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Author Topic: RGW Scenario #51 (full campaign): AAR  (Read 3745 times)

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RGW Scenario #51 (full campaign): AAR
« on: June 01, 2016, 04:14:04 AM »
Russo German War 1941-1944 Scenario #51 Scenario 51 (full campaign): AAR

By:  gwgardner
Note: Missing images

I'm going to try to do an AAR of the full campaign in RGW, Axis AI, USSR moi.  This may be a dumb idea, because the campaign is so huge, and the map is so huge, but I'll give it a try.  Probably I'll update about every four turns, or if something interesting happens. Here's the setup:

As you can see, it's turn 3 now, early July.  In the first two weeks of the war the enemy shattered a whole slew of my front-line rifle divisions.  In the north and center, the two German armored thrusts are marked.  My biggest task is going to be to blunt those spearheads, while attempting to extract my forces back towards Baronovichi and Minsk, to avoid encirclement.

At the northernmost extent of the front, the 8th Army has been partially destroyed, opening an almost clear path for the German armor.  The attached 12th Mechanized Corps has little defensive capability, so it's going to be up the rifle divisions to make a fighting withdrawal back towards Riga.  27th Army is moving foward from south of Leningrad to help establish a line west of Riga.  Note the heavy German air interdiction along the 8th Army's path of extraction, which has slowed all efforts to disengage.

In the South, the main enemy point of attack is at the road and rail juncture of L'vov.  Combined German and Romanian forces are attacking at Mogolev and Balti.  The map extends far to the east, and there are Soviet forces everywhere enroute to the front along the railroads.

Full AAR: Click Here
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