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Author Topic: CodeMeter Runtime 6.30b released  (Read 5696 times)

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CodeMeter Runtime 6.30b released
« on: August 23, 2016, 01:04:44 PM »
CodeMeter 6.30b
Release Date
Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Bugfixes:
Download Windows (35.9MB): Click Here

FB43775: CodeMeter License Server: If a Universal Firm Code license was to be reimported after a
License Server update to Version 6.30, the license became immediately invalid.

FB43923: CodeMeter License Server: If CodeMeter License Server was updated to Version 6.30 or
6.30a, subsequent license updates eventually resulted in invalid licenses.

CodeMeter 6.30a
Release Date
Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Bugfixes:

FB42946: CodeMeter License Server: In some cases, for specific heavy loaded machines connection
errors occurred with applications in the autostart directory.

FB43482: CodeMeter WebAdmin: In the license transfer history entries with a status '0' did not
display as 'finalized'.
FB43714: CodeMeter WebAdmin: Japanese localization has been revised.

CodeMeter 6.30
Release Date
Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS X  News

  Starting with Firmware 3.10 CodeMeter supports the license transfer feature also for CmDongles.
  New Product Item Option (PIO) "Named User"
It allows that a license access is restricted to providing previously defined credentials. Optional
credential types cover the system logins (username / username and domain) and a user-defined text.
All credentials are programmed at license creation. Depending on privacy and safety requirements,
the identification information can be saved as plaintext with the PIO (FB40855).
  The binding schema 'BindingExtension' for CmActLicense is now also supported by Universal Firm
Code licenses. In addition, a single plug-in serves different connected devices. An improved
'CmRevalidateBox' function features no reload of intact licenses, if the binding values of devices
have not changed (FB40485, 40486, 41409, 42365, 42390).

FB42604: CodeMeter Installer: Linux Installer Module: A CmRuntime RPM Lite Installer without
graphical user interface (GUI) components is introduced.

FB30809: CodeMeter License Server: For CmActLicenses the protection mechanisms against PC cloning
have been improved.

FB39503: CodeMeter License Server: License Transfer: The status flag "Deleted" of a borrowed
Product Item is replaced by flags "Returned" and "Expired" depending on the way it became invalid.

FB42054: cmu: On importing WibuCmLiF files using the binding scheme "Binding Extension" cmu
features the new parameter "--device-id". The specification is as 128 hex digits and prefixed "0x".

FB42431: CodeMeter License Server: The function

FB42457: CodeMeter License Server: The function 'CmExecuteRemoteUpdate()' on
importing a WibuCmLIF file returned a wrong error (general error code 233).

FB42614: CodeMeter License Server: Compatibility improvement SmartBind, Windows:
CmActLicense licenses, which had been activated by the end user using 5xxx versions often broke on
updating to 6xxx versions. In particular, in the case of virtual machines and a tolerance level

FB42687: CodeMeter License Server: On updating the Firmware of a CmDongle 3-xxx with HID eventually
the error 100 occurred.

FB41453: CodeMeter License Server: The update of the Firmware of a CmCard/SD 3-xxx eventually
failed and set the downgrade counter to a value of 0.

FB41891: CodeMeter License Server: CmActLicense: On detecting clone installations on PCs with
identical construction eventually errors occurred.

FB42164: CodeMeter License Server: On creating a license request file (WibuCmRaC) of a CmDongle
using a Universal Firm Code eventually an error occurred.

FB42404: CodeMeter License Server: WibuCmNET.dll: On calling 'CmLtImportUpdate' an error occurred.

FB42848: CodeMeter License Server: WibuCmNET.dll: On license transfer eventually a
NullReferenceException occurred.

FB22823: CodeMeter Control Center: On display of long Product Item texts the window could not be
zoomed out.

FB40563: CodeMeter Control Center: Opened handles in CodeMeter Control Center were eventually not

FB42164: CodeMeter WebAdmin: The proxy port could not assume values smaller than 1024.

FB42592: CodeMeter WebAdmin: A missing language setting resulted in missing text display.

FB42579: cmu: On using the syntax 'cmu32 -?' the help did not display as with 'cmu32 -h'
or ' cmu32 -help'.
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Re: CodeMeter Runtime 6.30b released
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2016, 04:11:54 PM »
Thanks for posting this update info Asid.

Here is the download link for US locations: Here
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