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Author Topic: MEW Patch v1.2  (Read 2933 times)

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MEW Patch v1.2
« on: June 01, 2016, 03:28:35 AM »
Middle East War 1948 - 2010
Patch  v1.2
Size: 706 KB
Download: Click Here

Changes (from v1.1)

Bugs, fixes and improvements

1. Mid Level map operations.
Modified code to allow air, ground and naval operations ot be performed
on mid level maps.  Added code to put boxes around units perfroming ops on
the Mid Level map displays (e.g. unit selected for move op, defender units in
a combat).

2. Added an additional level of unit marking during a Highlight OOB op.  HQ unit
selected has a white box around it, parent unit a yellow box, peer unit a blue
box, child unit a green box, and grandchild unit a purple box.

3. Combat Markers
Code was added to display a combat number for each combat in the Ground to
Ground Combat Report.  Combat number is displayed on the Low Level Map,
allowing the player access to full information about each combat.  Ground to
Ground Combat Report and map display numbers are removed at the end of the Turn
Deployment Phase. This allows both players access to the combat report before
it is reset for the next turn.

Code was also added to display additional asterisks in combat defender's hex
on the Mid Level maps. 

4. Replacement Points
Found and fixed two bugs.  If replacements points are not used in a turn,
then the points are added to the next turn.  Also, the number of replacement
points available to the Egyptian player is now displayed correctly (was
always zero).

5. Air & Naval Circle Display
Circles are now displayed according to fog of war rules.  Previously, the
circles were displayed despite FOW not allowing display of the units on an
air or naval operation.

6. Nuclear Attacks
Losses to ground units in the same hex as a nuclear attack are now dependent
on a die roll. There is a 20% chance of 100% losses, a 20% chance of 75% losses,
a 40% chance of 50% losses, and a 20% chance of 25% losses.

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