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Author Topic: GoFlight Technologies is Under New Ownership  (Read 3527 times)

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GoFlight Technologies is Under New Ownership
« on: February 02, 2019, 12:46:48 AM »

GoFlight Technologies is Under New Ownership

Greetings, Pilots!
As of January 15, 2019, GoFlight Technologies has sold to a new owner. The decision to sell the company was not an easy one. The past eight years have been wonderful and I will relish the relationships made and the adventures flight simulation offered. Ultimately, the decision to sell the company came from the need to reallocate personnel and resources to other companies and assets underneath the ownership group.

As many of you may have noticed the low inventory levels and wondered what might be going on with GoFlight Technologies. Rumors surfaced of shutting doors. Our plan was to always support our customers. 

In early 2018, a long time vendor approached us with an offer to buy the company. GoFlight had been listed on the open market for a brief period, which generated a lot of interest but no potential buyers with experience in our industry. The new owner has worked with GoFlight on various projects and bring with them years of experience in electrical and mechanical engineering, and firmware development for HID devices. It was important that we find a buyer who had experience in flight simulation or similar consumer electronics and we believe this is an excellent fit. 

The new owner is committed to restocking current inventory and embarking on exciting new products and projects that will upgrade the level of service GoFlight has offered in the past. A brief period of transition is expected where they get up to speed. I have agreed to stay on in some capacity to help with a smooth transition. You should expect to see inventory levels remain, and better support as they are bringing dedicated personnel to assist in those areas.
Thank you for your patience while we complete this transition. 


Tony Varela
GoFlight Technologies
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