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Tacview 1.5 is now available to everyone!

Download: Click Here

While - at the first sight - this version does not look very different from the 1.4.3, it is a huge leap forward! This is simply the biggest upgrade to date: It took about 8 months of hard work and debugging to perfect a whole new telemetry engine and file format.

Why all this work?

The new telemetry engine is more powerful, transparent and efficient than ever:

* It can manage any kind of data even unknown one. The owners of the Home and Professional editions can now use the new raw telemetry tool to have a look at all the data recorded for each object of the battlefield. In a future release, new customizable telemetry windows will be introduced, in addition of the raw telemetry tool, to replace the old - and now overloaded - telemetry ones.

* This new engine also supports real-time data recording… which will soon lead to real-time flight data recording for the devices and simulators which support this kind of feature (like DCS World, FSX, X-Plane…)
* Thanks to lossless optimizations and improved structures, the new engine requires two times less memory to load the same amount of data as before!
* Thanks to full 64-bit floating point precision and spherical interpolations, replays are much more accurate than before, especially when analyzing real-life data and intercontinental flights.
* The “good” old text and compressed binary file formats are gone! From now on, Tacview will save all of your data in a much cleaner and more intuitive text format (optionally compressed in zip, and soon 7z). Please note that DCS World and FSX exporters will switch to this new format soon.
* This new file format is very easy to learn and to master. This means that, with just a bit of programming knowledge, you can easily create your own exporter. You can even create a file by hand - like show bellow - to inject data in Tacview world. A detailed documentation for the acmi 2.0 file format is available online: does that mean for you?

These two major improvements will soon enable really useful features. Here are two obvious examples:

* Real-time flight data recording, replay and analysis: Soon you will be able to see a flight in progress! Which is going to be very useful for instructors and referees.
* Soon, all the data available in your cockpit will be visible in Tacview: Like fuel flow, controls position and even the pilot point-of-view and head movements!What about Bullseye?

Tacview 1.5 natively support the display of bullseye and bullseye coordinates. For now, you can display a bullseye by creating and merging a tiny telemetry file like the following. Tools will be added soon so you can create and edit this kind of data directly from Tacview.

* Each bullseye is positioned using the “T=” statement in the following order: longitude in degrees, latitude in degrees, altitude in meters (altitude is used only for display purposes).
* Use the notepad to create a text file containing the following data and use the merge function of Tacview to add it to your flight data.
--- Code: ---FileType=text/acmi/tacview
--- End code ---


* Brand new (fully rewritten) core telemetry system
* Telemetry engine now uses about two times less memory then before
* Full 64-bit telemetry engine for more accurate replays
* Fully rewritten merge feature which gives more stable and better results than ever
* Accurate interpolation (slerp) of geographical spherical coordinates
* Improved roll/pitch/yaw emulation for low-end telemetry files
* Added support for the new ACMI 2.0 text file format (import & export)
* Added support for telemetry files stored in a zip archive
* Brand new Falcon 4.0 VHS file importer
* Spanish translation by Miguel Víctores Franco
* Added preliminary support for bullseyes (you can import your own bullseye)
* Added day/night cycles to better represent flying conditions
* Added traveled 2D ground distance to the charts (vs 3D air distance)
* Calibrated air speed for standard atmosphere can now be displayed in the telemetry window and labels
* Added an option to switch distances to feet under 2 nm
* Unknown objects are now displayed using related 3D meshes instead of just boxes
* Improved SAM/AAA threat zones display
* Hovering the mouse on anti-aircraft unit will display its thread sphere regardless of the global option
* You can now double click in the 3D view to toggle full screen mode
* Restored support for Windows XP (at least until the 3D render is rewritten)
* Updated Falcon 4.0 terrains and databases to BMS 4.33 U1
* Upgraded the export script to gracefully support DCS World 1.5.4 new export options
* Added preliminary support for DCS World F-5E-3
* Increased charts time and distance measurement marks resolution to 1/10 unit
* Added support for the new Flightradar24 csv files
* Added support for comma as a separator for seconds in XML timestamps (GPX files)
* Improved GPX files support (invalid samples are ignored and more tags are supported)
* Improved KML files support for static objects (preliminary support of polygons)
* Selected objects labels are now always displayed regardless of the global option
* Removed multimedia keys support (mouse and normal keyboard controls are more than enough)

* Fixed a crash when loading truncated lines in csv files
* Fixed a rare random crash when loading custom terrain textures
* Fixed slow startup with a lot of custom tiles textures
* Terrain custom textures loading has been tweaked and is now much faster
* Falcon 4.0 VHS files landing gear and airbrake are now displayed properly in Tacview
* Improved Falcon 4 "bubbles" handling and objects respawn
* Invalid UTF-8 characters in text files are now handled gracefully
* The advanced telemetry (effective) heading (HDG) is now properly displayed instead of the calculated one
* Camera controls are now more responsive while idle (playback paused)
* FSX2ACMI now better handles pauses during a flight
* Fixed Falcon 4.0 RKND & RKNW runways position and orientation

Feel free to post here any questions and comments related to Tacview 1.5.

Please, create new threads for general questions.

Great news.

Tacview is an excellent tool. I recommend it to all. Especially when there is a free version.

Keep up the good work Vyrtuoz.

Note for BMS users

Thanks to your feedback I have noticed that the day/night cycle is not correct with BMS VHS files.

This is because the time provided in VHS files is in local time instead of UTC.

I will manage properly this case in Tacview 1.5.1


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