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Author Topic: Tornado Finnish Blast From The Past (time-capsule blog post written in 1993)  (Read 1281 times)

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This article, a review of Tornado, was written by Kaj Laaksonen in 1993.
Google Translated article is here.

Text is duplicated below. Pardon the mangled translation.

Tornado - I'm dying between my sword
published 01/05/1993 Author Kaj Laaksonen

With the exception of Domark Harrier Assault, the British mammals have long gone to the forest. But Digital Integration does not do a little over the forest, and it's just pops up to the top of the world.

The longest-running Tornado mainstay is a British two-seater swing-wing attack machine that became famous last night on the Gulf War scene, where it made successful attacks on Iraqi land targets. However, the first warriors captured by Iraq were also the Tornado pilots.

Fast and low

Panavia Tornado GR.4 IDS is a sophisticated attack machine, which is always very fast on weapon systems and electronics, for very low fly attacks. Turning wings, versatile radar and programmable autopilot make sure bombs go wherever they want.

The machine's navigation system is like a cruise missile. The airplane's memory has a digital map, where the radar directly below compares the position of the machine. When piloting the autopilot, the Tornado can fly at full speed at a few feet above the terrain, allowing the pilot and the gunman to focus on other tasks.

The game also includes Tornado's air defense version 3F ADV, the next radar of the terrain has replaced mid-range AA missiles. However, the tornado machine that you have, however, is that it has little to do with other modern fighters.

Well planned is half done

Tornado humiliated an experienced computer pilot with a huge amount of information that the flying felt first of all from the meltdown, especially since the HUD symbolism of British machines is quite different from the Yankees. The study of more than three hundred pages in the game is a must. Fortunately, the game can be accessed gradually by learning at a time, but the first flight simulator for Tornado may be unnecessarily heavy.

Tasks are offered from simulations to a full campaign where the player himself sets goals and plans tasks. In addition, there is a dual player via a modem or serial cable. Strangely enough, in a singles game you can not share the same machine, even if it is a two-seater airplane.

All pilots are kept a record and their own campaigns are worth trying to design before demonstrating their skills in preparation. Successful accomplishments get promotions and gradually freer hands lead their own fleet. (Includes captain deFault, which can fly anything).

Designing assignments has been made versatile and accurate. It is also a reason why the multi-machine air strikes have to schedule attacks for seconds and map the routes very closely to terrain and enemy activities. The program is able to investigate and analyze threats, radar radar, known enemy locations and give them pretty handy reports. His crew may even be temporarily disbanded. In fact, it takes more time to design tasks than to fly. Flying creatures from other flight simulators could take the model from Tornado, no simpler design part has been reached at roughly the same level.

A threatening sky

Controlling a two-seater machine alone is a busy one because both the pilot and the gun officer are full of monitors and meters. The landing gear is more accurate than normal. If the position of the blades and flanges is not correct, it will penalize the simulator very easily. Fortunately, approaching and landing in the airport is largely done by using the autopilot, although it is always possible that the enemy has attacked the ground, causing the craters to go gray.

Tornado is a rigid and cheerful plane flying, fortunately most of the flying is handled by an intelligent and programmable autopilot. In combat and emergency situations, of course, a joystick and quick reflexes are needed, but other time in the air is spent on tracking various radar screens, preparing weapon systems, and preparing bombs.

The minor arsenal will include a couple of exceptionally interesting systems. For the destruction of the airports, there is a 2500 kg tank that sprinkles dozens of explosive bombs and hundreds of mines on the runway, causing quite spectacular destruction. An exploding ALARM is a fun surprise for anxious aerial guards, a missile, for example, able to hang on a parachute on the enemies waiting for the revealing radar signal. There is no Maverick-type air-ground missile in Tornado, so bombardment should be learned.

The world of Tornado is very credible. The terrain is variable and the cities and the bases are full of details. Destroying paints really is not a shortage and a nice feature is that the course of war depends a lot on when and what kind of items will be destroyed. For example, a blow to service links or warehouses slows the advancement of the army oddly. Earthworks are constantly on the move, and even their own troops are letting them go to the enemy machines. The most fun task perhaps is Decapitation, which is to let the enemy political leadership out of the day.

British puppet

The look of the game could be described as mostly appropriate. Graphics and sounds do not shine with their excellence, but they are quite clear. Explosives and other effects could have contributed a little more, now they are very poor. A successful hit is not celebrating with a handsome explosion kit, but fortunately, various bombs even make a bit of different destruction. Conventional graphics can be forgiven even because it moves very smoothly. When flying low, the sense of speed is achieved perfectly.

The aim is obviously to be uncompromising realism, which is unfortunately not a place to tax gameplay. There are also strange children in the game. Even though most flights are carried out by many engines, still in the sky will be a burst. No radio traffic is involved, even though AWACS machines and wings are black in the sky. It is bad to miss Falcon's wingmasters Riemunkhios and other comments.

The post-scrubbing of tasks is left somewhat guessed. Although design and flight preparation are detailed, the game will remain very modest. The losses of their own and enemies, as well as the extraordinary effects they cause, are reported coldly. Something even more spectacular will still be missed here.

Despite its small deficiencies, the Tornado is first-class. It is unnecessary to get up-to-date air strikes, but jockey tricks, experienced computer pilots get a lot of cause for joy. Tasks are really challenging and require careful planning and a snippet of flying to succeed. Despite the seemingly lack of activity, dullness can not be struck, SAMs all the more often.


Frankie: If any of our Finnish friends can offer a better translation, please be my guest.

After the Dogs of War are let slip, let us smoke the Pipes Of Peace.


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