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Naval Action


Author Topic: Naval Action: Patches/Updates  (Read 7058 times)

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #45 on: June 02, 2017, 03:47:13 PM »
Patch 10.1 - Such is a lord
Naval Action - Gamelabs

Patch will be deployed today to live servers.

Changes to conquest
Conquest changes significantly but we want to keep the details about the change vague.
Conquest marks as a reward for damage port battles are removed - so don't be upset when you don't get conquest marks in today's battle that will happen after maintenance. Conquest marks will be distributed differently from now on.

Certain regions significance increased for conquest.

Capitals of the regions your governments demand to bring under control of your nations and will provide additional benefits for them:

   Santo Domingo
   Cartagena de Indias
   San Juan
   Port Au Prince
   San Iago
   Morgan bluff
   Vera Cruz
   Nouvelle Orleans
   Bridge town
   Road Town

National governments and Brethren of the coast councils will consider current state of the map status quo and will only provide conquest marks for the increase of the land and its control.

For more information read this topic http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/20628-such-is-a-lord-part-2/#comment-418142

Other changes

   PvE to PVP mark conversion improved on the PVE server to provide for the above mentioned change.
   Additional UI bugs fixed
   Stability of the bug reporter improved

Mystical bug bringing 6th rates into 7th rates missions is still being searched for. We can't reproduce it so please send us more reports from inside the missions while you run away from that rattlesnake

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #46 on: June 09, 2017, 01:53:11 PM »
Hotfix 1 for Patch 10.1

Captains - hot fix is being deployed today to live servers

   Low level missions fixed - 6th rates no longer spawn in 7th rate missions
   Brace now protects your crew from explosions (unless its you who explodes). If you know someone is planning to explode use brace to reduce crew losses.
   Fixed bugs with rum repairs - surgeon now repairs 30% crew and uses rum properly in instance (1 crew = 1 rum)
   Increased hostility points generation from pve and pvp by 25%
   Bellona and 74 blueprints added to a pirate den
   Speeds at certain angles and turn rates adjusted (mostly improved) for the following vessels
  o   Privateer (angles to wind turning)
  o   Lynx (turning)
  o   Niagara (angles to wind)
  o   Rattlesnake (turning)
  o   Renommee (turning)
  o   Cerberus (speed)
  o   Snow (speed, angles to wind)
  o   Brig (speed, angles to wind)
  o   Endymion (turning)
  o   Constitution (turning)
  o   Mercury (angles)
  o   Surprise, Endymion and Renomme were too fast at close angles to wind and their bonuses the were slightly reduced (approximately 0,5 knot loss at 15 and 45 degrees to wind)
   Several important bugs fixed

Significant changes
   Basic cutter is now a basic pve farming ship. It will not be able to attack players and join pvp battles and outlaw battles (battles originated against the player) as reinforcement. It will still be pulled into combat instance if he is in the pull circle.
   Open world Unstuck command (Tow to port) has returned to its original form. It sends player to the nearest deepwater port (not to capital). It was a temporary change because we had to the random teleport bug.
   Ship knowledge tree requirements were relaxed and changed at high level ships.

Experimental feature
   Hull and Rig repairs now share cooldown to provide more depth in combat tactics

We plan to address fleets in outlaw battles issues this month. We know it is an important issue.

Please try not to hoard your conquest marks and spend them - we plan to gradually increase prices for permits over time.

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #47 on: June 13, 2017, 02:20:01 PM »
Patch 10.2 - Mission changes, crafting, ROE, and other improvements
Naval Action - Gamelabs


Patch have been deployed to live servers today.

   Solo orders are now available for all ranks (despite they were reducing the feel of the hunt - players loved them). It was a mistake to remove them before mission agents were implemented.
   Basic cutters are no longer pulled into PVP battles with the following conditions:
  o   basic cutter cannot attack other ships (including basic cutters)
  o   basic cutter can be attacked
  o   basic cutters are not pulled into battles if you attack another ship
  o   basic cutter ARE pulled into battles if you attack a basic cutter
   Snow HP is increased
   Trader ships can now carry cannons - and will carry them. This will allow cargo hunting and baiting unprepared privateers.
   Trader ships overall speed slightly reduced (by 0.4 knots)
   Deceleration times reduced for the following vessels:
  o   Cutter
  o   Pickle
  o   Brig
  o   Navy Brig
  o   Snow
  o   Cerberus
  o   Frigate
  o   Belle Poule
  o   Essex
  o   Indefatigable
  o   Pirate frigate
   Snow, Cutter, Lynx speed slightly increased
   Sailing rigs and refits rebalanced (with speed bonuses reduced)
   Defensive War supplies dumps now give correct decrease of hostility
   Crafted set bought by freetowns now contain more shipbuilding materials (to provide more ship building options for players operating from freetowns
  o   NPC will sell those resources they bought at cheaper prices
   ROE timer problems fixed and some timers are tuned.
  o   Players will no longer be able to attack directly from invisibility
  o   Invisibility timer reduced to 30 seconds (players coming out of invisibility won't be able to attack for another 30 seconds)
  o   Battle closing time reduced to 3 minutes from 5 minutes
   Demasting rebalanced.
  o   We were not satisfied that too many pvp fights focused only on demasting and it will be much harder to destroy lower mast sections from now on.
   Labor hour costs of repair rig materials became lower
   Lower caliber guns costs were reduced
   Loot tables updated and npc combat ships will drop rare refits and admiralty skillbooks (previously only available for pvp marks)
   Endymion now uses correct pumps (and no longer requires 60 men to operate)
   Fort positions updated for several ports
   Furnishings price changed from pvp marks (25) to pve marks (300)

