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Twenty-Seven Years of A-10 Warthog Computer Games


Twenty-Seven Years of A-10 Warthog Computer Games

Twenty-Seven Years of A-10 Warthog Computer Games
These sims will make your speakers go BBRRRRTT


For almost as long as combat flight simulators have existed, the A-10 Warthog has been there. The low-flying beast is Americaís main dedicated ground-attack jet ó heavily armored and packing an arsenal of missiles, bombs and a 30-millimeter rotary cannon that spews exploding shells.

The A-10 works for games because itís simple, and has one mission that the aircraft does better than any other: attack tanks and troops on the ground. From an engineering standpoint, itís smart. Designs that know what they are ó and what theyíre trying to accomplish ó make for successful designs.

Itís true for software Ö and close air support aircraft.

No wonder thereís a history of Warthogs in computer and video games. Thatís not to say all of the A-10 games out there are good. But some are downright classics. Here is a non-exhaustive account with some of the best, and some not-so-good ones added for balance.

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WHAT A GAME! Played soooooo long!


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