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Author Topic: RGW Hitler Drives East scenario: AAR  (Read 3601 times)

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RGW Hitler Drives East scenario: AAR
« on: May 31, 2016, 11:06:07 PM »
RGW Hitler Drives East scenario: AAR

By: gwgardner & Pokey
Note: Missing images

Pokey (USSR) and I are playing the Hitler Drives East scenario.  Unless his intelligence people have built their own Ultra decoder, he's not allowed to read this. My previous campaign against the AI was abandoned when Pokey agreed to take me on.  Don't know how long I'll continue this one, for that matter, hopefully we'll get through the whole war in the east.

20 July, '41 beginning of the 5th turn, and attached are our current grades as reported by the game: As one can easily see, I am suffering too many casualties, and not advancing fast enough.  So far I have been unable to break through the front line and commence an encirclement, as the USSR has succeeded in pulling back in order.  In fact, in the south, the Romanians are getting a bloody nose.  I already need reinforcements! In analyzing my tactics, I think I need to use my air force more in interdiction, rather than just ground support, in order to slow the enemy down.

Army Group North: view zoomed out to show all of the AGN area, with HQs in green.  I have decided to use AGN to support the drive on Moscow, rather than Leningrad.  Immediate objectives are Velkiye Luke and Rhzev, which command the railroad into the northern part of Moscow.   The units in black are elements of the 4th Panzer Army.

Detail of 4th Panzer Army's lead elements, driving as fast as they can to the east.  The supply railhead is twenty miles to the west of Rokiski, so the tanks are still getting supplied, but just barely.

Full AAR: Click Here
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