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Korea Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) for Tacview


KTO AIP 1.1 for BMS 4.33U1 debriefings in Tacview by Windblow

Over the years, Windblow has created and refined a 3D representation of aeronautical corridors and navaids for Falcon BMS Korean theater.

How to install this fantastic work? Quite simple:

* Download the zip archive from the official mirror
* Unzip the content in your C:\ProgramData\Tacview\Data\Static Objects\ folderEnjoy, and donít forget to thanks Windblow!

--- Quote ---Tip from Windblow: When using these files for training purpose, I recommend to disable the AUTO-SCALE feature in TACVIEW.

This work has been possible thanks to:

* BMS 4.33 KTO AIP - Korean Aeronautical Information Publication by "Red Dog" for data
* WDP by "Falcas" to transfer data into the DTC
* and DTC Converter 0.1 for Tacview by "Uri_ba" to convert Falcon BMS data into TACVIEW (conversion necessary because of map projection system)
* TACVIEW by "Vyrtuoz"
* and finally "Spooky", the founder of the "Virtual 1st SQN Stingers" and my virtual instructor for more than two years. He taught me his Passion and his love of flying the F 16.
--- End quote ---



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