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Author Topic: RGW Patch v1.1  (Read 4316 times)

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RGW Patch v1.1
« on: May 27, 2016, 09:25:29 PM »
Russo-German War 41-44
Patch  v1.1
Released: 14 October 2001
Size: 270 KB
Download: Click Here

Instructions:  Place the patch file named setup.exe in the same directory
you installed the RGW game.  Hint: this is the directory with the rgw.exe
file.  Execute the patch by double clicking on setup.exe using My Computer.
When requested, type the path name for this same directory.  If you get an
error message about scen52.rgw not being found, click OK and otherwise
ignore the message.  Scen52.rgw is a blank scenario used for creating your
own scenarios from scratch, and can be downloaded from the Schwerpunkt web
site if desired.  After execution, rgw.exe will now be dated 10/14/01, 12:02PM.
For Patch 1.1, only the rgw.exe and help files have been changed.

The following fixes have been made for this patch:

1. Units that have moved using Move No Attack or Strategic RR Move are
prevented from attacking in the subsequent Combat phase.

2. Stacking rules are enforced for pursuit moves after a retreat in combat.
Also, pursuit movement into a hex with an enemy ground unit is prevented.

3. The attack modifier for being in a river hex does not apply to attacking
air or naval units.

4. The .rgw extension is automatically appended to a filename supplied by the
player during a Save As action.

5. The UNDO operation is disabled if the PBEM method of play is chosen.

6. Enemy units in the same hex with a friendly air unit performing a
Recon operation are displayed.  This is important only if the Fog of War
optional rule is selected.

7. Reserves stay allocated for both player's part of the combat phases.

8. Defender units may be attacked more than once during a combat phase.

9. Air units performing Close Support operations may attack enemy ground
units without a supporting friendly ground unit.

10. Replacements can be allocated even if Naval ops are prevented.

11. The check marks on the Options file menu track the state of the
options after each scenario selection and during the scenario play.

12. Ground units are prevented from attacking enemy air units during their air
operations.  Air units may still be attacked when they are on the ground.
Air units have a DF of 1 when they are attacked on the ground.  Air units
get terrain modifiers like a ground unit when they are attacked on the ground.
Note that air units may perform Move to City operations to get away from the
front lines during all weather conditions, including rain and snow.

13. The Replacements available, as displayed on the Status screen, remain
positive or zero, never negative.

14. Ground units may move into the same hex with an enemy air unit which is
performing an air operation.  Ground units may not move into the same hex
with an enemy air unit that is on the ground.

15. Destroyed units that have been rebuilt enter the game on the following
Germany - Neustettin
Italy   - Neustettin
Rumania - Timisoura
Hungary - Miskolc
Finland - Helsinki
Russia  - Gorki

16. During a combat, units that have a total offensive or defensive
capability (including all modifiers) of less than one are adjusted to one.
This prevents the excessively strong defender unit with combat/supply losses
greater than their DF and modifiers.

17. Supply losses may vary from 0 to 15.

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