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Post all your videos here.

Heres one

 Dogs Of War online multi-player mission 08.31.2014
Mission Objectives:
Rescue Downed Airman
Secure Objective Wheeler (Airfield)
Secure Objective Steel

Dogs of War session 31/01/15

A glimpse

This video taken by Bahger


This is one of Zipulis missions. Platoon in attack winter.
Played together with other fellow Dogs of War.
1/1 A - Colebrook as platoon leader.
4/1 A - Gougar11 as second section leader
2/1 A - Black Jaguar
3/1 A - Lumituisku (me) as commander and Renders as gunner


My first time recording anything that I play so here it is. First time to everything.

On game I'm known as Lumi. I'm member of Dogs of war virtual unit in simulation game known as Steelbeast Pro PE from Esimgames.

This mission is known as Patrol recon - M1A2,
Idea is to get to the objective Terrier, while staying within the training area. Be noticed this map is actually based to a real life training field located to Germany.

I played this mission together with rather new Dogs of war member Rob who probed to be good team worker after some troubles and much less nub than what he thought himself to be.


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