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Author Topic: GrogHeads Reviews Schwerpunkt’s WWII in Europe  (Read 9443 times)

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GrogHeads Reviews Schwerpunkt’s WWII in Europe
« on: May 27, 2016, 08:45:38 PM »

GrogHeads Reviews Schwerpunkt’s WWII in Europe
Published: 17 January 2015
Reviewed by: Vance Strickland

World War II – Europe, hereafter WWII-E, is Schwerpunkt’s latest offering in the operational level of computer wargaming. Literally a “Mom and Pop” operation, Ron Dockal and his wife KC have released three other games at this level. First there was Russo-German War 41-44 featuring combat on the East Front of WWII. Then came Anglo-German War 39-45 featuring the Western and desert campaigns of WWII. Third was Middle East War 1948-2010 which included the Israeli Wars, Iran-Iraq Wars, the US Iraq Wars, and what-if’s. All have involved operational level combat and all have been well received.

Returning to WWII, Schwerpunkt has combined their first two titles into one new game with a reworked user interface, higher quality map, and well researched OOB’s that has been their signature through their games.

It’s been a long time coming…here’s what it’s all about.
What’s Inside

For the $50 dollar download currently available you get 52 scenarios, 2 of which have been available since release day. There are a total of 102 scenarios planned. That’s about 50 cents a scenario when they are all released by August 2015. They range from small short actions with a few units and about 4 turns, to longer, beefier scenarios that have hundreds of units per side and last up to 34 turns. When the campaign scenarios are released they will be true monsters, including an entire War in Europe scenario played out at 1 week per turn.

The scenario listing is laid out in chronological order with the campaign for that period listed first followed by smaller scenarios in that period. The 3 largest campaigns are listed last in the selection panel.

Great list of scenarios

Both historical battles and some hypothetical ones are included in the mix. Some of the What-If’s include the invasion of Malta, Gibraltar and England, variations on the fighting in North Africa and a promised 1943 D-Day scenario.

There is a fun scenario included that is called the Battle of Britain. As the name suggests you get to fight the epic air battle of 1940. The only ground units in this scenario are targets. As the German player you get to use only air units representing the Luftwaffe forces in France at the time. Your mission is to cause as many losses to the target units as you can in the 9 turns (weeks) of the scenario. As Fighter Command you need to protect the targets as best you can with your limited resources. It’s a nice, different addition for a land warfare game.

Look and Sound

To start, the hand-crafted map of Europe is wonderfully detailed, spreading from 135 miles north of the northern most point in Norway to 68 miles south into the desert below El Agheila in Libya, and from 50 miles west of Casablanca to Baku in the east. At 7.5 miles between hex centers, that’s over 118,000 hexes to wage war upon. The map includes such varied terrain as cities and urban areas, bocage, desert depressions and ridges, vast forests and swamps, hills and huge mountains, rivers, roads and railways. The map is great to look at and it’s very clear as to what terrain is in each hex.

Full shot of Europe

High level tactical map

Mid level tactical map

Low level tactical map

Detailed terrain chart

German mechanised and SS units and a Russian mechanised unit

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