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Author Topic: MEW Patch v1.1  (Read 3446 times)

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MEW Patch v1.1
« on: June 01, 2016, 03:25:48 AM »
Middle East War 1948 - 2010
Patch  v1.1
Size: 3.7 MB
Download: Click Here

Changes (from v1.0)

Bugs, fixes and improvements

1. Naval landings.
(Ron) Found bug and fixed.Also found and fixed same bug in the air drop code.

2. Add description of Reports to Help file
(Ron) Done.

3. Mark all units as "In supply" immediately after a successful Air Supply operation.
Don't wait until end of turn supply checking.
(Ron) Units are now marked as in supply at the end of the Turn Deploy Phase (non initiative player) after air
and naval combats have been resolved.

4. Check all references to air and mech advantage for consistency. Some cases where only one is mentioned.
(Ron) For MDE, only air units get an advantage duing combat. By this time, almost all units had weapons to counter
mechanized unit advantage. Changed text in Help sections.

5. Hex terrain for 72,64 (Tel Aviv) was incorrect. First word in terrain array should be x2000, not x2004.
(Ron) Found and fixed the terrain array. Rebuilt all scenarios to include the change.

6. Computer Opponent

a. Change algorithm for nuclear responses to something less aggressive.
(Ron) Changed algorithm to launch nuke strikes only if significantly behind in the grades. Two grade levels.
Also changed losses due to nuke attacks to 50% instead of 100%.

b. Check algorithm for CO replacements and reserves.
(Ron) Added algorithms for both.

c. Check CO Motorized Supply move algorithm
(Ron) Made two fixes. Found and fixed bug so that Air Supply ops will land supply on out of supply units,
was choosing other hexes. Secondly, added code so that Motorized Supply will move toward the battle.

d. Ensure no Air Supply ops by CO to friendly supply source hexes
(Ron) Put code in to prevent this.

e. Check Naval unit moves by CO.
(Ron) Checked, but found no major errors. Will continue to look for improvements.

f. HQ Links changes maximum.
(Ron) Changed CO code to fix a potential source of exceeding maximums.

g. During the CO phases, keep the FOW on the CO units.
(Ron) Done on the maps. Both the CO units and your friendly units are displayed with
FOW during the CO phase. Left the Reports the same.

7. Reports of the following intermittents occurring:

a. Command panel disappears.
(Ron) Put one change in, and continued testing. Playtesters found source problem. After selecting
any hex, MDE displays the units in the hex. Any action that caused a screen refresh (e.g. scroll
map) caused the problem. Added code to refresh the panel with the units, and this fixed the problem.

b. Over write in text message box
(Ron) All text messages are now preceded by a clear text. Could not find any overwrites.

c. Multiple scenario selection? Windows is suppose to protect for this.
(Ron) Recreated the problem. Added group boxes and tested. Bug fixed.

d. HQ Links changes maximum.
(Ron) Could not recreate the problem. Analyzed the code but found nothing incorrect.Check CO.

e. Some units are getting marked as out of supply that should be in supply.
(Ron) Studied supply checking routine, but did not find anything. Analyzed ground move valid checking,
and found one minor bug based on starting in an enemy ZOC. Fixed. Supply checking uses the same code
as normal movement with a few exceptions.

8. Consider marking every hex as in/out of supply.
(Ron) Will revisit for WWIIE.

9. Consider marking every hex as to side control.
(Ron) Will revisit for WWIIE.

10. Order of battle

a. Add landingcraft to scenarios #4 and #21. Add 4th, 5th and 13th Marine Expeditionary Brigades.
(Ron) Completed and rebuilt scenario.

b. Add air transport units to both sides in 1973 scenarios.
(Ron) Completed and rebuilt scenario.

c. Add 4th Infantry division (in Turkey) to #22
(Ron) Did not add since Turkey did not allow this deployment historically. Their concern was that the Kurds
in Iraq and Turkey would use this situation in order to obtain independence.

d. #16 through #20, Unit 24. Change HQ value from Y to N
(Ron) Completed and rebuilt scenario.

e. Set status to Fortified for the Israeli 68th ID units for scenarios 6 and 8.
(Ron) Completed and rebuilt scenario.

f. Three Russian nuke unit in scenario 8 had an incorrect HQ unit at start. Fixed.

g. Removed reserve that was mistakenly allocated to unit 13 in scenario 5 at start of scenario. Compiled scenario.

11. Suggestion made to use right button depressed for scrolling.
(Ron) Changed display of Command Panel to pressing the INS key only. Default is right hand side display, then
left hand side display, then command panel off, then back to right hand side. This allowed use of the mouse
right button for scrolling. Implemented scrolling by keeping right button depressed, and moving mouse. Scroll
is 2 hexes on low level maps. Works on one map segment (14 x 8 hex per segment) on middle and high level maps.
Will get feedback from playtesters on this change.

12. Air units on Air Tacticla ops should not be allowed to be attackers on Ground support combats.
(Ron) Reviewed code and put in check to ensure that units cannot be attackers. Also added checks to
ensure several other ops prevent being an attacker also.

13. CO Ground Plan report has overwrites on the y coordinates.
(Ron) Found bug in code, and fixed.

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