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Re: BlackWake
« Reply #15 on: February 28, 2017, 02:05:50 PM »
Last time I played was a month ago I think. Its fun when playing it together with people. If more pick it up I probably will join and have a fun time.

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Re: BlackWake
« Reply #16 on: February 28, 2017, 02:29:24 PM »
I played with strangers and it was fun because if you don't work together then the ship will sink. Language was not an issue.

Playing with friends is always better.

I enjoyed my session. It has changed quite a bit.

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Re: BlackWake
« Reply #17 on: February 28, 2017, 05:50:16 PM »
Browser fix + Asian, US West, and custom servers available
Community Announcements
27 Feb

We have now launched servers in US West and the Asian regions due to popular demand. Along with this comes the availability of our dedicated server to those who would like to host their own Blackwake servers: http://steamcommunity.com/app/420290/discussions/0/133258092252748163/

We have also added the option to censor custom ship names for yourself in the options menu if you are a streamer or find them to sometimes be offensive.

An experimental change has been made in an attempt to alleviate some of the connection issues where servers appear to have room yet you are denied access. This change may take some time to reach full effect, but so far we are noticing higher rates of success getting into near full servers.

More browser changes
Community Announcements
27 Feb

We've added some quality of life changes to the server browser because we want your lives to be a little easier:

Clicking a server will no longer join it immediately, instead it will allow you the option to join or favorite it before joining, and to also see specifically which friends are in that server.

We've revamped the ping filter.

You can now filter by server name.

We've added a notification when you are kicked for being afk, and you will be offered an attempt to reconnect.

You can now connect to servers through the Steam server list when the game is closed (view > servers)

Note: We've become aware of crashes being caused by the friends tab, investigating now

Also, for those of you on 21:9 that experienced problems, the fix will not come as quickly as we thought. It seems the UI is not reacting to the ratio change how we expected. We apologize for that! We do hope you are still enjoying the game at other resolutions though!

We are also aware of issues with level resets and have also been told they are not permanent and it may be restored when joining a different server.

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Re: BlackWake
« Reply #18 on: March 02, 2017, 10:33:21 AM »
Batch of fixes
1 MARCH   

NOTE: This patch requires all servers to be restarted, hang tight! This is also a version change, so you will need a client patch (restart Steam if you don't get it automatically). Server owners should update their servers.

NOTE 2: After updating your client through Steam you will only be able to connect to 0.1.15 servers!

We have some changes for you guys:

- Fixed issue with AFK false positives kicking you when you shouldn't be

- You can no longer be kicked for AFK while sailing or pumping

- We've changed the way we send data both when joining a match and when the round ends to hopefully help with some connection/disconnection issues mentioned here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/420290/discussions/2/133258092245256356/

- Some songs have been updated to their final passes (reason for patch size)

- Admins/mods will no longer be kicked for being afk

- Admins/mods should now properly be able to kick/ban players on the other team

- Fixed a UI popup that bypassed the ship name filter

- Added option to censor win screen avatars

We know many of you are asking about what new content is coming next. We will definitely get to it, but for now we are trying to get some of our most common issues out of the way.

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Re: BlackWake
« Reply #19 on: March 03, 2017, 07:34:54 PM »
21:9 fix, OST, fixes
2 MARCH   

Alright guys, we have another small batch of changes today:

- We've attempted to make 21:9 more playable with a quick fix, please let us know (you may need to restart the game after setting it)

- Fixed an issue that would cause the friends list to slow to a crawl or even crash

- Esc menu during weapon select will no longer leave you mouseless

- Y, U, I chatbox buttons can now be re assigned

- Changed the way server favorites are loaded for speed

- Server owners can now use the useIp= config line

- Server owners can now specify a target config file using the command line '-configFile File.cfg' You can use the Unity command -logFile <pathname> mentioned here[docs.unity3d.com] if you're running multiple servers. Keep in mind for the time being this may cause issues with the auto restarter.

- You can now join servers from the Steam server list (Steam > view > servers, filter Blackwake) while the game is open

In other news and by popular request, we went ahead and released the Blackwake Official Soundtrack composed by Garrett Beelow. You can grab it here to support him for his excellent work: http://store.steampowered.com/app/594184/?snr=1_5_1100__1100

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Re: BlackWake
« Reply #20 on: March 04, 2017, 08:43:47 PM »
More fixes

Quick batch of fixes for you guys

Server owners should update their servers, some changes under the hood were made.

