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Author Topic: BMFA to become an unpaid drone tax collector?  (Read 6873 times)

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BMFA to become an unpaid drone tax collector?
« on: October 24, 2019, 01:14:41 AM »
BMFA to become an unpaid drone tax collector?

If the latest diktat from CAA UK is to be believed, the British Model Flying Association may well end up becoming an unpaid drone registration and tax collection agency for the UK government.  Is this acceptable?  I think not -- but your opinion may differ so share it in the comments below.

Also, what did you think of the "quality" of that document?  Contradictions, factual errors, a lack of attention to detail?

Does that inspire confidence that your data will be safe in the hands of the CAA should you register as a drone flyer or operator?

Will you be registering?  If the BMFA is forced to hand over your details to CAA and you are presently a member, will you be resigning?

And let's see how long (if ever) it takes them to fix the obvious mistake in regards to the fee for registering as an Operator :-)

Link to the CAA page:

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