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #48 on: June 21, 2017, 03:59:38 PM »
Patch 10.3
Naval Action - Gamelabs


Patch is being deployed to live servers

What's new
   Special event added that will happen from time to time somewhere in the Caribbean
   Knowledge slots unlock pre-requisites requiring you to sail previous lower level ships, removed from the game, knowledge slots and their xp requirements remain
   PvP marks and PvE marks removed and replaced by Combat marks
   PvP kills now give 2x combat marks to the previous pvp marks (if you got 2 pvp marks for kill you would get 4 combat marks)
   PvP marks conversion added to convert left over pvp marks into combat marks
   Rookie Brig and Rookie Snow added to low level missions
   Added the ability to switch ships with fleet in ports (even without outpost)
   Skillbooks and Books now provide a tool tip in the admiralty/pirate den store (to see the requirements and bonuses place the mouse over the result of the exchange in the right window which appears after you click on the skillbook or book)
   Book tab is added to port store
   Improved (relaxed) speed requirements and time requirements to pick up loot from sinking ships

Fixed bugs
   Fixed the bug that did not transfer the crews between gunnery and sailing crew focuses when you had extra crew
   Fixed the bug that did not start the storm preset in the instance
   Fixed the bug that did not apply hold optimization bonuses in the instance
   Fixed the bug that did not repair ship in the OW if you had minor damage
   Fixed the bug that you could sell items to port if the port was not supposed to buy those items
   Fixed the bug that did not let you place contracts in neutral ports
   Fixed the bug that sometimes locked the amounts you could sell to 1
   Fixed the bug that did not start the port battle if the port battle time fell onto the port battle lock down times (1 hr before or 1 hr after of maintenance)
   Fixed the bug that blocked purchase of 36lb guns under contracts

   Hull repairs, Rig repairs and Rum are now placed into consumables section in the port
   Trading goods consumption by Npc traders slightly increased
   Furnishing requirements for 4 lower level vessels reduced
   Several ships were removed from NPC stores to promote crafting, the margins for the remaining ships were reduced
   Removed explosion strength from basic cutter
   Reduced resource requirements for 7th and 6th rates
   Minor speed rebalances were done for Bucentaure, Pavel, Endymion, Wappen, Agamemnon
   OW speeds slightly rebalanced

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #49 on: July 17, 2017, 12:54:16 PM »
Patch 10.4 Conquest changes, Battle Groups, Wapen von Hamburg (III)
Naval Action - Gamelabs

Good day Captains

Patch is being deployed to live servers
What's new:
   Conquest mechanics changed.
 o   Conquest marks converted to combat marks at 10 combat per conquest mark
 o   New mark added - Victory Mark (pve server will receive a combat mark to victory mark conversion)
 o   Victory mark will be granted for map wins (not port battles) using the legacy system (old control will move to the next round)
 o   The whole nation (captains who logged in during last 14 days) will receive a victory mark if their nation wins the map
 o   Map is won by the nation having largest number of conquest points.
 o   Points are received from 3 sources:
     port control - nation gets 1 point for most ports, 3 points for important ports:
      Santo Domingo
      Cartagena de Indias
      San Juan
      Port au prince
      San Iago
      Morgan Bluff
      Vera Cruz
      Nouvelle Orleans
      Bridge town
      Road Town
    wins - nation gets 1 point per win
    losses - nation loses 2 points per port loss
    This reduces the incentives for port trading as you lose a lot more points by trading ports
      Current map win cycle is set at 1 week for testing

