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Author Topic: GraviteamTips - How indirect fire works  (Read 4887 times)

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GraviteamTips - How indirect fire works
« on: July 05, 2016, 06:45:04 PM »
GraviteamTips - How indirect fire works
GraviteamˇTuesday, 5 July 2016

1. You need mortars and their direct commanders in defilade positions. Commander has to be in voice range (about 50 meters).

2. You need a forward observer or a higher commander linked to the mortar battery (firing platoon) commander.

3. Communication squad will establish the link automatically.

4. Link established.

5. As we can see, mortars have got targets from the forward observer and have prepared to fire.

6. Fire mission.

7. Remember that mortar shells fly for a relatively long time, so they are not very effective against moving targets.

8. Next targets, next shots.

9. And next.

Remember that AI control should be disabled for the commander who gives the targets.

10. And for the commanders who fire it should be the contrary - enabled.

11.  In most cases indirect fire is not very accurate, especially through long command links, but can "cut" infantry from tanks and demoralize it.

12. When mortars slowdown the infantry, AT teams can deal with heavy armor relatively free.

13. And the results.

14. After battle telemetry.

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