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Hey guys,

Been discovering the benefits of Tacview for a little while now. Quite enjoying its power for reviewing online sessions; especially bomb runs and flight maneuvers.

Now it recently occured to me that, with the amount of data that Tacview collects during flight sessions (metrics), it would be very interesting to see a TacView version of a logbook. One that not only logs the flight hours... but everything in between. Accuracy, favorite loads, favorite destinations, landing "quality", refuel timesl; quantities time connected...

Tacview gathers so much data, it would make for a hell of an interesting Logbook.

Just throwing it out there.

Thanks guys.

Hi Thisdale,

This is a good idea, and definitively the kind of feature I would like to add in a future version.

I do not know yet if Tacview would be the best program to produce the final logbook. However, at some point Tacview will be able to export this kind of relevant data for each player.

Most information you have listed should be exportable. I am just not sure about the in air refueling which may not be easy to detect...

Even if it is simpler than what you are describing, you can start experimenting with the already existing flightlog feature which give basic stats. With this kind of log file you can even each player favorite airport for example.

--- Code: ---Mission Time,Primary Object ID,Primary Object Name,Primary Object Coalition,Primary Object Pilot,Event,Occurrences,Secondary Object ID,Secondary Object Name,Secondary Object Coalition,Secondary Object Pilot,Relevant Object ID,Relevant Object Name,Relevant Object Coalition,Relevant Object Pilot
303.88,390,Su-33 Flanker-D,Enemies,Mirknir,HasEnteredTheArea,1,299,Admiral Kuznetsov,Enemies,,,,,
336.74,416,Su-33 Flanker-D,Enemies,Ibanezshredder,HasEnteredTheArea,1,299,Admiral Kuznetsov,Enemies,,,,,
398.38,460,TF-51D Mustang,Enemies,rtyfgv,HasEnteredTheArea,1,,,,,,,,
446.38,494,TF-51D Mustang,Enemies,Christian,HasEnteredTheArea,1,,,,,,,,
453.02,494,TF-51D Mustang,Enemies,Christian,HasTakeOff,1,,,,,,,,
457.44,494,TF-51D Mustang,Enemies,Christian,HasLanded,1,,,,,,,,
--- End code ---

Ohh this is interesting stuff mate!
I'll take a look at your suggestion.

I'd love an external logbook, that's for sure.



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