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Tacview 1.5.1 beta 2 Add and edit objects easily.



Tacview 1.5.1 beta 2

Release Date: Release Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2016
Operating System: Windowsฎ 32-bit / 64-bit
File Size: 163.5 MB

Download: Click Here

Add and edit objects easily with Tacview 1.5.1 beta 2

With Tacview 1.5.1 beta 2 you can now add and edit objects like a bullseye directly from the tool menu!

•   X-Plane is now natively supported thanks to the XPL2ACMI plugin
•   FSX2ACMI has been rewritten to be more accurate and to generate acmi 2.0 files 5x smaller than before
•   New ACMI 2.1 file format which is up to 10% smaller thanks to longitude/latitude median reference point
•   You can now add objects to the world directly from Tacview tools menu
•   You can now basic object properties directly from Tacview tool menu
•   CAS is now displayed in HUD view when proper data is available and IAS is not available
•   The type of speed available in HUD view is now explicitly displayed
•   Magnetic heading is now displayed in HUD view when available
•   Added support for TimeZone offset for Falcon 4.0 theaters
•   Added an option to display labels only for selected objects
•   Using shorter notation for telemetry in labels to reduce clutter
•   DCS World dummy pilots and units names are not exported anymore to reduce clutter

•   CAS was not properly calculated when only spherical coordinates were available
•   Merging a DTC file with VHS was often removing objects from the battlefield
•   Fixed local and UTC time for Falcon 4.0 theaters (this fixes the sun position and sky color)
•   Advanced telemetry AOA was not properly exported (in radian instead of degrees)
•   Invalid time displayed in raw telemetry when loading a file from a different telemetry source
•   XML flight log was listing objects colors instead of coalitions names
•   Fixed small memory leak related to objects without data
•   Remove bookmark command was not working for real
•   Tacview now properly offers the zip.acmi file format when using the “Save As” command
•   Multimedia keys were mistakenly intercepted (they are now available to your favorite music player)
•   Increate about dialog box size to accommodate some foreign languages


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