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Code Of Conduct


Code Of Conduct

We are a mature group of players. We believe in mutual respect at all times. Everybody within our group is treated as an equal. We expect members to follow our Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P.). Our TeamSpeak and group sessions are open to all who want to participate and join D.O.W. However if you behave in an inappropriate manner you will be warned. If you continue to behave in an inappropriate manner, you will be banned from the group. We will not tolerate the following behaviour while playing with our group or visiting our channel. 

   Obscene language, Swearing, Profanity, Cussing,
   Political discussion
   Sexual discussions
   Cheating or exploiting
   Avatars of a sexual nature.
   Personal attacks

We do NOT allow any of the above behaviour in a private message or post either on TeamSpeak, Dogs of war forum or any other medium.

We have created a safe environment where everyone is respected and can have fun.


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