement. Read more about these and other changes below.

Steam-client will update automatically
Download the new client version...[]
Play directly in your browser (Chrome and Opera only)[]

SAVE 15% buying the Steam key on the Wild Terra site
Purchase access to the game on our website[] or Steam

Improvements and fixes 0.8.25
In the world of Wild Terra, now there are new zones of dark forces - Corrupted Lands, where construction is not available and the warped inhabitants have settled:

•   Wodwose-Fencer - great to fight in melee.
•   Wodwose-Archer - keeps the distance, hitting the target with deadly arrows.
•   Wodwose-Alchemist - throws self-maded bombs, causing damage to the area.
•   Corrupted Rat and Barghest - wild beasts of the Corrupted Lands.
•   Draemetr - unwieldy but evil guard.

Implemented the mechanics of folding the dominium with all the buildings and contents for moving to another location.
In the inventory of players whose possessions were influenced by the Corrupted Lands, was added the "Move out deed".

A new building has been added - Stables, all your mounts will be safely stored here.
Saddle the caught animal and place him in the stables. Your horse is "packed" into an item that can be dragged into inventory, called at the right time, or thrown to the ground for exchange with other players.
Item for summoning a purchased animal can also be taken to the Stables for empty the cells in the inventory.
Animals in the stable are only accessible to you and are not lost when the stable is destroyed.
You can also get access to your mounts through someone else's stable, if you have access to the locks of his dominium.
All rare and high-quality items have colored frames showing the value of the object.
When creating an item of unique quality, the name of the master is now stamped on it.
Now you can improve the quality of item by using Scroll of Warp - it’s can be obtained in godsends, treasures or in the corps of woodwose.

Added 20 new kinds of cloaks, some of which can be created. The rest - unique.

Implemented the mode with simplified graphics improves performance. Press the L key to turn it on.

We’ve worked on the optimization of server mechanic.

Significantly reworked combat mechanics.

•   Reduced a penalty slowing movement speed
•   Increased chance of shield block
•   If the character has an absorption and a shield in inventory, then any melee combat ability will automatically equip the shield
•   When blocking a ranged weapon, the cooldown reduced to 2 seconds

Heavy armor:
•   Reduced a penalty slowing movement speed
•   Now the higher the armor, the lower the chance of stunning. Reducing the chance starts working on 50% armor
•   Reduced the absorption of iron, steel and noble armor
•   A blow at "Charge" is now faster
•   “Charge” now requires an active absorption bonus
•   Slowing after “Charge” is changed from 4 to 5 seconds

Light armor:
•   Increased defense
•   Increased chance of evasion in initial armor
•   Increased evasion chance and defense in helmets from a heads of animals
•   Significantly reduced durability
•   Throw Bolas, Charge and Pounce are now ignore Evasion
•   A chance to evasion in the saddle decreased by 4 times

•   Increased damage from axes
•   Slightly increased cooldown ax attacks
•   The bouncer now deals 2 blows one fast and weak, and the second is slow, but strong, which also slows the target
•   Damage from daggers reduced
•   Reduced cooldown pickaxes attacks
•   Reduced delay before dealing damage for the pickaxe
•   Increased durability of short and composite bows
•   Changed the durability of the iron pickaxe, frying pan, iron ax, iron knife

Monsters and animals:
•   Introduced a system of protection, absorption and evasion for monsters and animals
•   Reduced the damage of all animals
•   Wolf level reduced to 25
•   The level of the Cursed Rat is increased to 17
•   Wodwoses became stronger, different types received different protections from long-range weapons and from melee weapons
•   Barghest became much stronger and got 40 level
•   Bear now almost completely resists to long-range attacks

Fixed a critical memory leak error during the disappearance of players and animals from the zone of visibility, which led to decrease the FPS.
Fixed a bug that caused the game fading process at the time of the appearance of the players and the animals on the screen.
Fixed a bug due to which the abilities Crippling Shot, Puncture and Rapid Fire could be applied through thin walls.
Fixed a bug due to which the recipe search filter was activated when hotkeys are pressed.
Fixed a bug that could lead to the loss of tamed mounts.
Fixed a bug due to which the resurrection timer on the bed could not work correctly if the clock on your computer was behind or hurrying.
Fixed bugs with incorrect automatic equipment during repair and mining.
Corrected amount of produced flax, seeds and changed the gathering speed.
Now you need 3 threads to create a rope.
The construction of siege weapons now requires less stamina.
Added translation of the game into Simplified Chinese.

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Re: Wild Terra
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Video guides: Battle with Wodwose
27 March

In the last update, new difficult opponents were added, but not all players were able to defeat them.
We decided to make a few videos demonstrating the tactics of fighting the Wodwose:

I stand against Racism, Bigotry and Bullying