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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #90 on: April 25, 2019, 03:18:23 PM »
Patch 31: Port investments, new hostility and preparation for the release.
25 Apr @ 9:50am - Gamelabs


Patch has been deployed yesterday on 24th of April.

Main feature of the patch - Port investments.
This is a group feature. Solo players must find a group of friends to use it or join a clan.

Imaged - dutch players deciding if they want Caracas to have a +5% speed bonus for shipbuilding or +10% thickness or BOTH

o   Clan alliances can now expand production of resources in ports
o   Clan alliances can now expand shipbuilding in ports
o   Clan alliances can now improve defenses in ports
o   Investments will drop their level after you lose the port, multiple losses of ports will lose all investments (to remove port trading)
o   Forts destroyed in port battles will have to be rebuilt
o   Clans will be able to decide who can access the facilities and build them
o   Once you build the facility you will be able to use it even if you are kicked from clan or alliance (provided you are in the same nation).
o   Other nations WILL NOT use the facilities and investment benefits
o   Ship building bonuses are created by clan alliance only if they build ships in their city. Other captains (who are not part of the alliance are not going to be able to hire artisans trained by clans).
  -   Due to limited investment points some cities will have to specialize in the first iteration there are going to be 2 types of towns
  -   Resource base
  -   Shipbuilding base
  -   Or a mix of two
o   There is a limited number of ports that can build amazing ships with all the possible bonuses. Nations will have to fight for them.
o   This is a first iteration of the feature so expect bugs and problems
   Map wipe
o   All forts on map were removed (they can be rebuilt by clans)
o   Map was reset
o   Lord protectors were reset,
o   National leaderboards were reset
   Hostility mission changes
o   Hostility now can be gained only using missions.
o   OW hostility points are no longer granted to avoid exploits.
o   Hostility generation in missions will feel much faster
o   Defense timer cost is 250k Reals per day (might go up even more)
o   County capital and capitals give missions to capture 2 nearest county capitals
o   Free towns give missions for 2 nearest county capitals
o   Once you taken the county capital you can take its regional cities.
o   Marsh Harbor also gives an option to take Treasure Island, Treasure island capital gives an option to capture Bermuda.

Other changes
   Forts were buffed
   BR limits for ports have changed
o   Largest towns (55 investment points) have 25000 BR limit
o   All other county capitals have 20000 BR limit
o   Regional towns have 10,000 BR limit
o   Shallow capitals 3000 BR limit
o   Shallow towns 2000 BR limit
   Lord protectors are no longer have tiered rewards for VMs
o   you get what you hold (but not more than 15VMs per week lets see how it goes and maybe increase this limit later)
   Hostility points for port battle creation have changed
o   County Capital deep 10000 pts
o   Regional town deep 4500 pts
o   County Capital shallow 2500 pts
o   Regional town shallow 1000 pts
   Peace server changes
o   Historical peaceful map applied (this will change bot routes and bot nationalities)
o   Admiralty can now be used in ALL peaceful cities
o   Peaceful outposts and buildings can now be built in all cities
o   Peaceful PVE missions can now be taken in all cities too
o   You can enter and exit enemy ports in all ships including combat vessels.
o   Top class ships on the PVE can still be built in towns that are capturable on War server.

Other changes
   Combat medals are now only granted for mission and patrol completion.
   Improved FPS performance in instances and port battles
   Added additional item descriptions
   Bots now use universal ranks to help judge their difficulty easier
   Added an option to make more books and upgrades in production run
   Added inverted mouse to options
   Added tooltips to clan warehouse
   Permit prices and requirements rebalanced
   New ship notes added to admiralty
   Pandora lost ability to use stern carronades due to placement of ports
   Epic chest now drops in Epic events a lot more often
   Grape damage distance slightly increased
   Grape min damage from raking slightly increased
   Port name changes and other minor beautifications
o   Some ports have their name changed or improved.
o   Spanish town (a city of striking contrasts) is now a capital of the Virgin islands
o   Sisal is now a capital of Merida
o   Some counties were rebalanced.