- Fixed issue where U and I keys could interrupt chat while typing

- Fixed various issues with refreshing the server list

- Tickets should now properly be visible at 21:9

- Headshot overlay and blood overlay should display correctly at 21:9

- Muting a player (scoreboard > click > mute) will also mute their character voice

- Server owners can now populate ServerAnnouncements.txt to display in the chatbox

- Fixed error that could cause the customization menu to persist into the game

- T key can now be rebound (listed as 'Free Mouse')

- Server history tab added

- Fixed issue where those playing with controllers could not turn left or right without exiting the wheel

We want to remind you guys that we will be moving on to content soon, but it's important to us that we fix as many bugs as we can before doing so. We would like as many people to experience our updates as possible once we get to that stage.

We are actively investigating connection issues, keep updated here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/420290/discussions/2/133258092245256356/

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Re: BlackWake
« Reply #21 on: March 10, 2017, 06:44:20 PM »
Small fixes & updates

Hey guys, we have a small batch of fixes since we've spent a lot of this week experimenting with the connection issues mentioned in our last update and also laying the framework for our next gamemode.

This update will require servers to be updated. Server owners should restart their servers. Soon we will introduce an automated live version check so this is an easier process, but until then it will need to be done manually.

- Tickets should now properly display on 16:10

- A very small amount of you are experiencing a bug where the player customization menu stays up when you join a server, this is still being investigated but it should be fixed enough to allow you to join a server. If you still experience this, delete cc.set in the Blackwake root folder and then validate the game files through Steam.

We're hoping next week we will have good news in regards to the connection issues, and also a possible glimpse of the next mode!

More permanent low FPS on high end rig ingame fixes:
nVidia control panel
- Threaded optimization swith it to OFF
- Shader Cache switch it to OFF
- Vsync ingame to ON

Voip crashing the game on use or causing issues by turning you into a robot/garbling
- Try and uncheck the two exclusive mode ticked boxes down below in this menu http://i.imgur.com/OI84448.png

Blackwake now has forums for Clans and Events if you aren't a fan of Steam/Discord/Reddit.
Join here and challenge other clans to war!

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Re: BlackWake
« Reply #22 on: March 18, 2017, 02:54:16 PM »
0.2.2 What's coming, community content, and more!
Community Announcements

Today will begin our new patch notes schedule. Although we may do hotfixes during the week, our main patch notes/update posts will be about every two weeks. Of course, we may still do update posts in between when needed.

This patch will require all servers to be updated.

•   Spyglass is now available as a special option. Note that for now it is only slightly beneficial, showing you enemy ship captains/locations. It is also missing 3rd person animations at this time and will appear as a pistol (expect a hotfix for this). In the near future it will also give you information about the current damage state of that ship. The ultimate goal of the spyglass is to require a spyglass to spot a ship before your crew can see it by pressing Q. You will not be able to tell friendly or enemy ships apart (aside from the flag) until someone spots the ship.
•   Servers with friendly fire on will now have “FF ON” tagged to the end of the server name. Once we have more hardcore options we will classify FF under HC.
•   3 more voice actors added, two for pirates and one for navy. You are assigned a voice at random. Eventually you’ll be able to pick in the customize options.
•   We now support an official globalized ban list read by both official and community servers.
•   Admins can now do /endround to force a round reset.
•   Attempted to fix an issue where some servers would fail to restart.
•   The quit option should no longer register when the server list is active, since it is close to the refresh button and some would hit quit by mistake.
•   Attempted a fix for those who experienced a stuck player customization screen when playing the game. We recommend those who had this issue to verify their game files.
•   Loading screen should no longer run at a very high FPS.
•   Fixed issue when joining a friends server while in a server already.
•   Various anti-cheat measures improved throughout the week (these have not gone ignored)

An update on the connection issues:
We will be receiving a customized build from Unity shortly to update our transport layer. We hope this will show an improvement in connection issues for those who suffer them. If the issue is still not fixed we will continue working with them. We should have a test server up sometime soon for those of you experiencing these issues to try.

In other news we have a new gamemode in the works, capture the booty! If you are interested in taking part in the early stability/balance tests be sure to join our discord. Capture the booty focuses more on land battles and boarding, which we thought would be a great contrast to those of you who have been pouring hours into our TDM modes. Two teams of two hoys will fight for a chest of treasure located on an island between your bases. Do what it takes to claim your riches!