   New group type added - Battle Group
 o   If battle group is attacked only battle group is pulled into battle
 o   If battle group attacks only battle group is pulled into battle
 o   If attacked by another Battle group BR checked between battle groups only
 o   Battle group size - up to 25 ships
 o   Important - all allies who are not in a battle group will only be able to join using reinforcement circles
   PVP combat mark rewards increased significantly
   Invisibility now has a speed buff and allows you to ignore wind
   We added a possibility to review the ship that you just boarded in the inspect ship interface
   Combat news channel added allowing you to see whats going on in pvp right now
   Admiralty pvp daily leaderboard added - showing top 15 captains by pvp kills
   The pull circle has moved to defender as an experiment
   Fleet ships will now be pulled to outlaw battle
   We have brought the ability for the clan creator to transfer the creator (founder) status to another person
   We have added the ability for officers to promote other members to officers
   Clan warehouse expansion is added
   Blueprint and permit changes
 o   Blueprints of Rattlesnake heavy, Ingermanland, Niagara, Wappen von Hamburg have been added to game (they all require permits that were added to the admiralty as well for victory marks)
 o   Ocean, Santisima and Pavel permits are now available for victory marks
 o   Bucentaure, 3rd rates and HMS Victory permits are available for combat marks

Fixed bugs:
   Fix the bug which did not trade the ship you were trading to your counterparty (thanks to Banished Privateer)
   Finally fixed the bug with random teleports in the world
   Fixed the bug when the player could be present both in the OW and the battle instance
   Fixed the bug which randomly removed the player from the open world if he Alt F4 during exit from battle
   Fixed the bug which did not update the Open world speed if the fleet was dismissed
   Fixed a ship duplication exploit (thanks to Banished Privateer)

   Agamemnon now requires shipyard lvl 2
   NPC no longer can gain hostility by sinking other NPCs
   Tow to port does not tow you to county capitals anymore (to fix the potential PB expoit). It sends you to common deep water port, but excludes county capitals
   Ships sink a bit longer
   Permit prices were rebalances slightly
   Trincomalee side HP and thickness was buffed slightly
   NPCs no longer sail rattlesnakes, Niagaras and Ingermanlands
   War supplies can now get 100% hostility
   Removed the outdated ability to leave the battle for the side with large BR difference

After this patch is stabilized we will be starting to work on Unity 5 transfer

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #50 on: July 21, 2017, 04:31:47 PM »
List of hot fixes applied to patch 10.4 this week
Naval Action - Gamelabs


Here is the list of cumulative fixes that were applied to 10.4 patch during this week:

   Mark limit increased from 1000 to 10000. Lost marks due to previous limit were compensated via redeemables.
   The exclusive content despite being a good idea is not received well by the players. Victory marks could converted from combat marks on all servers. Players of less competitive nations would be able to get access to victory marks using pve or pvp (but a bit slower).
   Speed upgrades and skill books rebalanced (severe nerf) - total bonuses from speed upgrades and wood types won't exceed 22-23% (previously 45% which was too much)
  o   Wood types speed characteristics slightly rebalanced as well - (changes in yellow)
   Caps for thickness, armor and sail hp increased by 5%
   Victory marks will only be granted to captains with rank post captain and higher

Fixed bugs:
   Fixed bug with contracts not listed in port shop.
   Fixed bug with invisibility state after battle is over on players that left that battle earlier.
   Some UI fixes in conquest tab
   Fix bug when forts and towers did not spawn in battles

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #51 on: July 28, 2017, 02:15:50 PM »
Hotfixes for patch 10.4 - Ship capture comes back to pvp servers.

Captains, cumulative fixes that were applied to 10.4 patch during this week:
Ship capture
   Ship capture from NPC returns to PVP servers. All ships from rank 7 to rank 5 are captureable from NPCs.

   Crew sailing requirement reduced for speed upgrades and skill books
   Conquest information changed to provide more clear information about conquest mechanic
   Wapen von Hamburg naming corrected
   Some survival upgrades rebalanced (significant boosts to repair time reduced)
   Leaks rebalanced (it will be possible to sink ships with penetrating holes under waterline again)

Fixed bugs:
   Fixed bug with NPC ship distribution in ports (thanks to Captain Banished Privateer)

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Re: Naval Action: Patches/Updates
« Reply #52 on: August 15, 2017, 04:06:08 PM »
Hotfix 5 (08/15/2017)

   Fixed bug that allowed both repairs to be used on the ship if you recaptured a captured ship (Thanks to Captain Moscalb)
   Fixed bug that sometimes shown the negative time on the battle entry timer
   Added ship names to escaped and captured ships in the Tab Interface
   Significant streamlining changes to crafting levels and ship crafting XP due to ship capture
  o   Ships are now unlock in groups (by ranks) to give you the chance to craft popular ships instead of forcing you to pass through ships no-one wants
  o   Overall xp level required to progress is lowered

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