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Author Topic: Squad Hotfix Release: Alpha 7.4  (Read 2689 times)

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Squad Hotfix Release: Alpha 7.4
« on: September 14, 2016, 01:27:15 AM »
Hotfix Release: Alpha 7.4
Community Announcements - Merlin

We are now pushing a version 7.4 hotfix release, which contains:

Fixed the round start crash and a number of other crashes, all caused by the improper deletion of physical materials in memory.
Pulled in a performance fix developed for Alpha 8 relating to the rendering of other people's character meshes.
Fixed up the deployable repair station blocking lean and deployables.
Made reflection spheres not appear in game. (As an aside, we would like to assert that reported sightings of UFO's in squad are *completely* unfounded and baseless!)
Made the wire fences at the fool's road train station penetrable.
Fixed not being able to enter certain tunnels at the Fool's Road hilltop.
Fixed players not being able to drive vehicles into the fortress on Fool's Road.
Fixed the Sumari AAS 3 flags being cappable by 1 person.
Fixed the Sumari skirmish layer cap zones being too high in the air.
Fixed some road and spline bugs in Chora.
Finally, please note there is at least one other moderately occurring crash that we are still aware of and actively investigating.
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