Fixed bugs
   Fixed bug that did not build 5/5 ships in some ports that became capturable recently. Apologies for the inconvenience.
   Fixed bug that was visually showing wrong ammo type (for example ball was flying instead of chain or vice versa) in instances for new players who just joined instance or relogged in into instance
   Fixed stationary bots in OW
   Fixed bug that cut your speed if you switched to a fleet ship
   Fixed bug that did not update your map if you switched from Peace to war server after AFK kick
   Multiple other bugs fixed

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #91 on: July 04, 2019, 11:37:45 PM »
Minor patch 33: Bug fixes and improvements


Small patch has been deployed today

Changes and fixes
   Fixed Bug that sometimes increased horizontal angle of fire for cannons for NPC ships
   Improved loot table drop system to remove rare cases of same items dropping in consequential opening of chests
   Fixed 3 potential exploits thanks to @qw569 research
   Fixed bug with labor hours for upgrade manufacturing
   Fixed bug with perk requirement for Wasa and United states shipbuilding
   Fixed bug that did not generate proper knowledge slots for trader ships

Changes in the previous weeks
   Fixed labor hours bug for hull repair, rum and rig repair manufacturing
   Added Admiralty flags for several nations
   Improved bot distribution on the OW map (some areas did not have bots generated)
   Fixed certain bugs in localization (typos and placements)

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #92 on: September 12, 2019, 12:29:34 AM »
Hotfix for patch 35
11th September 2019

Capture rules changes and other improvements.

Small patch has been deployed today 11th September 2019

Main changes

   All ships (with the exception of imported ships) will be allowed to capture by the Admiralty on the War server.
   Oak, Fir, Mahogany, Sabicu planking has been allowed for NPC captured ships
   NPC captured ships will have from 1 to 4 upgrade slots (compared to previous 3).
   Increased the probability to get a better ship from the admiralty notes and for premium ships
       crafted ships still have a 3x higher probability to get a better ship
   Added the following ships to NPC fleets compositions
       Niagara, Rattlesnake, Pirate Frigate, Trincomalee
   Removed the following ships from NPC fleets
       Bellona, Santisima Trinidad

Other changes

   Fire shock bug fixed - it is now correctly showing when ship is in fire shock, and is not showing when ship is not in fire shock.
   Increased the amount of people required to fight the fire from 6 to 15 per square meter of fire
   Increased the size of the fire that causes ship to go into fire shock.
   Speed for all ships of the line with the exception of bellona, christian and santisima (rare lineships) slightly reduced

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #93 on: October 23, 2019, 12:58:46 AM »
Seasonal Update: Treacherous Waters
Tue, 22 October 2019

Captains, finally the update has been deployed.

Contents of the patch

   Wind patches
o   Wind is the movement of air from high pressure to low pressure areas. When sailing you will encounter an open world representation of uneven pressure systems existing across waters around the world from lakes to oceans. By sailing into or close to a wind gust you will be able to get a wind boost and gain extra speed. This will dramatically affect gameplay, travel and accessibility. This is not the last feature we plan to add in terms of wind, but it is one of the most important ones as it saves time, yet still logical and realistic, even if a little bit exaggerated.

   NPC Port Battles
    o   Raiders will attack ports on all Servers.

      o   On war server - for testing purposes - for a week, NPC Raiders will just probe ports and will not take control even if they win the port battles. This will give some time to practice and prepare for the real raids that will start in a week or two.
      o   On Peace server raiders will start trying to take control of the national ports (belonging to the NPC governments, giving in 2-3 days the chance for player to recapture them to their clan control.

    o   This feature is extremely important as it brings

      o   Peace server attacking port battles against NPC
      o   Peace server investments
      o   Peace server taxation and clan control
      o   Peace server defensive port battles against NPC

   Player Raids for Peace and War servers
    o   Some ports will give missions to raid rich enemy ports in the vicinity. Your goal would be to take 3-6 captains with you, and steal the chest from the trading ship with escort located in a mission near the port that you have to raid (all escorts must be killed). Once you get the chest you must bring it back to the mission giver. If you want to open the chest elsewhere you will have to find a special key. Chest will contain a portion of tax income, and portion of all investments in the raided port. If you do not have a good mission in the vicinity - find somebody who is raiding another port and steal their cargo. Player raid rewards are fully player driven. If all ports are poor, all missions are going to be poor. If ports are developed rewards will make you rich.

    o   Fire and fire shock mechanics improved. Curves added to control the amount of crew firefighting. Small fires will not require a lot of crew to put down, where 1 meter fire will need maybe 2 crew members, but let the fire grow and crew requirement grows exponentially. If 30% of the ship is in flames = more than 80% of the crew will be firefighting (or running).

   Loki Rune
   Ship Logbooks
   Other changes

    o   Due to travel speed increases - rewards for delivery quests was lowered
    o   Mortar brig damage increased by 30%
    o   Clan allies limit increased 2x
    o   Attack timer slightly lowered to 8 seconds
    o   Overloading is not allowed in battle instances

    o   Ukrainian language added
    o   Chinese community translation added.
    o   Russian community translation added.

   Of course - New Bugs and issues were introduced

P.S.: Expect several hotfixes and additions in the next 2-3 weeks.

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