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This section is for the posting of Videos and screenshots relating to Steel Beasts.

 Make sure you have the creators permission (if needed).

 You can post links or embed videos and images directly into posts.

To take screen shots, see this post:

Screens Courtesy of Assassin7

Yassy and I did some damage

Team v Team. T62s v T62s with some BRDM-2's for recon....The Red line shows enemy projectile path... Ouch! Enjoy

I see you (BRDM-2)

One track mind

Side profile please

That bridge...sigh

Who you staring at?

Behind you

Oh and in front of you!

Photo Finish

A Bridge to far?

Hit again!

Screenshots from a mission modded for Judge Dredd . Challenger 2's on the offensive.

Recoil after firing.

2 Challenger 2 tanks from my platoon on the attack

AI (in my platoon) engaging and destroying enemy tank

Premature dismount? Maybe they should have stayed in the vehicle? Maybe not. lol



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