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Author Topic: AGW Scenario Operation Konrad 1: AAR  (Read 8995 times)

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AGW Scenario Operation Konrad 1: AAR
« on: June 01, 2016, 03:55:37 AM »
Anglo-German War: Operation Konrad 1: AAR

Date published: 14 Feb 2010
Author: 5th HORSEMAN

With the encirclement of Budapest, Hungary at the end of 1944, an incredible year had come to a momentous end.     Hitlers focus on Hungary became all encompassing.  Within a month half of all the Panzer divisions on the Eastern front were in Hungary protecting the Reichs last oil supply and launching the last German offensives of the war. Operation Konrad was the German assault to relieve the trapped IX SS Mountain and I Hungarian Corps trapped in Budapest.

With the IX SS Mountain and Hungarian I Corps encirlced in Festung Budapest, the IV SS Panzer, III Panzer and I Cavalry Corps of German 6th Army prepare to Launch Operation Konrad from the west.

With a lucky break in the "STORM" weather, the German Luftflotte 4 launches scattered fighter cover but strong ground support operations in support of IV SS Corps. The German assault on the left catches the Russians by surprise and shatters the front. The assault on the right, by III Panzer and I Cavalry Corps, is not so successful. An additional assault by forces of the IX SS Mountain and I Hungarian from Buda is also held.   

The Soviet 2nd Ukranian Front launches a drive to capture Pest, and are held on the eastern suburbs.     An additional drive over the Hron river by 6th Guard Infantry and 7th Guard Tank armies fails. The German 96th Infantry division fords the Danube by assault baot to join IV SS Panzer Corps.     And in the south, III Panzer and I Cavalry Corps are still  held. Meanwhile, German reserves rail in from Heeresgruppe "F" in the south and Heeresgruppe "A" in the north.

Soviet 2nd and 3rd Ukranian Fronts seem to be lost. There is very little movement of the strong Soviet reserves towards the decisive drive and the Soviet command seems to be focusing on the peripheries of the theater. 

The German drive in the north by IV SS Panzer Corps "embraces" the Soviet 18 Tank Corps in a "warm hug", led by 5th SS "Wiking Panzer and the Konigstigers of the 303 SS Heavy Panzer Battalion. And finally, in the south, III Panzer and I Cavalry Corps shove the Soviet 4th Army back.

The German III Panzer and Ist Cavalry crack the Soviet 4th Army and break into the Pilis hills. A strong assault by the IV SS Panzer Corps eliminates the surrounded 18th Soviet Tank Corps and a valiant assault from Buda cracks the encirclement.     Budapest is relieved.

The trail of carnage. Eliminated Soviet units in the wake of the German assault. Seems the Soviet command lost the battle with its complete inaction in the decisive sector. Sometimes the unpredictable happens ....

The zip file may be found at GAMESQUAD: 

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