Whats coming in the near future:
Double pistol
Boarding Pike
Harpoons (throwable)
Two Handed Axe (one hit swipes)
Matchlock Arquebus(can shoot infront and behind)

Third person reloading animations
Swimming animation
Server whitelists

Note: Melee will be worked on when we have time, for now we are focusing on more fun things like new content. Also weapon sounds are placeholder and will sound much better in the future.

Community spotlight!

Blackwake - The Beelzebub Pirates

Blackwake: Early Access done right

Blackwake | Crewman Tutorial #3 - When to use each type of cannon munition

•   1v1 versus mode for 5 friend parties (cannot solo que, will not put you into multi-ship matches due to complexity and balance, only for 1v1 hoy)
•   New game mode

We want to be sure our time is spent wisely while in early access. We would prefer to add what the majority of our community would like to see and feels would benefit the game in the long run.

See you on the seven seas!
Dakota & Tyler

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Re: BlackWake
« Reply #23 on: April 10, 2017, 03:58:36 PM »
Progress on Capture the Booty Mode

Avast mateys!

Currently Capture the booty mode is still in closed testing. It's near it's final testing cycles and should be ready soon.

We have around 10 tasks remaining to polish it off and we unfortunately do have 2 game breaking blockers. One being the booty being stuck on a ship once it sinks and not respawning appropriately while the other being constant server restarts on round end. Once those are solved it should be ready to push onto public PTS or patched live with the polishes put in slightly after.

What else is being worked on?
We also have 2 new ships being worked on (one is already completed, but not intergrated), which will be the replacement vessels for the 2v2 hoys in CTB.

This CTB 32p variation is actually going to be CTB1 with a single booty chest, and a CTB2 variation is planned to come straight after with 3v3 vessels, and one chest at each tower, with mortars for defense. You'll have to capture the booty at the enemy's base and bring it back to your own.

The release for CTB1 will be called Alpha v1, and subsequent modes/content to follow version names. This update has taken longer than intended but it shall be in the hands of yer' crew soon!

If you would like to join in on the closed testing of new content, and help us stomp some bugs, when testing starts it happens daily/bi-daily be sure to join our discord! https://discord.gg/0riQVXihqadCPcl6

See you on the Sev

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Re: BlackWake
« Reply #24 on: April 15, 2017, 01:04:41 AM »
Blackwake Alpha V1.0.0 release - Capture the Booty!
Community Announcements

Avast ye landlubbers!

Blackwake Alpha V1.0.0 is now live and features the new game mode Capture the Booty! We hope you guys will enjoy blasting each other on land and fighting over the precious Booty chest filled with gold! If you've enjoyed capture the flag in other games it works the same way in Blackwake. Two teams of two hoys each will fight to bring back a single chest to their base. The team first to 3 captures will win. This mode is still planning to be tweaked and polished with further changes later.

While this Alpha version took longer than intended, the future Alpha versions will provide some fresh and interesting content. As mentioned in the previous update new ships are currently being worked on and will be shown in the Alpha V2 preview, as well as a different type of CTB mode. Some general improvements and bug fixes are planned to come also, with the resolve of some connection issues (hopefully) many of you were having.

We're super excited for you all to see the future updates and we know you guys will have a blast as a lot of things you've been requesting are on their way. Thank you to all of you who are sticking with us and enjoying the game.

(also a few fixes have been made, including tickets on other aspect ratios this time for real!)

See you on the Seven Seas,

Tyler & Dakota

SERVER OWNERS: Config is "8" for CTB mode.

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Re: BlackWake
« Reply #25 on: April 21, 2017, 01:49:23 PM »
Update on connection issues

When we first released the game a small amount of you were not able to connect to any servers at all, even if they were empty. Some of you would also randomly disconnect after a minute or so ingame.

We could not find a reason for this, and since WakeNet is built above the Unity transport layer we decided to get in touch with Unity. Since we use 5.4.4 we were missing out on a much more stable version of the transport layer in the newer versions. They were kind enough to give us a custom editor build with the new transport layer only so we didn't need to fully upgrade (which can be messy in some cases).

Any of you who had connection issues or had a friend with connection issues we urge you to opt into the publictestclient branch on Steam (right click Blackwake > properties > betas) and attempt to connect to the PTS (blue server top of the list).

We will be monitoring feedback and will continue to work with Unity should there still be issues.

Let us know if you had issues before but you're able to connect to it!

Dakota & Tyler

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