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Author Topic: Squad Hotfix Release: Alpha 7.2  (Read 2536 times)

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Squad Hotfix Release: Alpha 7.2
« on: August 19, 2016, 02:58:34 PM »
Squad Hotfix Release: Alpha 7.2
Community Announcements - Merlin

We are now pushing a version 7.2 hotfix release, which contains:
   Fix for physx crashing [The most common crash currently]. Added a workaround in vehicle physics assets for a deeper bug in physx.
   Fixed a common crash caused by a landscape material issue.
   Fixed a crash related to vehicle seat code.
   Allowed sounds shorter than 10 seconds to be loaded async on map load as a fix for some of the stuttering issues players have been seeing.
   Fixed a number of issues with collision meshes on environment objects.
   Removed unneeded landscape hole material from Operation First Light.
   Disabled ribbons in effects for time being to negate a memory leak.
   Optimized tick rate on effects. (ie not realtime).
   Removed a few trace messages in the source to reduce some log spam.
   Made an adjustment to the trace channels and presets used in vehicle collisions to accomodate another vehicle fix.
   Pushed a simple collision setup for the radiotower, moving it from complex to simple collision, which should stop it from crashing people.
   Foliage Cvar exploit fixes.
   Added some ambeint sounds to Yehorivka and Sumari.
   Updated default unbound binding text to "None" from "QWE".
   Checked all collision assets for physmat assignment.
   Added wheel effects on ural.
   Reduced wheel effects to 4 on all vehicle types.
   Assigned wreck meshes to "block all".
   Increase m2 yaw to 30 degrees from 25.

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