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Author Topic: MDE A Narrative AAR on "The Yom Kippur War"  (Read 3844 times)

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MDE A Narrative AAR on "The Yom Kippur War"
« on: May 27, 2016, 11:56:34 PM »
MDE A Narrative AAR on "The Yom Kippur War"

By: mastercommander
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7 October, 1973:  As dawn broke on the Golan Heights, the Syrian Army reinforces their success in the south by totally committing the Iraqi 3rd Ar and Syrian 5th Inf Div's. The attacks of these two divisions break the disjointed Israeli defense and bring the lead Iraqi armored brigades to the Jordan River in strength. Although the Jordanian's had communicated to the Israeli's prior to the outbreak of hostilities their intention of not attacking Israel directly, the success of the Syrian's along their northern border has put heavy pressure on them to join the attack.  The IDF is faced with an Arab force about to enter Israel that could drive south to Bet Shean securing Jordan's border, thus giving them no reason not to join the attack, or north to Tiberias, threatening the rear of the Israeli position, north of the Sea of Galilee.

In the northern Golan, the Syrian 7th Inf decides to hold onto their gains as the 1st Ar and 9th Inf Divisions slam into the Israeli's spliting the 7th and 188th Ar Bde's defensive line apart and threatening to seal off the northern Israeli position.

Another ominous sign for Israel is the movement west from Suweida, of four independent brigades and the initial movement of Syria's strategic reserve, the 3rd Ar Division.

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