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Author Topic: Upgrading from Time limited to Dongle  (Read 5164 times)

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Upgrading from Time limited to Dongle
« on: January 12, 2015, 01:37:27 AM »
Upgrading from Time limited to Dongle

Once you have Successfully installed a time limited license you may for whatever reason want to migrate/upgrade to a dongle license. Follow these steps to be successful:

Purchase the dongle from here:
You will be emailed a licese for the dongle and sent the physical dongle by post (arrives approx 5-7 days to europe). The license in the email is for the dongle and must be transfered to it. So wait til you get the dongle. The license will be sent via ""


Install the license on the dongle
Insert the dongle into the pc (must have the codemeter software installed on it). Click on the first link from the above picture and you will be taken to this page. Your license will look slightly different (description)

The yellow boxes show the important sections on the above image.

1. Choose your container: This is your dongle. It should default to the dongle on your system. You may have to change it here if you have more than 1 CodeMeter dongles on your system.

2. Activate Licenses. This transfers the license to the dongle. A message will appear telling you that it is updating and to wait (approx 10 seconds). It will tell you when it's completed. You are now done. Dongle ready to use.

3. Offline Activation is only for... you guessed it activating offline.

If  you  have  trouble  activating  your  license,  please  visit  the following help thread in the user forum:

CodeMeter Control Center

The CodeMeter Control Center can be opened and will display the following. You may not have as many licenses as the image. Here the top license is the one we installed on the dongle and the blue orb to its left indicates it is active.

To summarise
If you installed a "Time limited license" and the programm ran correctly then all you have to do is insert the dongle and activate the license. Once the license is on the dongle it will stay on it.
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