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Author Topic: AGW Tutorial By Schwerpunkt  (Read 6874 times)

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AGW Tutorial By Schwerpunkt
« on: June 02, 2016, 06:01:36 PM »
AGW Tutorial By Schwerpunkt

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Page 1

1.    Air, Naval and Ground Assault Tutorial
   Scenario 7. Crete
   a.   Scenario Selection
Scenario selection is the same as RGW. There are two methods of selecting a scenario after launching AGW; File/Open/Select Scenario by Title and File/Open/Select Scenario by filename.

The 43 scenarios that come with AGW are selected by the first method, while PBEM exchanges and previously saved files are selected by the second method.

For this tutorial, mouse left click on "7. Crete", and AGW puts a black dot next to it in the circle. Mouse left click on "Okay", and AGW displays the next screen. The next screen allows the selection of method of play and optional rules.
For this tutorial, leave the default selection of "Player(s) uses one computer", and select "Advanced Supply Method" and "Command and Control HQ Effects". Mouse left click on "Okay", and AGW will load the scenario and display the Europe map, with the scenario map area marked with a red box.

If a red box is not displayed, then AGW could not find the file because it is pointing at the wrong file folder. Use the second method (File/Open/Select Scenario by filename) find the file "scen7.agw", and select it. The scenario description is in the Help menu (Help/Contents/Scenario Description and Strategy Guide/7. Crete).

Reading the Help scenario description before beginning is a must in AGW, because the supply situation is frequently complex and has mandatory operations to be performed.

b.   Map Scrolling
This part of the tutorial familiarizes you with AGW's methods of scrolling and moving among the map levels. Some additions have been made since RGW.

There are two zoom tools. Mouse left click on the zoom tool which is the first icon at the far left on the toolbar. It will show depressed. Mouse left clicking on the map will zoom into the High level map. Another mouse left click will zoom into the mid level, and a final mouse left click will zoom into the low level map, which has the most amount of terrain and unit detail. Mouse right click will zoom back out, one level at a time. Practice moving through the map levels for a while until you feel comfortable with the function. Mouse left clicking on the zoom icon will turn it off. There are no changes to this function from RGW.

Super Zoom has been added since RGW. Mouse left click on the ninth icon from the right, and it will show depressed. AGW displays the Europe level map. Mouse left click on the map, and AGW will zoom to the low level map. Mouse right click will cause AGW to display the Europe map again. High and Mid level maps are skipped using the Super Zoom tool. Practice moving from Europe to low and back for a while until you feel comfortable with the function. Mouse left clicking on the super zoom icon will turn it off. It is easy to forget to turn off the two zoom icons, so check to see

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